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The medical alert systems offered by Bay Alarm Medical provide plenty of options, accessories and plans to choose from. A basic in-home alert starter package can cost as little as $19.95 per month, and a wide range of add-on services and accessories can be added to your subscription as needed.

The Basics

The basic in-home alert system consists of an AC outlet-powered base station and a push-button wristband or pendant. The base station has a large bright red “Help” button on it. The microphone and high-output speaker built into the base station are designed to enable clear two-way, hands-free communication with the 24/7 emergency response team. A battery backup keeps the base station powered for up to 32 hours in the event of a power outage; it automatically begins recharging as soon as power is restored.

The Bay Alarm Medical system works like most other alert systems. When the alarm button is pressed on the base station, pendant or wristband, a live 24/7 trained operator will speak with you over the base station. If needed, family members, neighbors, friends or local emergency services will be contacted. More than 150 languages are supported.

The basic in-home system comes with a choice of a lightweight pendant or wristband; they each have a range of 1,000 feet. The wristband and pendant last six years without recharging, and one can be worn in the shower. You can order additional pendants or wristbands for $1.95 each per month. They can also be optimized with the Automatic Fall Detection add-on service for an additional $10.00 per month.


The base unit is plugged into an AC outlet, and a standard RJ-11 phone jack is used to connect the unit in-between your phone-service wall outlet and your phone. A few seconds after the unit is first connected, a digital voice informs you that the system is ready to go.

Free Spouse Coverage

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4.7 / 5
Bay Alarm Medical offers free coverage for a spouse for in-home landline or cellular units. The equipment is easy to install and user-friendly. Call to hear current Bay Alarm Medical offers and pricing.


Bay Alarm Medical offers subscribers in-home, outside and in-the-car coverage that can be set-up and customized to meet individual needs. Family, friends and neighbors can obtain handy apps to keep track of users who often drive or leave the house. The extra services and accessories can be obtained as add-ons, or as part of Bay Alarm Medical’s special package and bundle plans.

Wall Buttons

Durable and fully waterproof wall buttons are available as single units or in a four-pack. They can be attached to shower walls, or near the floor in any room where there’s a risk of falling. The buttons come with extra-sticky double-sided adhesive tape and a five-year battery life.


The Lockbox accessory protects you from property damage in the event that emergency response personnel need to break down your door to come to your aid. A set of house keys can be kept in the Lockbox and securely attached to your front gate or outside door. The Lockbox can only be opened by a secret combination code that the Bay Alarm Medical operators will relay to the emergency response team if they need to enter your home.

Mobile GPS Device

The Mobile GPS Device is a take-it-anywhere unit that can be tracked wherever you go. It’s also waterproof, compact and runs for 72 hours before needing a recharge. In addition to functioning as a medical alert system, it can be carried by children to summon help in case of an emergency, and it can assist parents in keeping track of their kids’ whereabouts on the way to and from school.

In-Car Medical Alert System

The In-Car Medical Alert System is similar to the Mobile GPS Device, but it includes an impact sensor that will automatically alert the 24/7 emergency response team in the event of a vehicle accident. The unit can recharge in a 12-volt vehicle outlet. You can also set location-based boundary limits that will send alerts if the driver has gone outside a prescribed range.

Protection Plan and 600-Joule Surge Protector

This warranty service protects your medical alert system and comes with a 600-Joule ultra-compact surge protector. The warranty will provide a replacement for any single alert device (base station, GPS or in-car device) during a calendar year and a 50-percent replacement for lost or damaged accessories. The cost is an additional $5.00 per month.

Bay Alarm Medical Cost

The basic protection plan covers the In-Home Medical Alert unit and normally starts at $27.95 per month, but it can often be obtained at reduced promotional rates as low as $19.95 per month at various times of the year. If no landline is available, AT&T-powered 4G-LTE wireless service can be added for an additional $10 per month, which is much less than the cost of adding a landline.

In addition to the line of accessory devices, Bay Alarm Medical offers a variety of bundle and package plans. The full coverage bundle provides full protection for in-home, on-the-go and in-car starting at $59.95 per month. The final price of the package depends on the number of service option upgrades included.


With its range of service options, accessories and package plans, Bay Alarm Medical provides a great deal of flexibility that is worth looking into. Users have reported speedy alert times and excellent help-button range. The hands-free two-way communication and easy installation process have garnered much appreciation. Read the full Bay Alarm Medical review here.

Free Spouse Coverage

Editor's Rating:

4.7 / 5
Bay Alarm Medical offers free coverage for a spouse for in-home landline or cellular units. The equipment is easy to install and user-friendly. Call to hear current Bay Alarm Medical offers and pricing.
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