Tips for Getting the Best Senior Discounts

Senior discounts are everywhere, but they can be elusive!  These top tips will help you find the best senior discounts wherever you are.

Getting the Best Senior Discounts

Tip #1: You Have to Ask

Our experience and feedback from our online community suggests that no one is offering these discounts at the register.  Not wanting to offend customers or give away the store, companies may offer discounts that are posted in small print or not at all.  Senior discounts are not something to be ashamed of using or asking for.  They are an appreciation of loyalty and recognition that many seniors are on a budget.  Some discounts start as early as age 50 and can benefit the not-yet-so-seniors too.Senior Discounts from The Senior List

Tip #2: Price Matching = Discount Matching

I'm going out on a limb with this idea, but tell me what you think.  You may be familiar with the practice of “price matching” at popular retailers like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot and Staples.  For businesses who don't offer specific senior discounts, ask about discount matching.  Does the retailer match discounts offered by competitors?  If so, could they honor a competitor's senior discount (even though they may not call it a senior discount)?  If not, let them know that they should!  If enough customers are asking about and encouraging these discounts, they will come.  Tip #3: Have the Best Senior Discounts at Your Fingertips

There are several good websites that keep track of senior discounts.   If you have a smartphone, there plenty of senior discount apps, these are just a few we like to find deals on the go.

Senior Discount Apps

  • SeniorDiscounts App- An iPhone and iPad app that makes searching for discounts easy.  You can enter a specific category, business name, or look for discounts around you.   App Store: $1.99
  • GoodRx App–  Android and iOS app that helps you find the lowest on prescriptions.  Also offers a free prescription discount card to save money on prescription and even pet medications!  Free
  • SeniorSavings App- An iOS app that offers more than 200 discounts.  Details like age restrictions are also listed for specific discounts. App Store: $1.99

Senior Discount Sites

  •– We publish updated lists each year for the best senior discounts we and our online community have identified.  Check out this link to find our latest list of senior discounts.
  •– A directory of over 250,000 senior discounts.  Offers both a free and premium memberships to access discounts.

Tip #3: Join a Senior Benefits Organization

While there is plenty of musing over the political leanings of senior membership organizations, there is no denying the benefits of membership to these influential groups.  AARP (age 50+, $16/year), AMAC (age 50+, $16/year) and ASA ($15/year) all offer member-specific benefits and discounts.

Do you have tips that we missed?  Include them in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for the great senior info Amie. Good to know so many places give discounts for us seniors. I think it should be mandatory for ALL National businesses to give a 10@ discount across the board even without pulling out an AARP card.
  2. It seems some places are getting good press without actually providing the discounts listed. Was surprised AGAIN to see a 5% discount and free drinks for seniors over 65 listed for Taco Bell. I just contacted the Taco Bell in south Napa, as I had previously seen a discount listed for Taco Bell. Now as before, they say their only discount is that seniors can get a drink for 75 cents. What’s up with that?
    1. That’s a bummer Kate- Local franchises usually have the option of honoring senior discounts, and other discounts (for veterans, etc.). Some do… some don’t. Glad you’re sharing your experience with us though! — A

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