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No one wants to think about the senior in their lives falling or needing help, but it’s a reality that they may face, particularly if they live alone. In fact, about a third of seniors live alone, with half of seniors aged 85 and older living alone to boot, according to the Merck Manual. However, it is possible to keep seniors safe via a medical alert system, even if they live alone. Medical alert systems typically come in the form of a bracelet, necklace, or wall button, and they help seniors connect to trained personnel with the push of a button. In this review, I tested out the On-The-Go system from Bay Alarm Medical, and here’s everything you need to know to see if it’s right for you and your loved one.

Bay Alarm Medical Pricing
In The Home
On The Go
On The Road
Monthly $19.95/mo $24.95/mo $29.95/mo
Semi-Annually $19.95/mo + Free shipping $24.95/mo + Free shipping $29.95/mo + Free shipping

Ordering from Bay Alarm Medical

I began my search for a medical alert system on Bay Alarm Medical’s website. When I clicked on “products”, the website was easy to navigate, breaking everything down into in-home, on-the-go, on-the-road, and some bundle options. I wanted something I could use in and out of the house, so I clicked on the On-The-Go system and bought it online, although a phone number was also available if I wanted more help. Once I selected the package I wanted, all I had to do was pick out a monthly plan; I ended up getting the top-tier Premium Plan so I could test out the fall detection, which also included free ground shipping, but more on those options in a bit.

Once I filled out my card information, name and address, I hit purchase and immediately breathed a sigh of relief; that process wasn’t too painful! From there, all I had to do was wait for the package to arrive at my doorstep, which ended up taking a bit longer than I thought it would, to be honest.

Setting Up Bay Alarm Medical’s On-The-Go Medical Alert

Setting up my cellular medical alert system took only a few minutes. First, I had to plug the charger in and set the device on it, which automatically made it turn on and flash red, saying it was now charging. Once that light turned green, that meant the device was fully charged, and it announced that as well through the two-way speaker. Next, it was time to actually test out the emergency button. Once I held the button for a second, the button said it was placing an emergency call, which meant I could release. I was happy to be connected to the monitoring center a few seconds later!

Bay Alarm Medical pendants and cellular
Bay Alarm Medical: On-The-Go, Fall Detection, and Pendant

Now, one thing to note is that Bay Alarm Medical also has an app, but for most seniors, this will be largely unnecessary. Nevertheless, if you want to use the Caregiving Tracker app, it’s available for iOS or Android and you can use it to see each devices’ battery life and location (this could be very helpful for family members). It can also store medical information, but if you’re not tech-savvy, don’t worry; you’re not missing out on too much.

Bay Alarm Medical Ratings
Reliability When help is needed, the equipment does its job, the call is answered promptly, courteously, and appropriate action is taken to handle the reason for the call.
4.6 / 5
Equipment Equipment is updated and utilizes the latest technology. It works as it should with easy-to-understand instructions and simple installation.
4.5 / 5
Reputation The reputation of the company as reported by consumers, user reviews, industry feedback and our review/analysis. Customer service and technical support are also responsive and helpful.
4.0 / 5
Options The company offers a variety of medical alert solutions to fit the needs of customers. In-home and cellular medical alert systems as well as optional fall detection and additional accessories.
4.8 / 5

Our Video Review

If you want to see my Bay Alarm Medical alert system up close and personal, watch my video review below. In it, I’ll tell you exactly how Bay Alarm works, how much it costs, and what else they offer.

What’s Included With Bay Alarm Medical?

My On-The-Go system from Bay Alarm Medical was very minimal, including just a cellular medical alert button and its charger. Although I have a landline in my house, I didn’t need it to use this system, as this device operates on the AT&T cellular network (and having AT&T as your phone provider isn’t necessary for this to work). This device is totally waterproof with an IP rating of X7, meaning I could completely immerse it in water up to one meter. I tested this out in the bath and can confirm that the device worked perfectly afterward!

