Walk In Bathtubs for Two

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a walk-in tub. Never hand over your money unless you’re absolutely certain the purchase you make meets all of your needs and wants.

Make sure to ask yourself several questions when buying a walk-in tub. Is the brand you want to purchase from a reliable and trustworthy brand? How long has the brand been in business? How far out of the way does the brand go to please its customers? Answering these questions will help you choose a seller/retailer that values quality over quantity.

You may realize that shopping for a walk-in tub comes with a few hassles. You have to consider every feature that you want, such as space for more than one person. If so, then you’ll want to buy a walk-in tub for two. It’s also important to decide whether you want the tub to have jets.

For now, here’s a close look at several questions and answers that can help you when shopping for walk-in tubs for two.

Should You Buy a Basic or Premium Walk-In Tub?

There are many different types of walk-in tubs for two people. A basic walk-in tub usually comes with safety bars, and some of them also come with a handheld shower sprayer. But beyond that, these tubs are about as basic as you can get.

With a premium walk-in tub for two, you will enjoy a variety of features. Most have jets but not all of them. If you have arthritis, back or knee pain, a hip replacement, or some other type of neurological condition, you will very much enjoy a walk-in tub with jets. The jets help create a form of hydrotherapy that can decrease muscle pain and spasms. Hydrotherapy can also improve your coordination and circulation.

If you decide to get a walk-in tub for two with air jets, you should ask yourself what parts of your body you want to use the jets on. Once you know where you want the jets to hit on your body, you can buy a walk-in tub with targeting massaging jets.

How Big of a Walk-In Tub Do You Need for Two People?

The average bathtub is usually about five feet long and close to three feet wide. However, walk-in tubs are available in sizes as small as 36-and-one-half inches long and 33 inches wide. They are also in much larger sizes with the capability to accommodate people who weigh more than 250 pounds. If you need a walk-in tub for two that is wheelchair accessible, you must make sure to ask for this feature when shopping.

When choosing how big of a walk-in tub you want, you first need to consider the size of doorways in your home as well as the stairs and hallways. You may discover that you can't fit a large walk-in tub in your home. Narrow staircases, hallways, and doorways limit people on walk-in tubs options. If you absolutely want or need a walk-in tub that is too large to fit into your current home, then you should contact a contractor to do some remodeling.

Should I Use Reviews as a Guide to Buying a Walk-In Tub for Two?

In addition to doing all kinds of research on walk-in tubs for two, you should also leverage reviews to your advantage. Combine what you learn through reviews with a bit of common sense, and you'll have a more accurate perspective of which walk-in tub for two to purchase. Always make sure to read reviews that come from sources that do not have a monetary or legal affiliation with the brand being promoted. This helps ensure that the reviews are legitimate and reflect a real opinion about the product.

Do Two Person Walk-In Tubs Have Warranties?

The specifics of a warranty on a walk-in tub may seem somewhat confusing and hard to understand. You may even find yourself overwhelmed when shopping for a walk-in tub. But, investing in a product with a warranty is usually one of the smartest moves you can make unless the warranty doesn't offer value or it expires in the near future. With the right warranty in place, you can have peace of mind in knowing you can keep out-of-pocket repair expenses to a minimum. The best warranty will cover everything from water-tight seals to heaters and blowers and many other parts.

What Are Some of the Best Features to Look for in a Two Person Tub?

Do you want an all-in-one walk-in tub? Do you want it to have built-in grab bars and a hand-held shower sprayer? Perhaps you would enjoy a tub with in-line heaters and air jets. Are you going to install the tub yourself, or is a licensed plumber going to install it? Usually, it's best to let the professionals handle the hard work.

All of the features mentioned in the paragraph above are available on some walk-in tubs for two versions. To get the most out of your tub, try to look for as many features as possible.

Final Thoughts

Buying a walk-in tub for two doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you have research, opinions, and you realize that you need a warranty to come with your purchase, you will feel much more comfortable with buying a tub.

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