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American Standard walk-in tubs have features to easy sore joints and aching muscles.

Walk-In Bathtub Prices in 2021

American Standard walk-in tubs have features to easy sore joints and aching muscles.
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Amie Clark

Amie has been writing about senior care products and services for the last decade. She is particularly passionate about new technologies that help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. Seeing her parents and grandparents age made Amie ask herself, “Would this be good enough for my loved ones?” In her spare time, Amie enjoys outdoor adventures and spontaneous road trips. Learn more about Amie here


  1. My son is disabled and easily falls. There is a large tub in the bathroom with jets, I have seen large walk in tubs with doors and hand-bars. Safe for him to get in and out. I am his mother. He is 6’ tall and weighs 140 lbs. thank you.
  2. I’ve done extensive research on walk in tubs. You can buy a walk in tub from a store or on-line and then higher the plumber, carpenter, and electrician to install it or you can higher a Company such as Kohler, American Standard, or Safe Step and they will do everything for you. The best solution is to higher a company that will do everything for you including warranty the tub. In my research and in home interviews I found that Kohler has the best walk in tub with the best price. All of these Companies that will come into your home and do everything are all priced between $15,000 and $25,000 and Kohler had the best value for the dollar. Having this Kohler Walk in tub has changed my life in so many positive ways.
  3. The salesperson ordered me an 8 jetted Jacuzzi walk in tub with an in-line heater. Total cost was 14,000.00 dollars. I thought that the in line heater meant the seat was heated, but when the tub was installed, the plumber told me the tub did not have a heater. Also, Jacuzzi does not make an 8 jetted tub….I am told. My tub only has 6 jets and the company that I bought this jewel from refuses to work with me. What should I do? I have called several times to find out a solution to this problem, but the only compensation I have been offered is an apology and 200.00 dollar refund. Sounds like a cheap excuse for installing the incorrect tub to me.
  4. My mom just ordered a walk in tub with hydrotherapy and a shower upgrade, it’s around 18k. Seems like this is higher than it should be and, the salesman said he was discounting 2.5k for military and because of AARP. I think the bath is a good idea for her due to safety reasons but she’s been scammed before. Does the cost seem unreasonable? Can any of this purchase be used as a tax write off for next year? She is supposed to have a knee replacement but is hoping the hydrotherapy will be a better alternative.
    1. I highly recommend 2 or more estimates. To answer your question would require knowing what you have now and what you are going to have installed. Bathroom fixtures can be expensive but the contractor should have given you a materials and supplies itemized and you can check those prices. Labor is typically 60-70% of total cost. So if you can figure out a fair price for the material and supplies a fair price for the labor is 1.5 times the m&s. Keep in mind that even the fairest, best contractor has to make a profit on what he/she installs. He has to pick it up, warranty it, has other overhead… m&s markups vary from 20-50% of the total. So 1.2 to 1.5 times the cost. (unscrupulous automotive repair facilities have 80% profit margin, that’s a 400% markup! plus labor). If the contractor isn’t making much on m&s a fair labor price would be over 2 times the cost of m&s – that’s not an absolute by any means, a rule of thumb. My best advice was my first sentence! Good luck! Toledo, Ohio ?
  5. Need a walk in tub with 16 air jets in Bone color, I have a presidential that I want to have uninstalled , only used 5 times excellent shape, Dad passed away, don’t need, only 27 inches depth by 56″ to fit a 60″ opening, just supply plumber and $ 2000.00 ad take it away
  6. How much for a walking tub uninstalled. My husband can install himself. He is a carpenter. With hydrotherapy and shower too! Prices for all 3 uninstalled please.
  7. Is it true that if you have Medicare they will cover part of the cost of a walk in tub if you need it for medical reasons?
    1. Hi Sharon, I understand that Medicare will only pay for the cost of a walk in tub if it is deemed medically necessary. If that’s the case, there would need to be a medical diagnosis and orders provided by a physician. Even with that kind of support, it’s still no guarantee that Medicare will pay. Some walk in tub companies will offer financing if that is helpful to you. Best, Amie

  8. Very useful article! Walk In tubs are great alternative for people who find difficulty in moving and standing. One can fully enjoy bath with these walk in tubs One of my friends recently purchased walk in bath tub from SpinLife at very affordable price for her grandmother. One can check the same and Shop Online .

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