Since I purchased the Premium plan, the cellular medical alert device included fall detection, which I tested out by simulating a fall. I was happy when I heard a voice from the monitoring center sound from my device, which didn’t even require me to push the button. Of course, I could also push the button when I needed help, but it was nice to know that if I fell, I’d be connected with the monitoring center immediately, who would already know my location from the device’s built-in GPS. Although I didn’t actually need emergency responders to help me out during my tests, I felt safe and sound knowing how easily they were available.

Tip: Since one out of five falls causes a senior head injury or broken bones, we recommend getting the Premium Plan for the On-The-Go system, which includes fall detection.

Bay Alarm Medical: What We Liked And Didn’t Like

Of course, it wasn’t all flowers and roses with Bay Alarm Medical. While I appreciated their easy-to-use website, straightforward equipment and 30-day trial period, some seniors that live on the East Coast experienced longer shipping times. However, if you aren’t on the East Coast, this shouldn’t be a problem (for those East-coasters that want fast shipping, I’d check out Medical Guardian, which is based in Philadelphia). I also had a lot of issues with the warranty, in both understanding it in the first place and figuring out how it made sense for the customer (which, spoiler alert, I don’t think it does). But I appreciated Bay Alarm Medical for its array of equipment, three redundant monitoring centers, and landline and cellular options.

Bay Alarm Medical Equipment

That’s my experience buying and testing out the On-The-Go system, but here are a few other systems available with Bay Alarm Medical:

Bay Alarm Medical Equipment
Bay Alarm Medical Equipment


This is a good option for seniors who are typically at home, but essentially, it works the same way as the On-The-Go system I described above, the major difference being that it’s a tethered base station with an accompanying necklace or wrist-worn button. With a big red help button located on the base station, all the user needs to do to get help is push the button on the base station or necklace/wristband and they’ll be immediately connected with the monitoring center, pretty straightforward.

Plus, with a 32-hour battery backup, the user will be protected even in a power outage. In addition, the button isn’t married to any particular home; if the user goes on a trip or visit a family member’s house, they just need to take the base station and accompanying button with them and plug it in at the new location, notifying Bay Alarm Medical about the move. An in-home system is a good option whether the user has a landline or not, as it can work with AT&T’s cellular network. In addition, the necklace and wristband buttons are totally waterproof, with 1,000-foot ranges and five-year battery lives. Fall detection is optional, but again, we highly recommend it.


Whether the user is the driver or passenger, Bay Alarm Medical’s In-The-Car device has a ton of cool features to keep them safe, like:

Of course, the device itself has a help button to connect to the monitoring center. With a 12V plug, it should work with any vehicle, and because the device has GPS built-in the call center will be able to provide the user’s location to first responders in the event that they are unable to respond. If the user is looking for more protection, they can even set up what Bay Alarm Medical calls “location-based boundary alerts”; basically, designated family or caregivers will be alerted if they drive outside of a certain area, with trip history and live vehicle monitoring in the mobile and web apps. The device itself has its own version of fall detection; it can tell when the car has crashed and automatically connects to the emergency responders. While I didn’t personally test this one out in a crash, as I want to keep my car, Bay Alarm Medical says that it took only 0.46 seconds for the data to be transmitted and only seven seconds to connect to live help, which could literally be life-saving, God forbid the user has an accident.


Sound familiar? This is the device I tested out myself. To summarize, it’s a mobile medical alert system that works in and out of the home. Water-resistant with optional fall detection, this is a great option for more active seniors who often go outside of their homes.

Bay Alarm Medical Bundles

To save money, I could also buy Bay Alarm Medical products in bundles (but more on pricing in the next section):

In-Home with GPS In-Home with Car Full Coverage
Equipment Charge $79 $0 $79
24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
In-Home Medical Alert Yes Yes Yes
4G LTE GPS Help Button Yes No Yes
In-Car Medical Alert No Yes Yes
Free Ground Shipping No No Yes
Monthly Price $39.95 $39.95 $59.95
Monthly Savings $4.95 $9.95 $14.90

Add-On Accessories

There’s also a few different add-on accessories to choose from, such as:

As you can see, Bay Alarm Medical has a comprehensive selection of medical alert systems and accessories, but to save money, we recommend purchasing a bundle as opposed to multiple, individual systems.

