Verizon Phones for Seniors

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The Verizon Unlimited 55+ plan is designed to help busy seniors to stay on top of their life. It’s designed to ensure you can remain connected no matter where you go or what you need to do. Unlike other senior discount cell phone plans, this one is full of features, including unlimited calling and data. For seniors who may still be working, living an active life, and spending time on the go, it is well worth a closer look.


Verizon is one of the country’s largest cell phone providers. With that comes the ability to offer a wide range of cell phone plans, including those tailored to seniors. The company’s current offer is the Unlimited 55+ plan. It provides access to one of the best networks in the country for a moderate price of as low as $40 per line, for two lines.

The Unlimited 55+ plan is designed to provide access to one or two communication lines. With it, you gain access to unlimited data and unlimited talk and text. You can chat with friends for long hours, spend time searching for items to purchase without any data cap, and text to your family in Canada without any extra cost.

Seniors who like to travel will love that the coverage network is so large – you can count on it not dropping your calls even if you take that cross-country trip. At the same time, it is also reliable enough to stream video galls with your grandkids on a regular basis.

The Unlimited 55+ plan offers many of the features of other Verizon cell phones. It doesn’t feel like a senior phone. Yet, it keeps costs in line with your budget.

Features for Seniors

Take a closer look at the features the Unlimited 55+ plan has to offer. This may provide the best access for many of today’s seniors looking for affordability on a reliable network.

Unlimited 4G LTE Data

Seniors are busy people, and they deserve the same fast speed of anyone else. Unlimited 4G LTE Data is one of the ways you can do that. As an unlimited service, you do not have to worry about what you are viewing. You have plenty of data to help you to watch a video or video chat without any lag.

Unlimited Talk & Text

Verizon’s Unlimited 55+ does not have any limitations on how much you can talk or text. If you have a large family or you just need to be able to keep sending messages throughout the day and night, this service works well. Without any limits on talking, you can have that long conversation with an old friend every week without worrying about minutes.

DVD-Quality Streaming

Do you like to watch movies during your afternoons on the deck? Perhaps you enjoy catching all of the videos from the grandkids on social media. With this quality of speed and data, you don’t experience any amount of lag or drag on the process. It is much like popping a DVD in to catch a movie.

Unlimited Mobile Hotspot

The Verizon Unlimited 55+ also gives you a mobile hotspot. That means you can visit friends, work on that book at the coffee shop, or even tackle your work no matter where you are. With a mobile hotspot, you are not limited to streaming videos at home. And, if you have a laptop or tablet computer you like to spend time using, you can connect it to the mobile hotspot for connectivity on the go. The plan provides 600 Kbps, which is fast enough for most needs.

Verizon Up Rewards

Verizon Up Rewards are available to those who participate in Verizon Selects. This program allows you to earn rewards for a wide range of entertainment options. This includes sporting events, artists and movies. It is a free program to be a part of.

Mexico and Canada Calling Is Included

While an international plan is still necessary for communication outside of the continent, calling to Mexico and Canada is included in your plan. That means if you have family in these areas, you do not have to pay additional costs for checking in with them. If your kids or grandkids are traveling or living abroad, there’s no limitation on communicating with them.


The Verizon Unlimited 55+ plan is designed to be fully featured and cost-effective. It may fit the budget of some seniors.

Monthly Service Plans

The monthly service cost for the Unlimited 55+ plan is $60 per line. Or, if you need two lines, you’ll pay $40 per line or $80 per month in total. There are additional costs associated with fees and taxes. To get this price, you must enroll in AutoPay using a credit card or debit card. This service and pricing is available for up to two lines.

Senior Discounts

There are no additional discounts available on Verizon’s senior plans. However, it may be possible to find some discounts on available phones for seniors. The company does offer low-cost, non-smartphones for those who want a simple phone to use. They also offer numerous models of smartphones, including those that are a lower cost than the typical brands.

Customer Service

Verizon has a solid reputation of providing good customer service. For seniors who need ongoing support, Verizon offers a number of options. It is possible to connect on the company’s website for online support through a chat conversation. It is also possible to use the company’s 24/7 access for help with your plan.


Overall, Verizon’s Unlimited 55+ is ideal for seniors who want the very best in internet connectivity and on the go access. Because of how large the company’s network is, it is less likely to drop calls or be out of reach for any period of time. You can travel with ease across the country without risk. Seniors who want to be able to connect to the internet also have access to a mobile hotspot, which is ideal for those still working.

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