SeniorMatch Dating Site for Seniors

It’s never too late to look for love. The array of dating websites aimed at senior citizens makes this evident. Whether you’ve been single for one year or 20, getting back into the dating pool can be a challenge. Websites like SeniorMatch can make the process easier and offer handy tools for communicating with fellow senior singles. SeniorMatch caters to 50+ singles looking for a safe and simple online dating experience.

Of course, SeniorMatch isn’t the only online resource for such purposes, so you probably want to know more about it before making a decision. Consider the following information about its costs, features, and benefits.

Membership Options

When you register for SeniorMatch, you will automatically have a free profile, but you will need to upgrade it in order to take full advantage of the site’s suite of features. Upgrading offers three paid membership options that you can purchase using PayPal, a credit or debit card, or a money order or bank check:

Membership OptionBilling TotalAverage Weekly Cost
6 monthsOne payment of $95.95$3.99 per week
3 monthsOne payment of $59.95$4.99 per week
1 monthOne payment of $29.95$6.75 per week

Unlike some other dating sites that offer different tiers of membership with varying privileges, SeniorMatch has only one paid membership tier, Premium, and membership options only vary based on the duration of your subscription. Premium membership includes 24/7 access to a customer support phone line and entry to the site on any of its mobile and app platforms. The site’s billing process is encrypted with 256 bit SSL, so you can trust that your information is handled securely when you subscribe.

Communicating on SeniorMatch

Communicating on SeniorMatch is fairly straightforward. There are a number of options members can select in order to initiate contact with other members of the site. When you find a profile for somebody who interests you, you can reach out by utilizing any of SeniorMatch’s options for communication:

ViewUnlike some other dating sites, SeniorMatch actually notifies users each time their profile gets a new view, thus making it a form of communication.
  • Your profile will be introduced to the user in question
  • Make yourself visible to other users without initiating direct contact
FavoriteIf you see a profile that interests you, adding it to your favorites notifies that user that he or she is on your favorites list.
  • Initiate contact without the effort of crafting a personalized message
  • Introduce your profile to a user you may be interested in
  • Keep a list of users who interest you that you may want to message later
CommentWhen you find an attractive profile, SeniorMatch gives you the ability to leave a public comment.
  • Publicly greet a potential match before initiating private contact
  • See whether the person comments on your profile or messages you
  • Keep stakes low when initiating communication
WinkEach profile has a link which allows you to “Wink” at its subject. The recipient will receive a notification that you’ve done so.
  • Indicate interest in a way that’s fun and flirty
  • Test the waters and see how the recipient responds
  • Avoid the pressure that messages might entail
Ask OutWhen you create your profile, you will have the opportunity to describe dates that you would like to go on. The “Ask Out Now” button on a profile invites the person to look at these date ideas and accept your offer.
  • Invite the individual to move communications offline and meet in person
  • Get to know the person better
  • Communicate regarding expectations
MessageThe most standard mode of communication, messaging, is central to the SeniorMatch’s platform. You can send messages to profiles that interest you and initiate personalized communication.
  • Move to personalized interactions to get to know them better
  • Enjoy chatting and discussing subjects that interest you
  • Ask questions and talk about meeting in person
Request photosEach profile has the option to add photos as well as the option to request more from a particular user. If you enjoy the pictures but want to see more, clicking this button notifies the user that you’ve requested uploading of more photos.
  • Indicate to user that you enjoy the photos posted
  • See more pictures to get a better idea of what the member looks like
  • Initiate contact without the pressure of messaging
Like photoIn addition to requesting photos, you can like users’ existing photos. If you see one that is particularly attractive, you can hit the heart button and notify the person that you like it
  • Let the users know that you find their photos attractive
  • Notify them that you’ve explored their profiles
Request private album accessSeniorMatch gives users the ability to create and share private photo albums. These albums will be visible to all users, but their contents are not. If you see a user who has a private album, you can request access to see its photos.
  • Indicate to the user that you’re interested in seeing more photos
  • Get to know the member better through the pictures displayed
  • Invite a person to also see your photos and profile
Answer questionEvery SeniorMatch user can add questions for other users to the profile they post. You can interact with other users by answering their questions.
  • Share perspectives with users you are interested in
  • Learn about what matters the most to users who interest you

Deciding If SeniorMatch Is for You

SeniorMatch’s greatest strength is probably the array of communication options available to users. Different levels of interaction mean that you have opportunities for connection no matter where your comfort level is. This also makes it easier to get to know the site’s other users and develop connections in a range of different ways. Another benefit it offers is simple and straightforward membership plans: You don’t have to choose between an array of options with varying features. Premium membership gives you access to all of SeniorMatch’s additional features, and you only need to select the length of subscription you prefer. Singles over 50 who are considering online dating options should think about this information when deciding whether to join SeniorMatch.

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