Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub

The Jacuzzi brand has been in the hydrotherapy industry for over 60 years and they are by far the most famous name in hot tubs. They are highly regarded worldwide for their quality, innovation, and luxurious optional features. Jacuzzi tubs come standard with essential safety implementations such as ADA-compliant seating, a grab bar for stability, non-slip textured floors, and a patented Clear Ray system that ensures the water stays pure and clean. The company is also the creator of a SmartTub mobile app for convenient controls, and best of all—a limited lifetime warranty.

Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub Models

Jacuzzi has simplified the process of choosing the right walk-in tub by offering two lines: the traditional Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub and the Finestra Walk-in Tub. Amid these lines there are four distinctive models: Soaking, Whirlpool, Pure Air and Salon Spa. Each model can be customized beyond their standard specs, which are listed in the pricing section below. Standard Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs are designed to replace existing tubs 60” L x 30-32 W in size. The Finestra bathtub is geared towards new constructions and full remodels, and it is available in the following sizes:

  • 52” L x 30” W x 38.5” H
  • 60″ L x 30″ W x 39″ H
  • 60″ L x 36″ W x 39″ H

Jacuzzi Walk-in Tubs Features

  • Easy Entry: Extra wide leak-proof doors that are guaranteed for life.
  • Fast Fill and Fast Drain: This technology prepares and drains baths in half the time of other tubs.
  • Hydrotherapy Jets: Up to 10 optimized jets for gently massaging and soothing muscles.
  • PointPro Spinner Jets: Jetted models boast two spinning jets that provide a kneading effect near the feet.
  • PointPro Jets: Water bursts beneath the seat from two jets to provide a balanced hydromassage behind the legs.
  • Micro PointPro Jets: Certain models feature six of these micro jets in the back rest that may be adjusted for comfort level or greater therapeutic effects.
  • Air Injectors: Models like the Salon Spa feature small injectors near the drain area that give the water a soothing effervescent feeling with small air bubbles.
  • RapidHeat in-Line Heating: Baths stay nice and warm longer with this heating system in the backrest and seat that utilizes passive heating to maintain temperatures.
  • Epsom Salt Compatible: Jacuzzi brand is the only maker of walk-in jetted tubs that is guaranteed safe to use with bath salts such without clogging the motor or jets and causing rust.
  • Jacuzzi Walk-in Tub Warranty: All models come with a limited warranty for life for the tub, and labor is typically covered for 1-2 years while accessories are covered for only 90 days.
  • Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs In-home Consultation: Jacuzzi’s team of consultants makes it easy to select the ideal walk-in tub for your needs and your budget. Simply schedule an appointment, and a representative with visit the home, take measurements and answer all questions about their products, accessories and services free of charge.

Jacuzzi Walk-In Tubs Products and Prices

Walk-in tubs from Jacuzzi help users avoid the need to climb over a tub lip to get in, which helps prevent falls. Additional safety features like handrails, textured floor and seats further boost safety. Each model is designed to enhance the bathing experience and provide a spa-like soothing environment. Let’s look at the four model options (all available in Standard and Finestra styles) and their pricing scales more in depth.

Jacuzzi Soaking Walk-in Tub: $4,844 — $5,699

Jacuzzi’s most basic model without a jetted system, the walk-in soaker tub offers a gently sloped design for comfortable reclining. This model does feature in-line heating to keep the water at ideal soaking temperatures.

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Walk-in Bathtub: $5,894 — $6,940

The base model with the revered Jacuzzi jet features, the Whirlpool Walk-in Tub provides an invigorating massage with various settings to target jets just the way you want. There are three individual settings to control six adjustable jets that can also be used in combination to create soothing or highly pressured jets.

Jacuzzi Pure Air Bath: $5,894 — $6,940

Armed with multiple adjustable jets including Jacuzzi’s Thermal Lumbar Comfort System for lower back relief, the Pure Air model has a unique feature that releases thousands of warm air-filled bubbles to enhance relaxation and circulation. Jacuzzi Pure Air Walk-in Tub also has a one-touch foot massage option that doesn’t require filling the tub entirely.

Jacuzzi Salon Spa Walk-in Tub: $6,845 — $8,026

The Jacuzzi Salon Spa Walk-in tub is the top-of-the-line model that boasts all of the features present in the Whirlpool, Soaking and Pure Air models. Luxurious and packed with extra functionality options and innovative features, the Salon Spa also offers a powerful air injector system and a heated soak system that warms the water without adding more. However, it is the Salon Spa’s chromatherapy multi-colored lighting options and integrated aromatherapy diffusing systems that make this walk-in tub Jacuzzi’s finest offering.

Jacuzzi Tubs Special Offers

Jacuzzi often offers some type of discounts and or rebates for customers throughout the year. Common deals are up to $1500 off the total purchase price, and financing is available for qualified customers with low month payment options.


Jacuzzi tubs have become almost synonymous with the terms ‘hot tub’ and ‘whirlpool baths.’ However, the Jacuzzi brand stands alone when it comes to solid construction, impeccable craftsmanship, and for offering the most desirable luxury bathtub features. Concerning price, customers will find that Jacuzzi walk-in tubs are priced competitively, and go a step further with limited lifetime warranties and US based customer service. The bottom line is that those in the market for a walk-in tub with soaking and jetted features will find a good fit with one of Jacuzzi’s amenity-filled models.

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