AT&T Cell Phones for Seniors

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AT&T has a number of excellent options for seniors both in cell phones and plans for them. Seniors who are busy, want to have access to fitness trackers and need on-the-go internet access, there’s a plan that is right for you. AT&T is one of the largest and most well-respected of all cell phone companies.


For seniors who are looking for a basic cell phone that helps them to always remain in connection with family and friends, their Senior Nation plan is a good option. It’s important to know that this plan only applies to basic mobile phones, not smartphones. The company does not offer a specific discounted plan for internet-based calls for seniors. However, it does offer discounts on smartphones that may help seniors to save money if they wish to upgrade.

For those seeking out the Senior Nation plan, it’s an easy plan to use. A nice feature is that it gives you plenty of night and weekend free minutes, which is perfect for those seniors who want to spend their time chatting with friends or connecting with the kids. There are a solid number of anytime minutes available to, which is excellent if you are waiting to hear back from a doctor or for catching a call while you are on the golf course.

For those looking for internet connectivity through their smartphone, AT&T offers an Unlimited Plan and a Mobile Share Plus plan, with various levels of connectivity and data. Though there is no specific plan best for seniors, it can be as low as $30 a month for access to outstanding internet.

Features for Seniors

The AT&T Senior Nation plan is a specially designed cell phone service for those who are over the age of 65. Take a closer look at some of the features it offers and why it may be the best option for you.

Anytime Minutes

Seniors need to stay in touch with their loved ones. With Anytime Minutes, you have the ability to do that whenever you desire. The company’s Senior Nation plan provides 200 Anytime minutes. You can call anyone across the country using these minutes. If you are traveling to lunch or just outside, this provides excellent access to your family. Use these minutes any time you want without restrictions.

Mobile to Mobile Minutes

To enhance the service you have, you also get unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. This means you can call anyone in the country who has AT&T mobile service without any extra cost. These calls do not cost you any minutes – you can simply call anyone and chat as long as you like. This is a great option for those who may have a friend or a child that’s across the country. As long as they have AT&T mobile service, there’s no limit on how much time you have to catch up.

Nights and Weekend Minutes

Another time when it is free to call is this period. Nights and weekend minutes give you lots of time to chat with the grandkids every Saturday or to connect with a long lost friend on a long Sunday afternoon. These minutes apply from 9:00 pm to 5:59 am Monday through Friday. They also apply from 9:00 pm on Friday through 5:59 am on Monday. This gives you plenty of free time to chat and get caught up when you are most likely to be available to do so. This applies to calls made in the United States.

Voicemail and Additional Services

AT&T Senior Nation is available with a variety of the calling features you want and need. This includes nationwide long distance and roaming coverage. If you decide to explore the country during your retirement, you do not have to feel restricted on where you can call within the country. And, while you are busy out having fun, your callers can leave you a voicemail. Other features include call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling, and caller ID – you never have to worry about talking to a telemarketer again.


There are a few things to know about the AT&T Senior Nights plan. It is only available on basic phones. It does not apply for smartphones or tablets. Check out the costs associated with the plan.

Monthly Service Plans

The monthly service plan costs $29.99. This gives you access to the company’s network. It gives you all of the features mentioned here. If you go over the minutes allowed, there is an additional charge of $.45 per minute. There is also a monthly Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge. This is $1.25 per month.

Senior Discounts

The unlimited mobile to mobile feature is considered a promotional offer. The company also offers additional discounts for seniors.

For those who want to purchase a cell phone, you can find discounts on the phones themselves. These discounts change month-to-month. Additionally, those who purchase a smartphone service through AT&T may also qualify for a discount from AARP. These members are able to receive up to 10 percent off their monthly service with proof of membership.

If you are a veteran, be sure to let the company know. It offers a 15 percent service discount on all unlimited data plans for those who have served in the U.S.

You may also find promotional offers and discounts available from time to time for seniors. Be sure to check back for additional savings options.

Customer Service

AT&T has worked to improve its quality of calls and its access. Along with this comes better customer service. You can call customer service at any time, 24/7. You can also chat online with them. If you are having trouble with your phone, you can even use the online help features.


AT&T offers the Senior Nation plan for low cost, limited use access. It is a good option for seniors who may not be out and about a lot during the day but want a good way to stay in touch with family over long distances on the weekends. Overall, this plan is great for those who are not after internet connectivity.

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