Medical Alert Systems; A List of Products and Reviews

Traditional Medical Alert Systems; A List of Products and Product Reviews

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The BrickHouse Medical Alert System:  The BrickHouse Medical Alert System offers fall detection in an easy to use pendant form factor.


The Connect America Medical Alert System:  The Connect America Medical Alert System is yet another traditional in-home medical alert system.  They’ve been in business since 1977 and boast of 100,000 users of their medical alert products.



The Alert1 Medical Alert System:  The Alert1 Medical Alert System is a good option for a traditional in-home medical alert system. 20 years of experience and 150,000 customers to date.


The LifeGuardian Medical Alarm System:   Today you can choose from a traditional pendant style in-home panic buttons or a new GPS enabled cellular phone with fall detection technology.


The ResponseLINK Medical Alert System:  The ResponseLINK Medical Alert System offers traditional push button medical alert technology with the popular pendant alert button form factor.


The Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System:  The backing of a highly established (well branded) company behind the product makes it a “comfortable choice” for families that want to know who’s behind the product.


The Wellcore Personal Emergency Response System:  The Wellcore Personal Emergency Response System stormed onto the market in early 2010 with a great deal of enthusiasm , and then disappeared mysteriously from the market just as abruptly as it appeared.  (Note: This item has been discontinued.)


The myHalo Personal Emergency Response System:  myHalo Personal Emergency Response System offers a fall detection device with a different (wearable) form factor, and an optional vitals monitoring package.

The Freedom Alert2 Medical Alert Phone:  The Freedom Alert II acts as a mini cordless phone, enabling the user to answer the phone and speak directly through the speaker phone on the pendant.

The MobileHelp Medical Alert System:  A more mobile medical alert system offering onboard gps, and a connection anywhere there is a cellular signal (available on AT&T).


The VRI Medical Alert System:  The VRI Medical Alert System is a traditional in-home medical alert system with the smallest pendant style emergency button available.  This medical alert system is also tested and compatible with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone systems for user peace of mind.


If you haven’t read it already, we recommend you read The Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Medical Alert System

Would You Like a Medical Alert Recommendation?

Medical Alert Buyers Guide

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  1. Kim says

    Hi, I am looking for a system that has ‘pretty’ pendants or wristbands for my aunt.
    She refuses to wear something that doesn’t look like jewelry.
    Any options?


  2. Sandra Wiley says

    My stepfather is diabetic and my mom has dementia. They still travel from Michigan to Florida for the winter and I am looking for a system that can travel back and forth by just changing call centers. Does this type of system exist?

    • says

      Hi Sandra – If you went with a traditional in-home medical alert system, you may or may not need a base station in each location (in each home). If you went with mobile medical alert system like GreatCall’s Splash, you only need to activate the unit once, and it acts as a simple cell phone (with one button) as long as you have adequate cell coverage at each location. See our review of a previous model here.

      The other option for your folks (when looking at the traditional pendant/base station option) is to simply take the base station and pendant to each home when they go, and set it up (again) at the new place. The medical alert systems that Senior List recommends aren’t terribly difficult to set-up. And customer service usually helps out in these situations.

      You may want to call a couple of our recommended medical alert providers to understand your options (when there are 2 homes involved). Ask about moving the base station into another home for set-up and testing. Report back if you wouldn’t mind so we hear how this went- thx

    • says

      The T3 GSM 3G Senior Healthcare Helper is an innovation product in the worldwide, special for telecare and teleheath of senior living alone.

      The Senior Healthcare Helper is for falling down alarm, getup bed, indoor temperature and safety monitoring. also, it inbuilt blood pressure measurement, accept glucose, weight measurement device via USB ports. Then transfer to monitoring center via GPRS or 3G or SMS.

      When alarm occurrence, will send definition SMS text and dial the user mobile phones.

  3. Pamela Davis says

    My mother had LifeLine for a few years, but I feel she needs an alert system that can travel with her like with GPS. She still drives both day and night which makes me nervous. She is not electronic savvy so the system needs to be easy.I am considering Guardian due to their GPS, monthly fee, no activation or equipment fee, and reputation. What GPS system do you like best? Have you ever seen anything from Consumer Reports on these products?

    • says

      Hi Pamela – For price, and simplicity we like 2 medical alert systems in this category: 1. The GreatCall Splash. We tested it ourselves, and found it to work quite well. We also thought the call center was attentive.

      The other that we are recommending is The Bay Alarm Medical Alert with GPS. We like these guys equally well right now. Both are excellent, and top rated companies in this space.

