Medical Guardian Alert Systems

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For those of you who are considering Medical Guardian for yourself or for a loved one, you may have been trying to find out how much it will cost? Lucky for you, we have all the information right here! The following is a breakdown of the different Medical Guardian offerings and the cost of each. You can also check out our review of Medical Guardian if you aren’t ready to buy quite yet.

Classic Guardian

The Classic Guardian is a traditional medical alert for in the home. The base unit plugs into the landline, offering protection throughout the house.

What’s included: Base unit, and a water-resistant neck or wrist pendant.
Range: 1300 ft – one of the best in the industry, keeping seniors safe throughout their home
Battery: 32-hour backup battery
Cost: $29.95 monthly

Home Guardian

The Home Guardian is perfect for those who don’t have a landline in their home. It works on the AT&T cellular network.

What’s included: Base unit, and a water-resistant neck or wrist pendant
Range: 600 ft
Battery: 30-hour backup battery
Cost: $35.95 monthly

Family Guardian

The Family Guardian comes with extra activity sensors that let caregivers keep an eye on their loved ones. Family Guardian is cellular, so it works even for customers without a landline.

What’s included: Base unit, a water-resistant neck or wrist pendant, and activity sensors
Range: 1300 ft
Battery: 32-hour backup battery
Cost: $79.95 monthly

Mobile Guardian

The Mobile Guardian is a GPS-enabled system that travels with its owner wherever they go. Mobile is perfect for active seniors on the go. The GPS feature means Mobile Guardian is able to track the exact location and send help whenever the wearer needs it.

What’s included: Mobile device, charging cradle, water-resistant neck or wrist pendant, and a leather carrying case
Range: 350 ft from the mobile device
Battery: 24-hour battery life
Cost: $39.95 monthly

Active Guardian

The Active Guardian uses both GPS and Wi-Fi location technology. This is an all in one unit with a clear, two-way speaker that makes it easy to communicate with the monitoring center whenever help is needed.

What’s included: Waterproof mobile unit and charging cradle
Battery: 5-day battery life (very impressive!)
Cost: $39.95 monthly

Freedom Guardian

The Freedom Guardian is the latest offering from Medical Guardian. Freedom Guardian is a medical alert system contained in an easy to wear and stylish watch (choice of black or white.) Freedom Guardian uses both GPS and Wi-Fi technology (like the Active Guardian.) As well as acting as a medical alert, Freedom Guardian also offers text-to-speech capabilities, reminders and alerts, and even weather forecasts. Its discreet design makes it perfect for seniors who are self-conscious about wearing a traditional button.

What’s included: The Freedom Guardian unit
Battery: 48-hour battery life
Cost: $44.95 monthly (plus $99 one-time equipment cost)