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4.7 / 5

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Bay Alarm Medical Is an Alert Company That Truly Cares

Bay Alarm Medical has long been a top provider of medical alert systems. This family-run company has been around since 1946 and they are passionate about providing practical and affordable medical alert solutions for seniors everywhere.

Each time we have spoken with Bay Alarm Medical staff we’ve been impressed with their dedication to providing products with high levels of customer service. They’re responsive to questions and they value their customers. Their dedication to seniors is reflected in the over 2,000 Google reviews from happy customers.

As excellent customer service matters to us, we appreciate that about Bay Alarm Medical.

Let’s take a look at what makes Bay Alarm Medical stand out, and what they offer to seniors looking for a medical alert device.

Bay Alarm Medical Pricing
In The Home
On The Go
On The Road
Monthly $19.95/mo $24.95/mo $29.95/mo
Semi-Annually $19.95/mo + Free shipping $24.95/mo + Free shipping $29.95/mo + Free shipping
Bay Alarm Medical products can be ordered through the Bay Alarm Medical website or by calling 844-284-7976.

The Stuff We Liked

Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees, no equipment fees, and devices that are easy to install in minutes. Choose between monthly or semi-annual payment options. Long battery life (72-hours) on the cellular medical alert. Need wall buttons or a lockbox service? Bundle and save with Bay Alarm Medical’s package options. Bay Alarm Medical is the first to offer an in-car medical alert system. Add a spouse for free (additional buttons are $2/mo.) and all new customers have a risk-free 30-day trial period.

Bay Alarm Medical pendants and cellular

The Stuff We Didn’t

While not a concern for everyone, our testers wished for more stylish button options.

The Bottom Line

Bay Alarm Medical remains a top medical alert system year after year because of their dedication to customer service and no-nonsense pricing with no equipment fees.

Bay Alarm Medical products can be ordered through the Bay Alarm Medical website or by calling 844-284-7976.
Bay Alarm Medical Ratings
Reliability When help is needed, the equipment does its job, the call is answered promptly, courteously, and appropriate action is taken to handle the reason for the call.
4.6 / 5
Equipment Equipment is updated and utilizes the latest technology. It works as it should with easy-to-understand instructions and simple installation.
4.5 / 5
Reputation The reputation of the company as reported by consumers, user reviews, industry feedback and our review/analysis. Customer service and technical support are also responsive and helpful.
4.0 / 5
Options The company offers a variety of medical alert solutions to fit the needs of customers. In-home and cellular medical alert systems as well as optional fall detection and additional accessories.
4.8 / 5


  • No equipment fees
  • Lowest monthly cost
  • In business since 1946
  • No long-term contracts
  • Try for 30-days risk-free
  • Excellent customer service
  • In-home and cellular mobile options
  • Innovative in-car medical alert device


  • Longer shipping times to the east coast
Free Spouse Coverage

Editor's Rating:

4.7 / 5
Bay Alarm Medical offers free coverage for a spouse for in-home landline or cellular units. The equipment is easy to install and user-friendly. Call to hear current Bay Alarm Medical offers and pricing.

Bay Alarm Medical – Most Affordable Medical Alert System

We’ve always been impressed with Bay Alarm Medical’s swift response to any customer’s needs. When it comes to calling for help, Bay Alarm Medical pride themselves on quick responses. Wearers can also choose who to call for help. Bay Alarm Medical can call on EMTs, nearby caregivers, or friends and family. This helps seniors avoid unnecessary hospital visits as they can choose to have someone else come to their aid if an EMT visit isn’t needed.

In The Home

Features: In-home traditional (landline) or cellular in-home (no landline needed)medical alert system. Base station with a two-way speaker + waterproof help button.

Extras: Fall detection, wall buttons, warranty protection plan, lockbox

Battery: 32-hour backup battery on the base station in the event of a power loss, help button will last around 5 years.

In-home range: 1000ft.

Cost: Starts at $19.95/month for traditional and $29.95/month for in-home cellular.

Bay Alarm Medical offers two in-home alert systems, depending on whether a user has a landline or not. For those who don’t have a landline and opt for the cellular in-home system, the cost is an additional $10/mo (which is much more affordable than adding a new landline to your home). The equipment is easy to install and set up with simple, clear instructions included.

Each in-home medical alert system comes with your choice of a neck pendant or wrist button. Additional buttons can be purchased if needed. The buttons are 100% waterproof and the batteries in the buttons last for years. The buttons communicate with the base station with about a 1,000 ft. range, depending on the layout and structure of the home.