      Our recommendation is to call both of them and ask this list of Top Questions to ask when buying a Medical Alert System. Pick the one that you’re most comfortable with.

      We haven’t looked at at a recent Guardian alert (w/GPS) so can’t comment on that one specifically. Perhaps we’ll take a look at do a review soon. Hope that helps- A

  4. Homes says

    Would there be a way to have someone come and do a live presentation of these products at a home in los Angeles, CA? The seniors are very interested.

  5. AnneNow says

    Day, you might suggest your elderly friend leaves on a nightg light on in her bedroom and remind this friend to always turn on her night stand light before
    attempting to get up . When rising, to do so slowly , with secure bed slippers on.

  6. kathy says

    I am needing a system that can detect more than just falls. My father had copd and sometimes his oxygen levels drop and he becomes unconscious. Is there a system that can monitor vitals and alert someone without pushing a button?

    • The Senior List says

      Hi Kathy – Nothing exactly as you describe, but some of these systems can detect when a person is immobile (not moving for a specific period of time). In my opinion, something is better than nothing… Probably want to look into a medical alert device with or without fall detection (would recommend with for your specific situation).

    • Jon says

      Google the words ‘home pulse oximeter with alarm’ or ‘home SpO2 monitor with alarm’ and you should see products that will monitor your father’s blood oxygen saturation levels. When the level declines to a certain level (the monitors should be programmable so you can set the alarm level), the device produces an audible alarm.

  7. Just tired says

    My husband has totally lost verbal ability due to surgery. We need a way for him to call for medical help at a minimum. Compounding the issue is high anxiety so the teletype phone system was too complicated for him. He is unwilling to wear a pendant style system. Ideally I would like to combine this with a home alarm system. Any suggestions?

    • The Senior List says

      Hi Tired, Many of the home alarm companies offer a medical alert option, you’ll just need to call around if that’s a route you wish to go (different carriers serve different locations so cannot advise that tandem).

      If your husband is mobile and will carry something in his pocket, both the GreatCall Option or the MobileHelp option will suffice. Depending on the length of your husband’s recovery you may want to ensure that you can cancel the medical alert service at any time (at GreatCall you can).

      If your husband is at home (and not as mobile) than the pendant alarms are great to summons help in an emergency. My husband’s grandmother wore one from Philips and the service they received was superb. The mobile options will work just fine from the home as well.

  8. sandy says

    just spoke with rep from Great Call and like the idea of the more sophisticated technology and that it functions anywhere. unlimited footage vs. 800-1000 ft that i’ve read about. i know we have to buy the equipment but the monthly fee is about $10. less a month. do you know anything about this system?

    • The Senior List says

      Hi Daughter, It appears that they get decent feedback from Angie’s List members, but have only one review on their web page. From the looks of it they are a re-seller (of equipment you’ll see on many of the medical alert systems that we review on The Senior List). We can’t advise one way or the other on these guys, but we generally don’t like long-term agreements, and you should make sure you know how to get out of a contract BEFORE purchasing (in case you need to).

      Hope that helps-

      • Medical Care Alert says

        The HOME & AWAY GPS system from Medical Care Alert is a great system for folks on the go, and there is NO long term contract. We have an “A” ratting with Angie’s List and with the BBB, and have hundreds of real customer reviews on our website ( we post them all…unfiltered!)

  9. Mike P says

    Where can i find a list of good senior GPS trackers and their reviews? Need almost instant gps info on where they are if go outside a “boundary”.

  10. The Senior List says

    Leland, we think Auto Fall Detection holds great possibilities, but it’s not foolproof by any means. We like Philips, just make sure you understand the T’s & C’s fully in case you need to return it for a traditional medical alert system. MobileHelp will be launching a new product with fall detection soon. (This product is a re-design of the myHalo fall detection product which we’ve reviewed here at The Senior List.) We’re told this product may be waterproof as well.

  11. Day says

    I need something quickly for an elderly friend living independently. She has fallen a couple of times in the middle of the night and has been unable to rouse help quickly.

    She needs something she can use to summon help when she falls and is unable to get back up. Short of carrying her cell phone or house phone with her, that’s not likely. A ‘box’ system won’t help-unless she carries it around. She uses a cane, and something could be attached possibly. A pendant system is probably the most logical. I don’t have time to do a thorough review and basically just need some suggestions. I go to all the comparison sites and there’s just too much data to figure out Is there a system out there that allows her to summon help, and perhaps the company call a neighbor to check then let them know if medical help is needed? She has a willing neighbor who is limited in ability herself but able to check in. This gets very complicated!

