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Side-by-side comparison:

Side-by-side comparison: American Standard Kohler
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American Standard and Kohler are industry leaders when it comes to bathroom fixtures like toilets, sinks, and bathtubs/showers. Both offer top quality walk-in bathtubs and showers with a wide variety of features designed to help users stay as safe as possible at all times. The bathroom is where a large portion of injuries occur within the home. In most cases, an individual is getting into or out of the bathtub or shower. Walk-in bathtubs and showers have lower thresholds, eliminating the need to climb over the side and possibly losing their balance. Non-slip surfaces and comfortable seats are just two features that make these fixtures popular with individuals who have mobility issues due to age or a disability.

American Standard vs Kohler: Differences

For the many similarities that can be found between American Standard and Kohler walk-in bathtubs and showers, the biggest difference has to do with the price and the models each company offers. American Standard is by far the cheapest, costing less than half of what Kohler’s walk-in tubs cost with one exception.

American Standard has four primary walk-in bathtub offerings. The Gelcoat Entry has a starting price of $3,355. Next in line is the Gelcoat Value starting at approximately $4,750. The Gelcoat Premium has a starting price of just under $5530. The most expensive walk-in bathtub is the Acrylic Luxury which starts out at $6,653.

Kohler offers three bathtubs. The Elevance Rising Wall Bath does not have a door that opens but a “side” that goes up and down making it easier for wheelchair users to get in and out of the bathtub. The starting cost for the Elevance is approximately $9,500. The Kohler Walk-In Tub starts out at $4,000 and is one of Kohler’s more affordable options. The Belay Hydrotherapy Bath offered by Kohler starts at $9,000.

Kohler offers the Lux Stone Walk-In Shower for a starting price of approximately $4,000.

When it comes to features, the spa is optional in all of the American Standard models. In Kohler’s Elevance Rising Wall bathtub and the Belay Hydrotherapy bathtub, it is a standard feature. American Standard tubs offer a handheld shower wand, while Kohler’s offerings have a multi-functional shower head.

Kohler vs American Standard: Similarities

The high quality and solid reputation of both American Standard and Kohler speak for themselves. Both companies offer many of the most common features that include a low-entry threshold (normally three inches or lower), push-button controls for easy operation, built-in safety bars that make it easy for you to get into and out of the bathtub, and textured surfaces to prevent you from sliding while you are seated or on your feet.

Both American Standard and Kohler offer spa and whirlpool features either as an option (American Standard) or as a standard offering (Kohler). Both companies offer various sizes of walk-in bathtubs to suit your personal needs.

The prices quoted by American Standard and Kohler include both delivery and installation. Walk-in bathtubs are professionally installed to ensure that they are set up correctly and will function properly when all instructions are followed. Both companies offer a lifetime warranty, with Kohler’s having certain limitations (only covers the most important parts, including the seal and fixtures).

Our Conclusion

American Standard walk-in bathtubs are manufactured to strict standards and are extremely affordable for the various features they offer. They are ideal for individuals who have issues with mobility or have difficulty maintaining their balance while they are entering or exiting the tub.

Kohler is a great choice for individuals who don’t mind paying extra for a top of the line walk-in bathtub. They offer a variety of options including a walk-in shower for individuals who would prefer not to use a bathtub. Although they are more expensive, they offer all of the most popular features as well as many features that are considered to be optional instead of standard.