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The Senior List is designed to guide individuals and their loved ones to the best senior caregiving products, services and discounts. Our comprehensive listing service consists of detailed, up-to-date lists that are easy to navigate, and they all are absolutely free to view. Here you will find information about an array of topics including the top senior devices for home modifications, medication management, emergency response systems, and much more.

We also offer listing services for legal and financial assistance, senior discount programs, and guides concerning temporary and permanent senior housing and care assistance options. If you are looking for ways to ease the caregiving process and ensure senior safety now and in the future, you can find information and reviews for useful products and services right here at The Senior List. Here is an overview of some of our most popular senior caregiving topics we feature for your convenience.

Senior Communication Aids and Tools

Communication is an invaluable tool for all individuals but even more so for seniors wanting to talk to caregivers, family and friends. Communication not only involves the ability to speak, but to be able to hear and even communicate non-verbally, and modern technology has the right tools to aid the elderly in these areas. A common tool needed by many seniors are one or more hearing aids, and our guide can help you choose the right type for your needs.

Another primary device most seniors use for communication is a home or cellular phone that lets them reach out to caregivers or loved ones when they’re home alone. Modern cell phones are often equipped with compatible applications for text-to-speech and speech to text options to ease communication for the visual or hearing impaired. Home phones are available with large buttons, intercoms, extra loud ringers, and other senior-friendly features like tele-cap decoders.

The ability to comfortably access the Internet and computer is also useful to seniors. Therefore, tools exist such as computer screen magnifiers, modified keyboards and even voice controls for keyboards. Voice controls are excellent for those with Parkinson’s, arthritis conditions or who have suffered a stroke. These tools are adaptable to recognize vocalizations of heavy accents and even slurred speech. The Senior List can quickly help you find the best deals on numerous communication tools and services for seniors.

Emergency Response Devices

Medical alert response systems are a staple for senior safety and are helpful in any caregiving situation. After all, even full-time caregivers cannot be right by their charges side every moment. Choices between senior alert devices are plentiful today, but they are not all equal in quality, services or costs. Our Senior List will help you find the right company with the options you need such as wearable devices, watch options, wall and shower panic buttons, GPS tracking and auto fall and crash detection features.

Home Safety Modifications and Devices for Seniors

Some of the most commonly searched for senior implements are those that involve making modifications to the home to improve safety in and around the house, and the Senior List makes it easy to discover the best ones and to find those with discounted rates available. These products such as hand-rails and non-slip flooring throughout the home help seniors feel more independent and at ease around the home. These measures also give loved ones and caregivers greater peace of mind.

One of the primary areas to assess for senior safety is the bathroom, which is where the majority of falls occur among all age ranges. Some of our top rated product lists include essentials such as raised toilets or elevated seats, walk-in tubs and showers, bathroom handrails and grab bars, bathroom intercoms, and voice-activated sinks. More intensive home modifications you might consider for those with limited mobility are discussed below.

Helping Seniors Maintain Mobility

Seniors with mobility issues have special needs, as do their caregivers who assist with their use. The Senior List is an excellent place to learn more about mobility devices of all kinds, the best places to purchase them, and what features to look for. We offer up-to-date information about walking canes, walkers, power chairs, traditional and motorized wheelchairs, and stair climbing devices.

Another vital consideration for senior using mobility devices involve modifying certain areas of the home to accommodate devices and maintain safety levels. Ramps and stair rails leading to entryways is vital for wheelchair and scooter users, as are installing wider doors and hall pathways to accommodate the width of such devices. Within kitchens and bathrooms, one might consider lowering cabinets and grab bars to ease productivity in these spaces.

Assistive Technology Devices for Seniors

The Senior List helps keep you apprised of the latest and greatest technologically advanced — yet user-friendly — devices to help seniors and caregivers live with greater ease. Within these sections, you’ll find useful guides and tips concerning devices such as smart hearing aides, medication dispensers, health monitoring devices, smart home security systems and innovative creations such as companion robots and devices for tremors.

Some exciting tech advancements include devices that can be worn on the wrist that aspire to help control and relieve tremors via electrical impulses. Another modern option for seniors and caregivers is a ‘supplemental’ caregiver in the form of advanced robots like the BUDDY model. These companion robots provide social interaction with seniors and can remind them events like appointments, medication timers, events and deliveries. The best models can even monitor senior’s health statistics and home security systems and even can detect falls.

Transportation Resources

Speaking of mobility, seniors will need to be able to get back and forth to appointments, activities and other engagements. In-home caregivers may have the option to drive a personal vehicle or one owned by the beneficiary or their families. However, many opt to take transportation services in major cities. We can help you find the best transportation services, as well as explore any discounts that seniors may qualify for.

Senior Legal Issues

Seniors face a host of legal concerns, but their minds can be eased with the services of solid legal counsel. These professionals can help draw up traditional wills, living wills, trusts, end-of-life care directives and guardianship and power of attorney orders should they become mentally incapacitated to make decisions for themselves. Legal counsel can also assist seniors and their families with estate planning services to ease delegation of property and financial assets after their passing. The Senior List will guide you to local resources and non-profit services near you.

Financial Advisement and Tax Professionals

Our extensive listing service can help seniors find qualified accountants, financial advisors and tax professionals to help them learn more about how to protect their funds and make them last a lifetime. Learn more about retirement planning, smart investments for seniors, money management, VA benefits, stocks and annuities, long-term insurance and the best health and life insurance to invest in during the golden years. Tax professionals can help you discover benefits such as deductions for medical expenses, transportation cost and certain caregiver services. Find the right experts for you at the right price with The Senior List, and learn how to make the most of your invaluable resources.

Senior Care Support

There are times when in-home caregivers need a break from their duties even when their senior loved one needs them at home. Respite care services for seniors allows you to employ the assistance of other care providers such as home companions, home health aides, skilled nurses or even part-time residential services, such as adult day care. These services can be had for as little as a few hours a day or full-time depending on the needs of the beneficiary. The Senior List is the definitive resource for information concerning senior housing and senior care options, so you are sure to find the ideal solution with our free service.

Senior Discounts

A highlight of The Senior List is our extensive listings of senior discounts for everything ranging from home mobility devices to traveling opportunities. We can help you find local restaurants, grocery stores, and an array of retailers that give seniors the golden treatment with special savings to help your money go further. Better yet, The Senior List is filled with reviews on countless senior devices, services and providers so you can make the best choices when choosing where to shop or dine. Check out the biggest list of senior discounts on the web right here at The Senior List.

If you are looking for a one-stop source for information about senior services, providers, housing, caregivers, gadgets and money saving tips start browsing The Senior List today.