The Best Medical Alert Smart Watches

Some new medical alert devices are actually medical alert smartwatches worn on the wrist vs the traditional pendant technology (worn around the neck).

Some new medical alert devices are actually medical alert smartwatches worn on the wrist vs the traditional pendant technology (worn around the neck).
#1 Medical Guardian

Their SmartWatch:

Medical Guardian’s medical alert smartwatch is great for both men and women. The sleek design and additional unique features like reminders, alerts and the weather forecast makes this smartwatch much more than a life-saving device.

Why We Recommend Medical Guardian

  • $99 equipment cost
  • Great for men and women
  • White or Black color options
  • Location tracking, reminders and alerts, weather forecast and more
#2 MobileHelp

Their SmartWatch:

MobileHelp introduced the first medical alert system combined with a high-tech smartwatch. Great for men, this medical alert smartwatch keeps your loved one safe without anyone else knowing, meaning it’s something Dad or Grandpa will actually wear.

Why We Recommend MobileHelp

  • Powered by Samsung
  • Includes health and activity tracking
  • Purchase for $349.95, you own the watch
  • Battery lasts up to two days on a single charge

We’ve been excited about smartwatch medical alerts for a while now – and they’re finally here! Both Medical Guardian and MobileHelp have brought sleek, powerful, modern smartwatches to market. We think they’re an ideal solution for some seniors, so let’s take a closer look.

Medical Alert Systems Have A New Look

For years, seniors and their caregivers have been telling us that for some people, there’s a stigma attached to wearing a medical alert.

We’re glad so many companies these days are making their buttons smaller and more discreet, and there are also plenty of modern looking mobile devices. The way medical alerts look is absolutely changing. This is so vital – if a senior feels uncomfortable wearing their alert, they’re more likely to leave it behind, and not be able to get help if they need it.

Medical alert watches, however, give medical alerts the makeover they’ve been waiting for! They look just like any other modern watch so no one knows you’re wearing a medical alert. They’re suitable for men or women, and look good with practically any outfit.

For seniors, getting help when they need it is as simple as putting on their watch, and going about their day.

A Discreet Way To Make Sure Help Is At Hand

The best medical alert watches are go-anywhere devices. Simply put it on, and a senior is covered wherever they go. The watches run on the cellular network (both providers in this article run on AT&T), and use GPS tracking to find the wearer’s location.

If help is required, the wearer simply presses a button on the watch and is connected to the customer care center through a two-way speaker. They can talk with dispatchers, or if they’re unable to communicate the dispatcher can send help automatically.

Smart watches are ideal for seniors who are still active. They can do anything they like – shopping, theater, lunch with friends, family visits – with the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is always there if they need it. This offers reassurance to caregivers too – no more worrying something will happen to mom or dad when they’re out and about.

What To Look For When Choosing A Medical Alert Watch

There aren’t many watches to choose from yet. When deciding which is the best medical alert watch for you or your loved one’s needs, be sure to check on the following:

  • Is the watch display analog or digital?
  • Which cellular network does it run on?
  • How long does the battery last between charges?
  • What does the watch look like – will mom or dad feel comfortable wearing it?
  • What kind of caregiver options are there?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How much on top of that for the monthly monitoring?
  • Are there any long term contracts involved?
  • How easy is it to cancel the contract?

MobileHelp and Medical Guardian are blazing a trail when it comes to medical alert smartwatches. Which company is offering the best medical alert watches? It depends on your situation and needs. Let’s take a look at what they’re both offering.

Find out which medical alert system is best for you…

1)Who are you shopping for?

#1. Medical Guardian

We’ve featured Medical Guardian several times, thanks to their wide range of modern, reliable, easy to use medical alert options. Now they’ve released the Freedom Guardian, a smartwatch with an impressive range of features. Looking for other Medical Guardian options? Click here.

Cellular network: AT&T
About the watch: This is a great looking watch! Small, lightweight and sleek, with an easy to read analog display. Available in black or white.
Features: WiFi and GPS tracking for extra accuracy, calendar alerts and reminders, text-to-speech messaging with people in the designated care circle, weather forecast, and showerproof. The watch also has software that reads the date, time, alerts and messages to the wearer.
Caregiver portal: Caregivers get access to an app through which they can send and receive SMS messages with the wearer, view device location and usage, and help their loved one schedule tasks by using the day planner.
Battery: Up to 48 hours on a single charge.
Long term contracts: No
Price of watch: $99
Monthly monitoring cost: $44.95
Pros: We love how incognito this watch is – you’d have to look very closely to tell it apart from a normal watch. The text to speech messaging and ability to help with daily reminders are fantastic features for caregivers. The startup cost is very reasonable, too.
Cons: It’s hard to find anything to dislike about Freedom Guardian! We would like to see more in the way of health features though, and the monthly cost could be prohibitive for some.
The Verdict: This is a lovely lightweight watch packed full of powerful features. It’s clearly been designed to be super easy to use for seniors, and it makes it easy for caregivers to stay up to date, too.

