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2021 List of Senior Discounts on Cell Phones

If you are 55 and older, you may be able to keep more of your money in the bank by taking advantage of the senior plans and discounts offered by a variety of cellular providers. Keep reading for an overview of discounts available to those searching for a new cellular plan.

Senior Discounts on Cell Phones

Senior Discounts on Cell Phones

Health Tip: Smartphones may positively impact your brain! Peer-reviewed research recently published by Karger and BMC Geriatrics suggests senior smartphone use may improve cognitive function and prevent depression.

Can Seniors Get Free Cell Phones?

Older adults who live in low-income households may qualify for a free cell phone through the federal LifeLine assistance program. Originally created in 1985 to provide free landline phone service to qualifying individuals, this Federal Communication Commission (FCC) program was revised in 2005 to include cellular coverage.

To qualify for the LifeLine program you must either:

Keep in mind that only one Lifeline benefit is available per household, and you must choose between landline and cell phone service.

Senior Discounts on Cell Phones

Discounted Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

While there aren’t too many explicit senior discounts for cellular service, there are several providers who offer special discounted plans for the older set.

T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Plan

T-Mobile has three plans designed specifically for adults over 55 starting at $27.50/line for two lines per month, and all plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, in addition to access to their 5G network. For customers who select one of the 55+ unlimited plans, T-Mobile throws in a free Netflix membership.

Savings Tip: Not all companies advertise their senior discounts. If you have a current phone plan that you like, start by calling your provider and asking about discount options for seniors. You might save time by asking directly for the retention department, which is authorized to approve individual discounts.

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular is known for its low rates, flexible monthly plans, and no contracts. In contrast to more traditional cellular providers, plans with Consumer Cellular are subscribed to and paid for monthly. Although Consumer Cellular is not exclusively for seniors, the company’s entire brand is tailored to the 55+ demographic.


Lively provides older adults with simple cell phones that are also capable of functioning as personal safety devices during a crisis. The brand has two no-contract cell phones to select from, the Jitterbug Flip2 and Jitterbug Smart3.

The overall monthly cost for the Jitterbug Flip2 and Jitterbug Smart3 is determined by the sum of the cost for the number of talk minutes you select, how many texts you expect to send/receive, and, if you select the Jitterbug Smart3, the level of data coverage you want.

Another major perk of choosing a Lively cell phone plan is the company’s add-on Lively Health and Safety Package, which is worth far more than the extra $25 to $30 it costs to add them to your monthly services. More importantly, customers who choose this package receive discounts of up to $20 per month on plan minutes and unlimited texts are free with the purchase of a Preferred or Ultimate Health & Safety Package.

Republic Wireless

Although Republic Wireless is not solely intended for older adults, it offers high-speed and high-quality cell connection for a fraction of the cost of most larger carriers.

Republic’s simple and clear, straightforward price structure makes it easy to understand the breakdown of exactly what you’re paying for each month along with the specific additional cost any changes to your plan would mean. It costs $15 per month for unlimited talk and text on any phone, and the cheapest plan doesn’t include data.

Republic’s wide range of phone options start as low as $129 and may be paid for upfront or via a two-year payment plan, usually including interest. Alternatively, you may use a compatible phone you already own just be sure to double-check that it’s North American Factory Unlocked. To save more, select the annual payment option, and you’ll get two months free.


Verizon offers seniors a wide array of cell phone plans and the largest selection of smartphones, over 70 devices, of all the brands. These include some of the newest and most popular options on the market, such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max for $1,099 and the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G for $1199 or basic phones as cheap are $99.99.

If you prefer a simple plan, you might choose their basic option, which starts as low as $30 a month and includes unlimited talk and text but a limited amount of data.

Verizon does offer a discounted plan created solely for those who are 55 and older. Unfortunately, this plan is only available to Florida residents, which helps fewer than 10 percent of the nation’s seniors over 65. Nevertheless, if this is you, Verizon could save you some serious cash on plans with all the bells and whistles.


As a senior, you have a wealth of discounts available to you, including savings on cell phone service. Fortunately, with most cell phone services offering either no-contract plans or at least a risk-free trial period, you can rest easy knowing that finding your ideal discount cell phone plan will not set you back financially.

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