Corner Walk-In Tubs

Corner walk-in tubs are becoming extremely popular among seniors and younger generations alike. Offering easy entry and exit, these tubs provide great peace of mind. Some of the tubs come with built-in seats, which adds to the convenience of the tubs.

Whether you've made the choice to buy a walk-in tub or you're scoping the market for one, you should definitely consider the advantages of a corner walk-in tub. You should also think about the type of experience you want to enjoy. Do you want air and water jets? The option to take a shower in the tub? What material do you want the tub to be made out of?

Taking a look at some common walk-in tub FAQs and answers will help you make smarter choices when shopping for a corner walk-in tub.

What Are Walk-In Tubs?

Walk-in tubs are popular among consumers because of their convenience. They are especially helpful to those who suffer from one or more disabilities that limit their mobility. Instead of having to step over the side of a bathtub, a walk-in tub has a neat door that opens and closes from the front to the back or vice versa, easily allowing a person to enter and exit. And with such ease of access, there is a reduced likelihood of falling in or out of the tub. Most importantly, the tub can be used as a shower or bath.

What Is a Corner Walk-In Tub?

A corner walk-in tub fits securely in the corner of a room. A lot of people who have them installed choose to do a tile-in installation process, meaning the tub follows a corner-to-wall setup. With this type of setting, only one side of the tub is exposed. The tub itself usually has three sides, with two sides covered by walls.

What Are the Advantages of a Corner Walk-In Tub?

The most notable advantage of corner walk-in tubs is that they allow you to optimize space in your bathroom. You can easily install one of these tubs in a space that usually doesn't get used. Think about it. Is there a corner in your bathroom that only serves as useless space? If so, you can install a tub in the corner, making that space extremely versatile.

What Size Corner Walk-In Tub Do I Need?

Before you think about material and features, you should pick the shape and size of the tub you want. You don't want a tub that's too short because then you won't ever be able to fully recline and relax. However, if the tub is too long, then you won't have the front of the tub to rest your feet on. While we're talking about size, you should also consider how deep you want the tub to be. Some corner walk-in tubs are deep enough that you can fully submerge your whole body in them.

Do All Corner Walk-In Tubs Come With the Option to Shower?

No, not all corner walk-in tubs come with a shower head. Make sure if this is an option you want that you look for walk-in tubs that support the showering feature.

Do You Want Air and Water Jets?

Many of today’s corner walk-in tubs come standard with air and water jets, but this isn’t always the case. Air and water jets are particularly preferred by those who enjoy hydromassages. If you intend to spend a lot of time in your corner walk-in tub relaxing, then the air and water jets are definitely a feature you will enjoy. People with arthritis and muscles spasms especially benefit from hydromassages.

How Much Is a Corner Walk-In Tub Going to Cost?

Corner walk-in tubs range anywhere from $3,000 to more than $25,000. For the most part, these tubs cost anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000. Don't get fooled into thinking that just because a walk-in tub is on the higher end of your price range that it is better than the lower-cost walk-in tubs. This is why it's so important for you to carefully think about the features you want and need and then buy a walk-in tub that meets your preferences.

Is There Anyone a Corner Walk-In Tub Not Good For?

As the label implies, a walk-in tub requires you to have the ability to walk. If you need to bathe children, don't have the ability to walk without assistance or you're in a wheelchair, then you likely won't benefit from a corner walk-in tub. A slide-in bathtub or some type of small spa will be better.

Final Thought

A corner walk-in tub will only work in certain bathrooms where space is available. Also, there are many features to consider before purchasing a walk-in tub. Since it’s such a large investment, you want to at least perform your own due diligence toward everything.

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