In The Home

Features: In-home traditional (landline) or cellular in-home (no landline needed)medical alert system. Base station with a two-way speaker + waterproof help button.

Extras: Fall detection, wall buttons, warranty protection plan, lockbox

Battery: 32-hour backup battery on the base station in the event of a power loss, help button will last around 5 years.

In-home range: 1,000 feet

Cost: Starts at $19.95 per month for traditional and $29.95 per month for in-home cellular.

On The Go

Features: 4G LTE mobile + GPS cellular water-resistant medical alert system with two-way speaker. Carrying case, charging pod, and one year warranty included.

Extras: Fall detection, warranty protection plan, lockbox

Battery: 72-hours on a single charge.

In-home range: n/a, cellular unit provides protection anywhere with a cellular connection

Cost: Starts at $24.95 per month (plus a one-time fee of $79 – it’s yours to keep).

Bay Alarm Medical Pricing

That’s it for what Bay Alarm Medical has to offer in terms of equipment, but how much does it cost, and how much will it cost per month?

Type of Product Product Upfront Cost Monthly Price
Medical Alert System In-Home Medical Alert $0 $19.95 – $29.95
Medical Alert System On-The-Go Help Button $79 $24.95 – $39.95
Medical Alert System In-Car Medical Alert $0 $29.95
Medical Alert System Bundle In-Car and In-Home $0 $39.95
Medical Alert System Bundle In-Home with GPS $79 $39.95
Medical Alert System Bundle Full Coverage $79 $59.95
Add-On Equipment Lockbox $39.95 $0
Add-On Equipment Buttons $34.95 $0
Add-On Equipment Bella Charms $27.95 $0
Add-On Equipment Wall Buttons $0 $3.00 for 1, $10
for 4 on some plans
Add-On Equipment Vial of Life $0.00 with new subscriptions,
$8.95 for additional

While most devices come with no upfront cost, one device comes with an upfront cost of $79. The same went for each individual device or bundle’s monthly fees; while some devices, like the majority of the add-on equipment, didn’t add on any monthly costs, all of the medical alert systems and bundles included monthly fees ranging from $19.95 to $39.95, pretty standard prices compared to other top providers. On top of that, I loved how Bay Alarm Medical didn’t force me into a long-term contract, as all options were flexible and month-to-month.

To learn more about Bay Alarm’s cost, check out our pricing page, which has all the detailed information you need to know.

Monitoring Plans

In terms of monthly fees, what features and extra add-ons you’ll get differs with each system, but here are the options for the On-The-Go system I tested:

Standard Protection Preferred Protection Premium Protection
24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Caregiver Tracking No Yes Yes
Fall Detection No No Yes
Free Ground Shipping No No Yes
Monthly Price $24.95 $29.95 $39.95

Ranging from about $25 to $40 a month, this is a pretty average cost, although there are systems with lower prices available like the In-The-Home option at $20 a month.

Warranty: Is the Protection Plan Worth It?

If you’re as clumsy as I am, you might be considering the Protection Plan, which costs $5 a month and covers one device a year. If you lose or damage your device, to replace it, you’ll only have to pay half of its original value. Beyond that, even with the Protection Plan, if you break or lose a second device, the replacement cost jumps up to $100. That’s because I essentially rented my equipment from Bay Alarm rather than buying it upfront, for the majority of the devices.

But without a plan at all, the cost of a damaged device increases even higher to $299, which seems really high considering the highest cost devices are rented for only $79. So unless you really think you might damage or lose your equipment, I would advise you to avoid the Protection Plan.

My Advice: The Protection Plan from Bay Alarm Medical is pretty pricey and only covers the cost of half of one device a year, so it’s not the best deal money-wise.