    • says

      Hi Day,

      The cellular based models are really quite large compared to the in-home medical alert systems. If your friend will use a belt clip (or doesn’t mind a large pendant hanging around his/her neck) you can choose either option located in our list of mobile ready medical alerts.

    • says

      Sorry Day- I re-read your question and didn’t quite answer thoroughly enough. For a traditional in-home pendant style (non cellular) device, we like reputable companies like Philips. They’re not the cheapest, but sometimes you get what you pay for. For cellular (mobile) medical alerts, we like GreatCall’s Just5, and the MobileHelp product. IF you’re not familiar with what to look for, or the kinds of questions to ask, please read The top 10 questions to ask when buying a medical alert system. Also, we recommend that consumers stay away from long-term contracts if they can help it.

    • says

      Costco has a very good medical alarm they sell that includes 6 months of service. Have you reviewed that one? It’s call the MediPendant. You can speak through the pendant and hear the operator through the pendant as well. I bought one for my mom. I don’t know if I trust the ones that work with cellular – what if there is no service or the battery died? Costco is very reputable, so I am very comfortable with my mom using the Costco MediPendant.

      • says

        Hi Amy – We haven’t but we’ll definitely dig into it. Perhaps our community members can add some feedback on MediPendant. Sound off if you have any experience here folks! thx, A

        • Albert Polis says

          Had another Medical Alarm, but my Aunt couldn’t hear and kept running to the base station when she thought she had accidentally pressed the button. Got the Medipendant and it is wonderful. IT’s loud and clear. My Aunt doesn’t have to charge the battery (we were worried she would forget when we looked at another type of alarm. We tested the range and it worked all the way to her milbox and to the end of her back yard. Very happy with the Medipendant.

        • Charlie Fulwood says

          Yes, being avid Costco shoppers ourselves, we saw MediPendant on the Costco site and got one for my mom on a whim considering the included service and, almost a year later, my mom is still happily using it. The two-way communication through the pendant is what she likes compared to other medical alarms that she has used and it feels truly monitored and safer, to us!

  12. PM Hoff says

    Why do I now see Just5 anywhere? I have been checking on their system and fee that it is
    the cheapest one available, is mobile, and can be used as a regular cell phone. Large buttons,
    SOS button for 911. What else do you need for about $8 a month, once you purchase a phone for

    • The Senior List says

      PM Hoff – If you look around our site a bit you’ll see that we reviewed the Just5 phone (twice) some time ago. We liked it.

  13. Maryann Downing says

    I have been harassed over the past week with at least five calls from “John in the Medical Alert Systems mail-room to arrange delivery for a medical alert device that has been paid for by some relative or friend.” I try to say I don’t want AND won’t receive this device, but the calls continue. My sister and a friend of hers have also received the same calls. The number that shows up on my screen is 845-520-3292 but when I dial I am told the number is “not in service.” I tried the BBB online, but haven’t, apparently, enough information. Do you know of anything I can do about this? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Maryann – Unfortunately this is a growing problem (scam) and the latest is the set of robo-calls trolling for victims. Click the link to see the latest on this medical alert scam. You’ll see a list of tips on what to do, and NOT to do.

      Thanks for the great question! A

  14. NANCY CARA says

    Want to find a “one time purchase” alert system for my father that connects to 911…what should I be looking at. Thanks!

    • says

      You’ll probably want to be looking at the small speaker pendant (talk thru) telephones for the one time purchase Nancy. That person would still be tethered to the home land-line though. There are a number of choices in that category. Any suggestions from our readers?

      • Bill Moody says

        We live in a townhouse next to my 88 year old mother. Can you recommend a necklace-type system that we can monitor from our house? What I’ve seen so far includes a monthly/yearly subscription to an outside monitoring service. We don’t need that since we live next door, and there is someone here all the time. Thanks!

        • says

          Hi Bill & great question… If you want to go that route, we recommend a 2-way communicator (which is like a mini speakerphone). Something like the Touch & Talk, or the LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 (calls 911 only). Another option is the Freedom Alert 2 way voice communicator. None of these devices come with a long-term contract, just the cost of the equipment.

          As in all cases, you should read the reviews on these devices as well as the T’s & C’s. Luckily with these units, you aren’t locked into long-term contracts… *Links provided are affiliate links.

          • Susan says

            My 91+ year old mother lives in her own home, with a caregiver who lives full time in a downstairs apartment. Mother is never left alone in the house, but often the caregiver needs to be downstairs in the apartment, where she can’t really hear my mother if she falls and calls out for help (this happened recently and I just happened to walk in a minute after the fall, so all was okay then!). I’m seeking some type of alert button she can wear around her neck (she DOES have a LifeLine alert necklace), that would send an alarm to an in-house monitor in the downstairs apartment. That way, if she lost her balance and fell, the caregiver would hear the alarm downstairs and respond. Is there such a product on the market?

