Jacuzzi Whirlpool vs Kohler


Getting in and out of the bathtub is extremely difficult if you have mobility issues due to aging or diseases that affect your joints. Most accidents that occur inside the home are the result of a slip and fall while getting into or out of the bathtub. Jacuzzi Whirlpool and Kohler offer walk-in bathtubs and showers that are designed to reduce the risk of accidents and make taking a bath or shower much more comfortable. Both companies offer spa effects and whirlpool jets that create a massaging effect. You can enjoy the spa treatment or turn off the jets and whirlpool and simply soak in the water.

Jacuzzi Whirlpool vs Kohler: Differences

The Jacuzzi Whirlpool Walk-In bathtub and the Kohler Walk-In bathtub are similar when it comes to their basic features, but both have different add-ons that can make a difference in comfort level and ease of use. The whirlpool/hydrotherapy, chromatherapy, and aromatherapy features are not offered with any of the Kohler models, but they are either standard or optional on the Jacuzzi models. Out of all the models offered by either company, only the Elevance Rising Wall bathtub is wheelchair accessible.

Jacuzzi offers many of the most popular spa and whirlpool features with their walk-in bathtubs. This includes a heated air blower, adjustable Jacuzzi/whirlpool jets, as well as adjustable body jets. The warm air blown into the water produces a spa effect that both soothes and relaxes the muscles, relieving pain and discomfort. These features are only offered with the Belay Hydrotherapy Bath.

Another difference has to do with pricing. The Jacuzzi Whirlpool Walk-In Tub starts at around $10,000 while the Jacuzzi Walk-In Shower starts at approximately $5,000. Kohler has four primary offerings starting with the Elevance Rising Wall Bath at approximately $9,500. The starting price for the Kohler Walk-In bathtub is $4,000. The Bela Hydrotherapy Bathtub's price starts at $9,000. The Lux Stone Walk-In Shower has a starting price of around $7,000. All prices include delivery and professional installation.

Kohler vs Jacuzzi Whirlpool: Similarities

Both Jacuzzi Whirlpool and Kohler offer limited lifetime warranties. The warranties cover the air/water jets, the body of the tub, and the rest of the parts that were installed at the factory. The overall price of each fixture covers the delivery as well as the professional installation. The walk-in tubs offered by Jacuzzi Whirlpool and Kohler come in several different sizes to fit the individual's needs.

Low-entry thresholds (normally three inches or less) are standard with all of the bathtubs offered by both companies, except for the Elevance Rising Wall Tub which has a side wall that goes up and down. The Jacuzzi Whirlpool bathtub and the Kohler tubs have push-button controls. The Lux Stone shower, however, has traditional fixtures. The seats in the walk-in tubs are both wide and deep allowing for maximum comfort and reducing a person's risk of falling or sliding off.

Our Conclusion

The Jacuzzi Whirlpool walk-in bathtub is designed for maximum comfort and safety but offers many therapeutic benefits as well. It's an ideal choice if you want all the bells and whistles that are included in an actual whirlpool or Jacuzzi at an affordable price. The fact that the walk-in tubs come in a variety of sizes makes it a good choice for anyone.

Kohler is a well-known and well-respected company when it comes to bathroom fixtures and walk-in tubs. Their walk-in tubs are of the highest quality and allow individuals to feel safe and secure. If you don't mind paying a little more, Kohler's features and easy to use controls make it a popular choice for individuals who have mobility issues.

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