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Helping Seniors Age With Confidence

Our authors are vital to the success of our mission. When the world seems to overlook the aging community, our authors are there to round up the research, write helpful guides, and create the best resources available for seniors and their loved ones. In other words, our authors give a voice to seniors everywhere. They consistently show up with a passion to ease the burden of aging and positively impact lives. We couldn’t do it without them.

With that said, we are highly-selective of the authors we bring on board. We look for a strong background in writing about senior-related topics. We also choose authors based on their ability to communicate research in a way that’s easy to understand. They strive for accuracy, honesty, and they are completely invested in our fast-growing community. But most importantly, they are a warm and welcoming voice. Our authors are here to help make your golden years shine.

Meet Our Authors

Our expert authors are immersed in senior care topics, day in and day out. They understand the struggles that come with aging. This means every resource is crafted with care and aimed at solving a problem. Our authors share the facts so that you can explore options and find a solution for yourself or a loved one.

Lindsay Renner Schwartz, LCSW


Amie Clark

Co-Founder & Editor in Chief
  • 1,200+ Published Resources
  • 100,000+ Readers Served
  • 20+ Years of Experience

Hello! I’m Amie Clark, Co-Founder and Senior Editor of The Senior List. I’ve been helping seniors and caregivers for over 20 years. During this time, I’ve written and published over 1,200 resources for the aging community. And I will continue to be there for seniors for many years to come!

Chris Clark

Co-Founder & Healthcare Executive
  • Co-Founder of TheSeniorList.com
  • Creator of the Big List of Senior Discounts
  • Accomplished Healthcare Executive

Hi, I’m Chris Clark, Co-Founder & Senior Discount Expert. I’ve been walking alongside of seniors and caregivers, offering up expert advice and resources for over two decades. I specialize in finding senior discounts, and I publish the popular Big List of Senior Discounts every year.

Dr. Kasey Craig, Au.D.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics
  • Clinical doctorate in Audiology

Kasey is passionate about explaining hearing loss and communication strategies to her patients and their families, helping them get back to effective and fun communication. Her experience in public and private healthcare in the U.S. and abroad gives her perspective and familiarity about all sides of the hearing aid market. She studied linguistics at Rice University and got her Au.D. (Clinical Doctorate in Audiology) at the University of South Florida.

Ryan Molloy

Managing Editor & Technology Expert
  • B.A. Brandeis University
  • M.A. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Ryan has years of experience researching and testing products that help people successfully age in place. After years of working for various publications such as Boston Magazine and The Believer, he has found his home at The Senior List, writing about all things related to caregiving and senior healthcare.

Jenny Atwell

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

A former member of the Navy, Jenny Atwell has spent six years as an occupational therapy assistant, working in rehab hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and, most recently, as a home health care specialist. Her primary focus is on geriatric care in a variety of settings.

Lindsay Malzone

Medicare Expert
  • 4 years of Medicare-related experience
  • Member of the Medicare Marketing Association and Medicare Supplement Insurance Professionals Group
  • Graduate of the University of South Florida

As the Medicare expert for Medigap.com, Lindsay Malzone has ample experience helping seniors understand the ins and outs of their Medicare coverage and navigating the complex world of supplemental insurance. She has written for a variety of web publications based on her Medicare expertise. Ultimately, her passion lies in helping people find the right healthcare for their needs.

Allie Moon

  • 12+ years of professional writing experience
  • Former college lecturer, Truro College, Cornwall
  • Master of Arts in English Lit., Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Serves as volunteer in various senior settings

Hello there, I’m Allie Moon, Editor of The Senior List. I’m a professional writer/editor with a Master’s degree in English. I help guide the editorial process, and I strive to publish the best senior-centric content available. I’m passionate about helping seniors connect to resources that improve their lives.

Jennifer L. Gaskin

Data and Research Analyst
  • 19+ years of professional writing experience
  • The Senior List editor since 2018
  • Bylined in 100+ Education and Fintech articles

Jennifer L. Gaskin is a newsroom-trained reporter and editor with a passion for using data to analyze the details of complex topics. With two decades of experience under her belt, she researches and writes about a variety of subjects as diverse as the unique joys of aging and the impact of public policy on the elder community. When she’s not knee-deep in massive data sets, Jennifer enjoys cracking open new tabletop games and attempting to keep her inquisitive beagle out of the garbage bin.

Are you a talented writer with a background in senior-related topics? If so, we’d love to hear from you. As our company continues to grow, we’ll be looking to recruit qualified authors to further strengthen our team. So if you’re interested in working with us, contact us about career opportunities. Or feel free to reach out to us by emailing support@theseniorlist.com.