          • says

            Hi Susan,

            You’ll probably want to think about the 2-way communicator pendants like we’ve been discussing here. You’d want to program the first number called to be your caregiver (provided he/she has a telephone downstairs). The second number programed could be you. I’m sure there is some sort of monitoring system you could find but it seems to me these 2 way communicators might do the trick. Look for an inexpensive one with no long-term agreement (no agreement at all in fact). All they are is a mini cordless phone.

            Hope that helps- A

    • says

      Nancy Cara – The links I provided Bill should provide you with more information on the 911 dialer you were looking for as well… Best, A

  15. Patty says

    I am looking for an alert device that my mother can wear for short periods of time, up to two hours, when a caregiver is not in the house. What is an easy to use/wear device that connects with 911 if that is what the connection is for and also she is prone to falling and walks with a walker. Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Patty! If your mother stays in the home, any of the traditional pendant devices should do the trick. You could go with Philips, VRI or MobileHelp for that. Look through this site at the various reviews, prices and contracts of these medical alert system providers though. Watch out for long-term contracts that lock you in (longer than you’re comfortable doing).

      If your mother is looking for a mobile or cellular based medical alert device, we recommend the MobileHelp and the 5Star from GreatCall. We want to see some of the other providers get their acts together before we recommend them…

    • says

      Patty – Here is additional info on 2-way communicator type devices… “If you want to go that route, we recommend a 2-way communicator (which is like a mini speakerphone). Something like the Touch & Talk, or the LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 (calls 911 only). Another option is the Freedom Alert 2 way voice communicator. None of these devices come with a long-term contract, just the cost of the equipment.”

      As in all cases, you should read the reviews on these devices as well as the T’s & C’s. Luckily with these units, you aren’t locked into long-term contracts… *Links provided are affiliate links.

  16. Susan says

    Mom needs needs med alert system in home especially shower and around home with pre-programmed list of contacts.
    Is it better to have 2 way voice pendant over other button only?
    I don’t understand how the latter works. If voice pendant better, which system
    Is best for the price? Thanks

  17. maureen jaenecke says

    I am struggling to find the right system for my mother as well. After a nightmare scenario with LifeStation (their own literature prohibited the use of a line splitter, but then gave us a huge hassle about cancelling; they got 2 months service charges from her even though we never even activated it!)

    I am now wrestling with whether to trust the next one. In reading all the fine print, they basically disavow any responsibility associated with the unit, the service, their own response, etc. The company is MobileHelp which seems to have gained favorable reviews here, but that seems more about the equipment. Do you have any information on their service? Do all these type of companies have long protracted, hard to read, hard to follow, double talk type contracts? I am grateful for any help anyone can give me regarding these issues! Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Maureen! The Senior List has begun reaching out to medical alert system manufacturers to request greater transparency in their T’s & C’s AND to allow The Senior List to advocate on behalf of consumers (and provide solutions to consumers with issues).

      For those companies that want to work with us (and ultimately with you – the consumer), The Senior List can vastly IMPROVE their reputation, which will lead to more and more sales (and referrals).

      We’ll reach out to MobileHelp and we’ll tell them there are questions here… We also have some relationships at GreatCall so you may want to look at their solutions as well.

      **The Senior List does NOT have any business relationships (distribution, affiliate or other) with any medical alert providers at this time.

    • Merlyn says

      My dad (ex-father-in-law) is nearly 94 and just in the last couple years stopped actively farming. Staying inside was out of the question. After much research, we selected MobileHelp due to their GPS-enabled tracking and notification systems. Dad is deaf in one ear and very poor hearing in the other. These were concerns, too.

      They have been wonderful! He wears the pager on his belt, has a necklace hanging on his bed and one in the bathroom. The base unit is in the kitchen. He works in his shop in the barn and walks over his 120 acre farm… and I don’t have to worry about him. There is even a website I can go to and it will pinpoint where he is currently. So cool!!!

      Dad has not yet had to press the button in an emergency, but while sitting out on his swing, his dog has jumped on his lap and bumped the button. The response from MobileHelp has been quick and even Dad can hear them call his NAME (which is great) to ask if he’s OK. He tells them it was an accident and all is well. Only once did he bump it, not hear them calling him and they immediately called my husband and the squad. My husband immediately called dad’s son to check on him and they were able to cancel the squad right away.

