Editorial Guidelines

Here at TheSeniorList, everything we do revolves around a strong code of ethics. These ethics guide our editorial efforts and help us improve communication within our community. By staying true to our ethics, we believe we can serve seniors and caregivers with the highest standard of excellence. Our readers deserve no less than our best.

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TheSeniorList.com Code of Ethics

  • Honesty: Whether reviewing a cell phone or providing caregiver strategies, we always provide unbiased information from firsthand experience.
  • Accuracy: The subjects we cover continually evolve, and we strive to routinely keep our content up to date and accurate.
  • Education: No matter your age, caring for a loved one is a daunting task. We hope our resources can help equip you on your caregiving journey.
  • Compassion: We put people first, helping caregivers understand the tools and strategies that can help them through their struggles.
  • Positivity: For caregivers, there are many moments that may feel intimidating or even bleak. It is our belief that, with a positive spirit, caregivers can overcome these challenges in service to their loved ones.
  • Accessibility: Through strategic web design, we aim to make our website accessible to all. To learn more about this approach, read our full accessibility statement.

A Note on Honesty

Of the six ethical principles above, honesty is the most important; there is a reason it comes first on our list.

These days, there are many outlets that cover topics similar to ours — large publications with little knowledge of caregiving and its strategies.

Our senior care experts and editorial team remain 100 percent honest. When we review a particular product, we test it out ourselves. When we offer guidance, we pull from our collective decades of experience as caregivers, healthcare professionals, financial experts, and legal professionals.

Walk in tub

It’s all too common that seniors are preyed upon in today’s society, compelled to buy products and services that just don’t work. Thankfully, our company exists so that seniors and their loved ones can enjoy honest perspectives on the topics that matter most.

Why We Only Cover Topics for Seniors and Caregivers

We serve a discerning audience of aging adults and their loved ones. We know how we can help them. And just as important, we know how we can’t help them. Our expert panel has a lifetime of experience and passion for connecting seniors to the resources that will improve their lives.

In good faith, we simply could not offer everything under the sun, like so many companies try to do. We believe that doing so would undermine our integrity.

Topics We Cover

Life Alert Mobile Pendant
Managing Editor Ryan Molloy testing out a Life Alert system

Our senior care experts and editorial team research and create resources around the following topics:

  • Medical alert systems
  • Home safety and modifications
  • Insurance
  • Caregiving strategies
  • Elder law
  • Technology for seniors
  • Senior discounts
  • Senior housing options

Our Editorial Standards

Our senior care experts and editorial team are 100 percent committed to the facts. That is, we cut through the marketing fluff that companies use in selling their products, services, senior housing, etc. We know exactly what to look for, and through our research and testing, we discern between a phenomenal and a phony solution.

Before giving our expert advice, we put all of the facts on the table. This commitment allows seniors and their loved ones to make up their own minds, while also providing valuable professional insight to help avoid making bad decisions.

We know that finding the right resources can be frustrating for seniors. At times, it can feel like an uphill battle. There are so many options to choose from that it can be overwhelming. And every company promises the world if you would just try their product. Unfortunately, this takes its toll on aging adults and caregivers. That’s why we are so committed to fact-based research and resources.

We help seniors and caregivers narrow down their options and find the right solution to meet their needs. In doing so, there is simply no room for biased, wishy-washy, or inaccurate information. We believe our community deserves better than that.

Expectations of Our Senior Care Experts and Editorial Team

Standards for Research

Research is at the core of what we do, so our experts adhere to a strictly-enforced set of standards regarding research. These standards include:

  • Only using credible sources
  • Pulling from multiple sources whenever possible
  • Always citing sources where appropriate
  • Presenting the full story on the topic
  • Giving less weight to outlier reviews (negative or positive)
  • Refraining from personal bias or prejudice
  • Using expert judgment in interpreting research

Standards for Giving Advice or Recommendations

Our team not only researches senior care solutions, but we also provide expert advice and professional recommendations. This approach gives our community the best look at the available options. Moreover, it allows seniors and their loved ones to make informed and educated decisions on which ones to pursue and which ones to avoid. These standards include:

  • Always backing up advice or recommendations with sound evidence
  • Never trying to persuade or dissuade the reader, but allowing the facts and objective reasoning to lead the way
  • Always mentioning alternative options where appropriate
  • Never giving advice or recommending a selection without thoroughly discussing the option at length

Standards of Timeliness, Updates, and Edits

Our editorial team prioritizes timely updates and edits to our resources. This experience ensures that our audience always has access to the latest information on any given senior care topic. These standards include:

  • Updating resources immediately if we find inaccurate information
  • Cross-referencing sources to confirm updates
  • Proactively reviewing pages to identify necessary changes

Sources We Trust in Our Research

We take our research very seriously. Our comprehensive guides, tools, and other senior care resources are built upon a foundation of credible sources that we trust. These sources include:

  • Our team’s combined 60-plus years of experience
  • Credible senior care service provider websites
  • Peer-reviewed and credible NCBI studies
  • Industry trade journals and studies
  • Vetted and verified user reviews

We never “shoot from the hip” when creating our resources for aging adults. The stakes are simply too high. Thankfully, our team is passionate about digging into real studies and other resources to find the information that improves lives. In other words, we do our homework so that you don’t have to. And we always show our work.

So if you’re looking for a medical alert system, senior housing, senior discounts, a senior-friendly cell phone — or any other resource to make life safer, easier, and more affordable — then you’ll feel right at home in our thriving community.

How We Keep It Free for Seniors and Caregivers

At TheSeniorList, we believe that seniors and their loved ones should have free access to expert advice and recommendations. For this reason, we do not charge anything to access our comprehensive resources.

It’s also free to join our community by either leaving a comment or subscribing to our email list. We don’t sell any of our own products, ask for (or take) donations, or have annoying advertisements on our website.

In fact, we don’t have any advertisements on our site. This choice is another conscious decision that falls in line with our values. We want to foster a safe and clean space for our visitors, free of those pesky pop-ups and other frustrating ads. When you come to us looking for expert information, we want to help you on your way without any distractions.

How We’re Funded

At TheSeniorList, we use both affiliate links and phone numbers to earn commissions on select pages. In some cases, we do earn a commission when a reader clicks on these links or calls these phone numbers. This is done through the use of tracking codes, which allows us to be paid for the referral.

These commissions, however, in no way affect our written opinions on products or services. All of our reviews are rooted in firsthand experience and testing. Above all, we strive to provide our readers with accurate and unbiased information.

This arrangement keeps our site sustainable, and it does not affect the price of the product or service for the consumer in any way.

User Confidentiality and Privacy

At TheSeniorList, we take our ethical responsibilities seriously by recognizing that your privacy is important. To read more about our approach to user privacy, read our full privacy policy here.

Like most websites, TheSeniorList utilizes cookies to provide users with the best experience possible. To learn more about our use of cookies, and how to disable cookies, read our Notice on Cookies here.

How to Get in Touch and Provide Feedback

Although everything we write at TheSeniorList pulls from the firsthand experience of our team, we are always open to hearing different opinions.

Did you purchase a product we recommended and had a different experience?

Have you read one of our caregiving or retirement guides and felt that something was missing?

Do you have any additional questions or comments?

We’d love to hear from you!

Feel free to reach out to our team by dropping us a note or giving us a call. We’re here for you.

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