What Is Aging In Place?

Aging in Place is all about using resources (technology, equipment, in-home caregivers, and knowledge) to stay at home as long and as (safely) possible.  There are many ways families are utilizing technology to assist loved ones at home.

Aging In Place

Boomers and seniors are finding ways to remain independently in their homes safer, longer and comfortably.  Technology is a huge driver of this trend, but safety is still the rule of thumb.

We have showcased both senior friendly cell phones and improvements in medical alert systems as examples of technology that assists seniors (and their families).

Aging in place is the idea that people can stay in their own homes longer
Technology in the home can greatly improve the ability to age in place (c) Can Stock Photo

Some other items that are helping seniors age in place are;  home modifications, sophisticated home monitoring systems, medical alert systems, telehealth, senior focused transportation services, home care, and home health care (just to name a few).

A number of service companies who help people modify their homes in order to remain in them longer exist across the US.

There are also plenty of Aging in Place experts you can follow online- from blogs, podcasts and DIY-ers whose mission it is to help people stay in their own homes and communities longer.

If you are considering working with an aging in place specialist, here are a few points to consider:

  • Do they have a CAPS (Certified Aging In Place Specialist) designation?  This program teaches skills that are essential to people providing home modifications for aging in place.
  • What kind of background and experience do they have in home modifications for older adults?
  • Can they provide references for past work?
  • How do they keep up with the latest trends in technology? What avenues and resources do they utilize to ensure they have the answer (even if they have to ask)?

There are several online resources to help you get started, as well as gather ideas for ways to improve your own home.

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