Automatic fall detection can be added on to any system for an additional $10/mo. Bay Alarm Medical also offers waterproof wall buttons that can be placed throughout the home. Increase the safety of the home by placing them in areas of high fall-risk like the shower, stairs, near the bed, etc…  They do not require the user to be wearing a button to work, so are a nice addition for someone who may not wear the button all the time.

On The Go

Features: 4G LTE mobile + GPS cellular water-resistant medical alert system with two-way speaker. Carrying case, charging pod, and one year warranty included.

Extras: Fall detection, warranty protection plan, lockbox

Battery: 72-hours on a single charge.

In-home range: n/a, cellular unit provides protection anywhere with a cellular connection

Cost: Starts at $24.95/month (plus a one-time fee of $79 – it’s yours to keep).

Bay Alarm Medical’s latest version of their cellular medical alert device is small and sleek. It uses the AT&T 4G LTE cellular network and can last for up to 72-hours on a single battery charge (depending on usage).  The cellular unit is water resistant, so no need to take it off in the shower. The two-way speaker allows the user to communicate directing with monitoring personnel when the button is pressed, there is no need for a base station.

Optional fall detection can be added for an additional $10/mo. and the GPS enabled device can track users if caregivers or family members utilize the Caregiver Tracking feature for just $5/mo.

This cellular alert system can also be utilized by kids, athletes, and people who work in jobs who are on their own for long periods of time. Our team thought this device would be a great fit for our many Realtor friends, especially women.

On The Road

Features: In-car medical alert system that plugs into your car 12V plug. Features crash detection, vehicle locator via GPS, two-way speaker and emergency button.

Extras: Fall detection, warranty protection plan, lockbox

Battery: Powered by your car, built in back-up battery

In-home range: n/a, this is a cellular unit and provides protection anywhere with a cellular connection

Cost: Starts at $29.95/month.

Bay Alarm Medical introduced the first in-car medical alert system (called Splitsecnd) we have had a chance to get our hands on. For those who don’t utilize in in-car safety system like OnStar or Verizon’s Hum, the device is a nice addition for older adults who are driving.

The device plugs into a vehicle’s 12V outlet and doesn’t require any additional charging. It works in any vehicle and can automatically detect a crash and initiate a response. Through the app, there is real-time vehicle monitoring and trip history. A caregiver or family member can receive alerts if a location boundary is breached, making this a great tool not only for older adults but for newly-driving teens as well.

With just the press of the button on the safety device, the instant response sequence is activated.

When we pushed the button on the Splitsecnd, an operator was connected through the two-way speaker in the device within seconds. We were surprised by the clarity and quality of the speaker and had no trouble communicating with the young man we spoke to.  Family and caregivers can access an online dashboard that provides a record of trips taken, location, total time and miles on the road.

Get live help, immediate assistance and alert your emergency contact all in one fell swoop. The in-car device starts at $29.95 and can be bundled with other medical alert systems from Bay Alarm Medical.

Feature-Rich Medical Alert Bundles

We’re impressed with the range of features offered by Bay Alarm Medical alerts, including:

  • Great backup! The in-home systems have a 32-hour backup battery in case of a power outage, while the mobile systems work for 72 hours on a single charge.
  • A vial of life. Every subscription includes a free “vial of life”, a document filled with the user’s key medical information so EMTs have access to everything they need to know, even if the wearer is unable to communicate.
  • Water-resistant buttons so your loved one can wear the device when bathing or showering. This is especially important as the bathroom is one of the most common locations for slips and falls.
  • 1000 ft in-home range, so in-home system users can feel safe even in the yard and on the driveway.
  • Fall detection add-on to automatically detect falls and dispatch help as needed.
  • Wall buttons for high-risk areas such as bathrooms or halls, so even if you loved one takes their medical alert device off, they can still get help.
  • Free safety lockboxes on some plans (prevent broken locks by keeping a key securely outside the home in a passcode-protected box, accessible only by EMTs in an emergency.)
  • Flexible and Swift Responses

Bay Alarm Medical medical alert systems

Bay Alarm Medical = Extra Peace of Mind

Bay Alarm Medical is one of the most dedicated medical alert companies providing peace of mind for users. As well as all the features listed above, they go the extra mile by:

  • Offering caregiver tracking on all their mobile systems, so you can locate your loved one at all times
  • Offering free coverage for the wearer’s partner (there is a small fee for the extra pendant, but no additional monthly fee)
  • Having backup call centers that are mirrors of each other, so in the rare event one call center goes offline, customers still receive seamless coverage and can get help with no delays.
  • Affordable no-contract packages with no equipment fees.
  • Long-time readers will know that long-term contracts are a big NO for us. We only recommend medical alert systems that don’t lock their customers into long-term contracts, and Bay Alarm Medical measures up well.

