Save Money On Food While Traveling

I found a great article on entitled 14 Proven Ways to Cut Food Costs While Traveling.  There are a good many strategies to save money on food while traveling.  You CAN eat like a king (or queen), without breaking the bank while traveling.  We'll give you our favorite tips from the list noted above, and add in a few of our own.  Try these cost-saving tips while traveling!

Top 10 Ways to Cut Food Costs While Traveling

  1. Choose an Apartment Instead of a Hotel (look for condo rentals, etc.)
  2. Look for Hotels With Refrigerators and Microwaves (love this idea)
  3. Stock Your Own Alcohol (buying drinks from the hotel bar can bust your budget)
  4. Eat Lunch in Restaurants, Instead of Dinner (it's way cheaper, and you can make your own dinner if you've done #1 and #2 above)
  5. Picnic (even better than #4… shop local and find a great spot to sit down with your travel partner)
  6. Eat Local Foods (meaning talk to the locals and find out where they eat – great idea)
  7. Look for deals (have you done your homework on Groupon or other deal sites?)
  8. Look up a home, condo or apartment on Airbnb (sometimes you can stay in a nice home for the price of a hotel room)
  9. If you're over 50+, ask for Senior Restaurant Discounts (if you don't ask you'll never know!)
  10. Look for the Food Carts (here in Portland, Oregon we love our food carts, these can serve great local foods at very reasonable prices)

Do you have other tips to share with our readers?  We'd love to hear your comments below!

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  1. Taco Bell varies by store. In some I can get a small senior drink for $0.65 The one down the Street from me doesn’t charge for a senior drink. I’m not aware of any other discount there…

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