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American Standard was founded over 140 years ago. Today, this bath brand makes many walk-in bathtubs and has the largest network of installers in North America. Find out more about the features, options and price range of American Standard walk-in tubs. Customers can also schedule a free, no-obligation safety evaluation to help them select the right walk-in tub and arrange for installation.

Walk-In Tub Pricing

The pricing of walk-in tubs varies based on the shell material, massage options and whether a model comes with a built-in faucet. The lower end of the following ranges corresponds to smaller gelcoat tubs sold without faucets. Larger baths made of acrylic with built-in fixtures and all of the available massage features are at the higher end.

Walk-In Tub TypeModelsPrice Range
Air Spa63$5,844-$10,624
Combo Massage65$6,314-$11,410

Door and Drain Options

American Standard makes it easy to select a left- or right-opening door with a drain on either side without affecting the price of a model. Tubs with wide doors that open outward are ideal for wheelchair transfers. Outward-opening doors are only an option for gelcoat models in the Value and Premium lines. These doors are not available for Entry gelcoat or Premium acrylic tubs. This style of door can increase the price of a tub as much as $600 over walk-in models of the same size with comparable features.

Comfort and Safety Features

Customers have many options for customizing an American Standard walk-in tub. A soaking tub is a deep design with a wide, slightly reclined seat and the option of a built-in neck rest. Air spa tubs have a heated blower that releases thousands of tiny air bubbles at adjustable settings for an invigorating bathing experience that promotes circulation. The whirlpool feature uses adjustable streams of water to provide hydrotherapy massage and may also include a chromatherapy option. Tubs with combination features that can provide both air and water massages are among the most expensive options.

The standard features of the full line of walk-in tubs made by this brand promote independence and safety for seniors. A low entry threshold, non-slip textured floor, built-in seat and grab bars make these baths easy to get into and out of and reduce fall risks. The easy-to-open door mechanisms and simple touch controls have earned an ease of use commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

One disadvantage of a walk-in tub is that a bather must enter the tub while it is empty and wait for it to fill and then wait for the tub to drain before exiting. Many American Standard models are available with fast-fill faucets and Quick Drain technology that uses a pump to drain a tub in two minutes.

Gelcoat Walk-In Tubs

Gelcoat tubs consist of a layer of smooth, slightly porous material over fiberglass. This lightweight, strong and flexible material is easily shaped, which keeps prices low while increasing the number of design and customization options. These high-gloss finish tub shells are available in white, linen or biscuit colors with either color-matched or polished chrome drains, overflows and grab bars.

Gelcoat Walk-In Tub Pricing 28×48-inch 30×52-inch 30×60-inch 32×52-inch 32×60-inch
 Air Spa$5,844-$7,576$6,191-$8,231$6,410-$8,947$7,687-$8,735$10,216
Whirlpool Massage$5,433-$6,999$5,728 -$7,768$6,034-$8,511$7,224-$8,272$9,780
Combo Massage$6,314-$8,470$6,691-$8,969$6,909-$9,733$8,192-$8,969$11,002

The Entry series is the most affordable tier of gelcoat tubs. This series does not include any models with doors that open outward. The Value series includes options with outward-opening doors, as does the Premium line, which also offers chromatherapy with the whirlpool feature.

Gelcoat Entry walk-in tubs start at a price point $1,000 under the Value series. Premium gelcoat tubs are available for about $2,000 more than a basic Entry tub and upwards of $700 over a basic Value model. Selecting an outward-opening door or upgraded massage features will increase the price of any tub model.

Customers can compare models on the American Standard website or arrange for a free home evaluation to determine which tub model is right for their needs. The brand’s gelcoat tub shells come with a 10-year warranty and a five-year warranty on components. Every American Standard tub has a lifetime warranty on the door seal.

Acrylic Walk-In Tubs

Acrylic tubs are more expensive than gelcoat. These baths consist of a durable, non-porous acrylic surface layered over composite backing. Acrylic stands out for its easy-to-clean, long-lasting finish and ability to adjust to room temperatures, warm quickly and retain heat. Customers can choose from linen or white colors of high-gloss acrylic with a color-matched drain, overflow and grab bar.

The ability of acrylic to retain its color and finish and the challenges of the manufacturing process result in higher price points and fewer design options for tubs made of this material. These tubs have all of the standard safety features, such as a low entry threshold, built-in safety bars and non-slip flooring, but do not come with the option for a door that opens outward.

Acrylic Walk-In Tub Pricing 






Air Spa$8,860-$9,452$9,452-$9,860$10,624
Whirlpool Massage$8,423-$8,831$9,016-$9,424$10,188
Combo Massage$9,645-$10,053$10,238-$10,646$11,410

As the table above indicates, American Standard only offers acrylic baths in three sizes as opposed to five gelcoat size options. The smallest and most affordable model costs nearly $2,000 more than a comparable gelcoat tub. Only one line of Luxury acrylic tubs is available, compared to three tiers (Entry, Value and Premium) of gelcoat tubs.

Acrylic tubs manufactured and installed by American Standard have a 15-year warranty on the tub shell, a 10-year warranty on components and a lifetime warranty on the door seal. If an acrylic tub is not available in the size that a customer wants, or if he or she requires a tub with an outward-opening door, a Value or Premium gelcoat model may be a better choice.

Choosing a Walk-In Tub

Customers can search or browse the full line of walk-in baths at American Standard. The manufacturer makes it easy to search by tub material, size or features and narrow down options by price or retailer. To learn more, schedule a free home evaluation. An American Standard Professional Bathroom Safety Specialist can help customers determine which tub design is the best fit for their home and mobility.

A specialist will perform a safety assessment, take measurements and explain the installation process. Estimates are based on the cost of a tub and the labor necessary to install or retrofit a walk-in tub. American Standard has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is a leading bath brand with a large network of installers. If you are considering an American Standard walk in tub, read our review to learn more about them.

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