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About The Senior List

Connecting Seniors to the Care & Resources They Deserve

Here at, we’re so much more than a website. Our team of experts connect seniors and caregivers to the right products, services, and other resources that make aging just a little bit easier.

Our thriving community is always growing. It’s a place where mature adults and caregivers can discover the latest senior-friendly technologies, engage in meaningful discussions, and find senior discounts, housing, and much more. If ever there was an online community for seniors — is it!

We serve seniors across the great United States and even regions throughout Canada. If you’re looking for expert advice or consumer feedback, or you simply want to plug into a lively community, we invite you to come along and join the conversation.


Father and Daughter

Who is Amie Clark?

The Visionary Behind The Senior List

It doesn’t matter if you’re 55 or 95 years young, Amie Clark believes that anyone can embrace life with quality advice and the right resources. That’s why she created over 10 years ago.

As a social worker, blogger, entrepreneur, and aging adult advocate—Amie has been helping seniors and their loved ones for 20+ years. She has worked several years in long term care, and she’s even built a company that specializes in geriatric care management and senior housing advisory. Without a question, Amie is a well-respected expert voice on senior care topics.

With two spunky grandmothers as her inspiration, Amie knows the joys, challenges, and hardships that come with aging. This fuels her passion for helping seniors and caregivers like you. Amie sees it as her privilege to share her expertise in helping older adults thrive as they enter this new and exciting stage of life. You can learn more about Amie in the ‘Meet Our Team’ section below.

Advice You Can Count On

Recommendations are a dime a dozen. But not all recommendations are created equal. Thankfully, our team of experts have your best interest in mind. Whether you’re looking for senior housing, health insurance, or medical alert systems — we bring decades of professional experience to help you explore your options.

Our panel of senior care experts can connect you or your loved one with the right solution for your needs. Our research, advice, and recommendations are always fact-based, and always aimed at solving a real problem. It’s not by chance that we’ve become the #1 authority on senior care topics out there.

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Our team of senior care experts have an intimate knowledge of the topics that improve the lives of aging adults. We live these topics, day in and day out. We put in the rigorous research to learn the best senior care solutions. And we share it with you free of charge.

We care deeply about the issues that are difficult to navigate for seniors and caregivers. We believe that the right information, found at the right time, can change a life or even save a life. Our readers trust that we only share objective information that will truly make a difference.

Our Experts Cover Topics Like
  • Medical alert systems
  • Housing for seniors
  • Caregiving
  • Senior Discounts
  • Financial freedom
  • New technologies
  • Senior safety & lifestyle
  • The future of eldercare

A Compassionate Approach

The Senior List is On Your Side

Our senior care experts have dedicated their lives to serving seniors and caregivers, and we like to think it shows. Everything we do comes from caring hearts. Sure, we take our research and recommendations seriously, but we always communicate with openness and compassion. After all, aging adults should get the respect and attention they deserve. We believe we’re the only resource available that is both caring and authoritative on the topics that matter.

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Meet our Team

Amie Clark

Amie Clark | Co-Founder & Senior Editor

Amie’s first “real” job working in long term care was what sparked her drive to continue advocacy work for seniors in other settings. Since then, she has worked in skilled nursing facilities for several years before starting her own company specializing in geriatric care management and senior housing advisory.

It was during this time that Amie and her husband started The Senior List to provide seniors and their families with thoughtful, transparent information about products and services for older adults. And the rest is history. Today, when she’s not corralling teenagers, Amie enjoys live music, traveling, and getting outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. Her current bucket list item is hiking the PCT, one section at a time. Learn more about Amie here

Chris Clark

Chris Clark | Co-Founder & Senior Discount Expert

Chris has spent the last 20+ years working in healthcare and related fields. He has held several executive positions, and he’s worked with many of the top hospital/healthcare organizations across the nation. Chris is passionate about consumer empowerment (especially by way of technology) and how connecting to the right resources improves lives. In his free time, Chris enjoys fishing, hiking, and spending time on the boat with his family. Learn more about Chris here

Brian Thomas Fletcher, MD | Medical Expert & Physician

Brian Thomas Fletcher, MD is a board-certified emergency medicine physician based in Los Angeles and is The Senior List’s medical expert.