      Every incident sends me a text message and they call Joe. The equipment is easy to use… via landline or cellular.

      At ~$35 a month ($420/year) it is a great bargain and wonderful peace of mind.

      Hope this info helps. — Merlyn McGowan

  18. Nancy Ellis says

    My father is 92 and needs a medical alert device. Unfortunately, he lives in a senior housing facility that already charges over $1,300 per month. He needs a service but cannot afford a cell phone and landline so opted for a cell phone. Are there ANY medical alert services that provide a service that interfaces with a cell phone?

    • says

      Hi Nancy, There are a number of senior-friendly cell phones that do quite a nice job functioning like a medical alert system. We like the Jitterbug phone from GreatCall. But there are others as well. You could also visit your local cell phone provider and ask for something simple that has emergency call buttons. They may have just what you’re looking for. You could also add him to your account under a family-share-plan to maximize savings.

      Hope that helps! AC

    • Beth says

      CareLink is a medical alert device that gives the option of purchasing a cellular modem which allows the system to function without a landline. I am not sure how it compares to other traditional medical alert systems, but I know this is a concern for many with decreasing landline use .

  19. Denise says

    Life Alert Medical Alert – Don’t be fooled by thinking since this company has been in business for years – it can be trusted and is your best choice. There are lots of alert devices available – You have a choice – Don’t choose this one.. After contacting someone at Life Alert for information on their system, I was persued by one of their representatives. I received several calls, even at my workplace. After speaking with this representative, I decided to try the Life Alert System for my mother based on the information I was given. Her health concerns were mainly to do with her limited mobility. She was always afraid of falling. After getting the information and assurance from this representative that if for any reason (and was told this several times by everyone I talked with @ Life Alert) that the Life Alert system did not meet my mother’s needs or she would not use it, I could simply return it and they would discontinue service. This was even verified by the last person I spoke with when they verified information for the delivery. Once they went over the contract (again saying don’t worry about it, the contract is for 3 years but for any reason, we will discontinue this contract and you can return the equipment). Don’t fall into the same TRAP I did. They will not stand by their word. You will be stuck, if your parent refuses to use it, if she has problems hearing anyone on the system to help her, or any other reason, YOU ARE TRAPPED. Good Luck dealing with them.

  20. Ginger Young says

    I’m not sure if questions go here, but I have been searching for some time for a medical alert system. My situation is very different from most. I am not in my house much of the time, but I’ll be 70 this year and live on a small farm alone. I’m riding tractors, lawnmowers and using saws.
    I am concerned that if I should get hurt or overheated in the sun etc., that I will not be able to use my cell phone, or if I should have a heart attack or stroke that I would not have ample warning, but might be able to push a button.
    It would have to have GPS capability because there is a very big chance that I won’t be in the house where I can be found.
    Any suggestions? I’ve heart one advertised you can buy at Wal-Mart but don’t know enough about it.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

  21. medical-alert-systems says

    There is one that’s not even on your list. Life Beacon- this one is better than most just due to the GPS capable. Here let me tell you more about it:


    Beware of other companies that may try to sell you a personal emergency alert system. Unlike others, we never outsource our monitoring services to the cheapest bidder. Only Security Partners can provide the proven monitoring services from our in-house central station. Our monitoring station is a state-of-the-art, UL listed, FM approved, CSAA 5-Diamond facility outfitted with the latest technology to provide customers with premium services at reasonable prices.

    • says

      We’re aware of Life Beacon, and it looks like a decent mobile medical alert system. Frankly, it’s hard to find out much about the device and/or the OEM. Most of the dealer websites out there aren’t very transparent about costs etc., (in fact most are just fishing for leads via a lead-gen form). One Life Beacon dealer we contacted directly couldn’t even tell us the monthly costs without visiting their own website (which we were on at the time). They were very confused, which is quite unsettling. We’d probably wait on Life Beacon until there is more information available, and trusted resources that can vouch for the product (and associated services).

  22. Business Phone System says

    I need to obtain a program for my 90 season old mom to use as I will be moving soon and she desires to work. My issue is my house is two experiences. If she is downstairs and the observe is upper level, what happens when she clicks the button? Can I get a observe for both upper level and downstairs with the Philip lifeline alert system?

    • says

      “Business Phone System”: We recommend that you contact Philips for specific questions about your mom’s situation. They will have a solution to meet your needs.

  23. Rick says

    I purchased a DependOne medical monitoring system for my mother and it works great. My siblings and I were looking for a medical alert button that our mother could speak through and listen through and we came across the dependone system. It seems like a reliable system and the test call went good. So far we are satisfied

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