#2. MobileHelp

MobileHelp has been offering seniors a wide range of medical alert options for a while now. MobileHelp Smart is just what its name suggests – a smart medical alert that looks and functions exactly like a watch. We tried the MobileHelp Smart and put some thoughts about it here.

Cellular network: AT&T
About the watch: This is a robust and sporty-looking watch with an easy to read display, including an on-screen button to press for help. Available in black.
Features: GPS tracking, activity tracking, vital sign sensors, weather reports, set fitness and activity goals, heart rate monitor, water and dust resistant.
Caregiver portal: Caregivers can access MobileHelp Connect, which gives them access to watch usage and status updates,
Battery: Lasts up to two days on a single charge
Long term contracts: No
Price of watch: $349.95 (you own the watch)
Monthly monitoring cost: $24.95
Pros: We love the wide range of features, the activity and health tracking, and the excellent caregiver portal. This is a good sturdy watch too – scratch, dust and water resistant.
Cons: The sporty, chunky look won’t appeal to everyone, and the initial cost of the watch will undoubtedly be a barrier for some.
The Verdict: If you want a reliable medical alert watch that goes wherever you go, this is a fantastic choice. It’s sturdy enough to rely on, you’d never know it was a medical alert at first glance, and it offers enough caregiver options to be sure caregivers can keep an eye on mom or dad.

Could medical alert watches be the future of medical alerts? We certainly think these two are showing the way. With a wide range of features, GPS tracking, and help at the touch of a button, seniors can stay safe out there without the stigma of wearing a visible medical alert.


  1. My 80 year old mother has Dementia and we are look for a device that she would be willing to wear. So it would have to be discrete or a watch. She no longer uses her smart phone. Ideally it would have GPS tracking that could be monitored by more than one family member, would have fall technology, a geo fence, an emergency button and 2 way talk. Is there anything like this on the market? What would be the best option?
    1. Hi there- I would check out the Medical Guardian smartwatch, called Freedom Guardian. It’s best suited for women (as opposed to the other smartwatch option which is better suited for men due to its size). The Freedom Guardian does not require a cell phone to works and has most of the features you are looking for. You can learn more about the smartwatch here.

  2. After wearing a Medic Alert neck tag without removing 47+ years, (except 5 nights) new technology and increasing needs are here. I am looking for a monitor to help preceding an episode. My spouse and I need freedom as well as security. What is good?
  3. I’m looking at devices for a female parent…and those watches look like something a man would wear….big and clunky. I hope the technology improves so that smaller and more attractive devices are developed that an elderly woman wouldn’t be averse to wearing.
  4. Medical Guardian is very unreliable if you live outside of large city. Their technical support staff is not very knowledgeable and their Document Management (Forms with Contact info) is ridiculous. Had to finally send it by FedEx for them to receive it. They lost at least 3 forms. Very frustrating and no one to really be able to assist.
  5. I was excited to have my “Guardian Freedom” watch. Then unable to activate/use it, because ATT couldn’t find my house! 🙁 We live in a forest, 1/2 mile from a town road and our house can be located on Google Maps. Our cars’ GPS can also locate our house. Don’t know what the problem is with ATT. I’m really disappointed. Our mobile service is from Verizon. So, I’ll try to find a service that uses Verizon.
  6. I need to know what the price of one for a 70 year old lady. She is on a limited income and needs one Thank you in advance for your answer.
  7. These medical watches are really blessings, I really want to buy for my parents. Thank you for this article so I get to know about this because they are so affordable. Keep posting such things. Thank you once again.
  8. You forgot to mention The CES show in Vegas also invited WGN because their HeloLX and HeloLX+ a health wristband takes EKG from wrist, Blood Pressure, Sleep, Steps and Measures Sugar Levels for Diabetics, has an SOS alert for seniors or people with conditions that need monitoring, etc. I wear one for my blood pressure and it gives me peace of mind and the ability to help myself. I can also send the results via SMS to my doctor without having to waste time or pay for a visit 😉 This one is NOT a watch, but does so much more than many of the others and unique in medical care.

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