Dr. Fletcher answers medical questions from The Senior List community and discusses health topics and how they impact older adults. See his recent webinar on older adults and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Learn more about Brian here.

Kasey Craig, Au.D.

Kasey Craig, Au.D. | Hearing Aid Expert

Kasey is passionate about explaining hearing loss and communication strategies to her patients and their families, helping them get back to effective and fun communication. Her experience in public and private healthcare in the U.S. and abroad gives her perspective and familiarity about all sides of the hearing aid market. She studied linguistics at Rice University and got her Au.D. (Clinical Doctorate in Audiology) at the University of South Florida. When she is not helping her patients make the best decisions about their hearing health care and hearing aids, she enjoys photography and painting, in addition to hiking the hills of Scotland with her partner and kids.

Learn more about Kasey here.

Ryan Molloy | Managing Editor & Technology Expert

Ryan has years of experience researching and testing products that help people successfully age in place. After years of working for various publications such as Boston Magazine and The Believer, he has found his home at The Senior List, writing about all things related to caregiving and senior healthcare.

Jenny Atwell | Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Lindsay Malzone | Medicare Expert

Lindsay Malzone is the Medicare expert for MedicareFAQ. She has been working in the Medicare industry since 2017 and is featured in many publications as well as writes regularly for other expert columns regarding Medicare.

When she’s not lending her voice and expert opinion, Lindsay enjoys unwinding with a long afternoon of boating with her husband, gardening, or lounging around with her dog and cats while binge-watching the next big series. She also raises monarch butterflies!

Meredith Williamson, J.D.

Meredith Williamson, J.D. | Elder Care Author

Allie Moon

Allie Moon | Editor

Allie Moon has been a copywriter since 2008, and has been writing for The Senior List since 2016. They write on a wide variety of topics including comparing and contrasting solutions for easier living, financial management, health, and staying active and social later in life. Allie has an eye for finding answers to problems and turning complex topics into coherent and informative articles. Allie is committed to improving life for the 50+ crowd by way of sharing quality information and helping readers make informed choices for their lives. Learn more about Allie here

Cory Smith

Cory Smith | Financial Planning Expert

Cory is passionate about helping individuals and families plan for and live their best retirement. Cory believes that everyone should have access to a financial advisor and for nearly 20 years he has helped clients from many different backgrounds and experiences achieve their financial goals. Learn more about Cory here

Cynthia Coehlo

Cynthia Coelho | Senior Care Expert

Cynthia Coelho is a trusted senior care advisor. She plays an important role on the team — helping seniors to regain confidence and peace of mind. Cynthia brings nearly three decades of experience to the table, and she holds nursing degrees from St. Mary’s University and Samuel Merritt University. When she’s not helping seniors and caregivers, you can find Cynthia gardening, paddle boarding, or traveling the world. Learn more about Cynthia here

Jennifer L. Gaskin | Editor

Jennifer L. Gaskin is a newsroom-trained reporter and editor with a passion for using data to analyze the details of complex topics. With two decades of experience under her belt, she researches and writes about a variety of subjects as diverse as the unique joys of aging and the impact of public policy on the elder community. When she’s not knee-deep in massive data sets, Jennifer enjoys cracking open new tabletop games and attempting to keep her inquisitive beagle out of the garbage bin.

We’re Here For You & Your Loved Ones

Your golden years should be filled with the things that matter most — family, friends, laughter, and love. Having real life senior care experts in your corner can help to alleviate the challenges and to answer all the questions that arise. We want you to know that we’re here for you and your loved ones, and we’re looking forward to helping make your golden years shine. Welcome to The Senior List community. Now let’s take the uncertainty and fear out of aging. And let’s replace it with independence and peace of mind.

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