Return Policy

But say you kept your system past that trial period and then want to cancel later on. That’s completely fine, as Bay Alarm Medical didn’t make me sign a long-term contract; rather, all pricing was monthly, so I could cancel at any time without running into any pesky fees.

In Summary

I would definitely recommend Bay Alarm Medical as a medical alert system for seniors that are both active and not so active. With At-Home, In-Car and On-The-Go options plus bundles for some great savings, Bay Alarm Medical has an option for all sorts of lifestyles. The only real cons I could see was the warranty, which was confusing and not super generous, and the shipping time, although this only applies to people on the East Coast.

If Bay Alarm Medical doesn’t seem like the right choice, a great place to look is our best medical alert systems of 2021 list. With medical alert systems, help is just a click away, so you’re sure to find one that works for you or the senior in your life.

Free Spouse Coverage
Bay Alarm Medical

Editor's Rating:

4.7 / 5
Bay Alarm Medical offers free coverage for a spouse for in-home landline or cellular units. The equipment is easy to install and user-friendly. Call to hear current Bay Alarm Medical offers and pricing.

Bay Alarm Medical FAQs


  1. I was going to choose your company until I read that you charge $200 for returning a defective unit. I guess I’ll look elsewhere.
  2. I want a system that is with me all through the house and a reasonable distance outside the house that I can actually speak to for assistance.
    1. Hi Roger, You may find that a cellular medical alert with a two-way speaker is your best option if you are looking to cover a large area. Make sure to check out the list of top systems to find the one that works for you-

  3. I have had your service for several years and had no problem until a few months ago. From the time I pushed the pendant for help after falling it took a good 4-5 minutes for anyone to even start talking to me. If I had a heart attack I could have been dead by then. It really upset me. When I called to talk about it my response was that they must have been “busy” when I needed them. How does that help me? I was not hurt thankfully and had told them when they did answer that I was not hurt, just needed help getting off the floor. The paramedics came and put me back on my feet. I was thankful for having the button to push, but not happy with Bay at that point. Why don’t you get more people to man the alerts?
  4. While bay alarm medical may have a good system you need to dig deeper and read the fine print! I paid the $239.40 for a years service which was a mistake, you’re better off paying monthly! Within two months of paying the annual fee my mom had to go into assisted living, bay alarm would not refund any of the money and it cost $20 to ship the unit back! I was told on the phone if they did not receive the unit it would be an additional $200, therefore I had to insure the package. This company is all about the money!
  5. Bay Alarm Medical Alert wants $200 to replace their faulty equipment that we are “leasing”. Great scam…no thanks. Cancelling after two years. What a rip-off.
    1. Valeri, Bay Alarm Medical is generally very good to work with. We’ll alert them to your comment and ask that they investigate for us. Stay tuned.

  6. I’ve been digging through your site and had almost ruled out Bay Alarm because this page says it doesn’t offer fall detection. But then I went to their site and it’s clear they do offer it (extra $10/month). How often do you update the specs on these services? (I’m seeing this review is of Sept. 2014.) I thought I’d found a one-stop shop to compare services (am grateful for your site, don’t get me wrong!) but now I”m wondering if I have to put together the info for each company manually since your info is outdated by nearly a year. 🙁
    1. Hi Nola- You are correct, Bay Alarm Medical very recently added fall detection to their product. I have updated the review to reflect this. Best, Amie

  7. My mother tried using this service. After 6 months with the device, the monitoring unit stopped working. When she returned it, she was advised there would be a $200 charge to her. They do not stand behind their units, and when push comes to shove, they prefer to shove the seniors after they give them defective equipment.
    1. Sorry to hear that jbesq – Are you still using the Bay Alarm system? They have very high customer service marks compared to most. Let us know what you chose as an alternative if you switched… thanks for the feedback! – A

    2. I am searching for a good, reliable medical alert system. You are the 2nd review that I read about them charging you $200.00 to return faulty equipment. I have deleted them off my list.

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