Customers can choose to pay month to month or semi-annually with no long term contracts.  We particularly appreciate that on cancelation Bay Alarm Medical refunds any unused months, minus shipping costs. And with their price-lock guarantee customers need never worry about their monthly cost going up.

Customers who are still on the fence will also appreciate the 30-day trial period to test out the system and see if it works for them. If for any reason it doesn’t, they can request a no-fuss refund at the end of the 30 days.

Bay Alarm Medical’s fees are very competitive with other medical alert systems on the market. Prices start at $19.95 monthly for in-home or $29.95 monthly for mobile. Fall detection costs an extra $10 per month. We particularly appreciate that there are no upfront equipment fees and no hidden costs.

Bay Alarm Medical Review: Final Verdict

Bay Alarm Medical’s alert systems are reliable, responsive, and affordable. Best of all they come backed by unbeatable customer service.

Free Spouse Coverage

Editor's Rating:

4.7 / 5
Bay Alarm Medical offers free coverage for a spouse for in-home landline or cellular units. The equipment is easy to install and user-friendly. Call to hear current Bay Alarm Medical offers and pricing.
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  1. I was going to choose your company until I read that you charge $200 for returning a defective unit. I guess I’ll look elsewhere.
  2. I want a system that is with me all through the house and a reasonable distance outside the house that I can actually speak to for assistance.
    1. Hi Roger, You may find that a cellular medical alert with a two-way speaker is your best option if you are looking to cover a large area. Make sure to check out the list of top systems to find the one that works for you-

  3. I have had your service for several years and had no problem until a few months ago. From the time I pushed the pendant for help after falling it took a good 4-5 minutes for anyone to even start talking to me. If I had a heart attack I could have been dead by then. It really upset me. When I called to talk about it my response was that they must have been “busy” when I needed them. How does that help me? I was not hurt thankfully and had told them when they did answer that I was not hurt, just needed help getting off the floor. The paramedics came and put me back on my feet. I was thankful for having the button to push, but not happy with Bay at that point. Why don’t you get more people to man the alerts?
  4. While bay alarm medical may have a good system you need to dig deeper and read the fine print! I paid the $239.40 for a years service which was a mistake, you’re better off paying monthly! Within two months of paying the annual fee my mom had to go into assisted living, bay alarm would not refund any of the money and it cost $20 to ship the unit back! I was told on the phone if they did not receive the unit it would be an additional $200, therefore I had to insure the package. This company is all about the money!
  5. Bay Alarm Medical Alert wants $200 to replace their faulty equipment that we are “leasing”. Great scam…no thanks. Cancelling after two years. What a rip-off.
    1. Valeri, Bay Alarm Medical is generally very good to work with. We’ll alert them to your comment and ask that they investigate for us. Stay tuned.

  6. I’ve been digging through your site and had almost ruled out Bay Alarm because this page says it doesn’t offer fall detection. But then I went to their site and it’s clear they do offer it (extra $10/month). How often do you update the specs on these services? (I’m seeing this review is of Sept. 2014.) I thought I’d found a one-stop shop to compare services (am grateful for your site, don’t get me wrong!) but now I”m wondering if I have to put together the info for each company manually since your info is outdated by nearly a year. 🙁
    1. Hi Nola- You are correct, Bay Alarm Medical very recently added fall detection to their product. I have updated the review to reflect this. Best, Amie

  7. My mother tried using this service. After 6 months with the device, the monitoring unit stopped working. When she returned it, she was advised there would be a $200 charge to her. They do not stand behind their units, and when push comes to shove, they prefer to shove the seniors after they give them defective equipment.
    1. Sorry to hear that jbesq – Are you still using the Bay Alarm system? They have very high customer service marks compared to most. Let us know what you chose as an alternative if you switched… thanks for the feedback! – A

    2. I am searching for a good, reliable medical alert system. You are the 2nd review that I read about them charging you $200.00 to return faulty equipment. I have deleted them off my list.

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