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September of last year marked the release of a brand-new phone plan from T-Mobile ONE just for seniors. John Legere, president of T-Mobile and creator of T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier manifesto,” proudly and in no uncertain terms announced a new plan offering the same features as the standard T-Mobile program, but priced exclusively, and economically, for those 55 and over.

A Cell Phone Plan Geared for Older Adults

This plan, as he emphasizes, is geared for all seniors, including those who use their Smartphones as much as the kids do. After spending the past few years courting the younger clientele, Legere has become serious about scooping seniors away from the competition, showing respect for their growing tech-savviness by rewarding them with an economical choice.

T-Mobile President Throws Shade at Competitors

More specifically, why did Legere create this deal? As he states in his impassioned Youtube video, he could see no reason why “the generation that invented wireless” should be “patronized and monetized” by phone carriers, unambiguously targeting T-Mobile’s two most significant competitors, AT&T and Verizon.

We love this video featuring Legere, he doesn’t hold back on calling out other carriers who have created plans and phone that seem condescending and patronizing to boomers and seniors. It’s a little long, but worth the watch. And to give a fair warning, there is a little bit of sour language used.

Details of T-Mobile’s ONE Unlimited 55+ Plan

If you use your phone only for calls or for summoning emergency aid then, according to a December 1, 2017, article at (a site that offers comparisons of all available phone plans), your best choice is Greatcall’s 1,000 Minute plan which gives you the benefits of the provider’s own 5Star Urgent Response service, complete with 911 support and follow-up, all for $35 a month.

For those who use their phones for a broader range of activities, though, check out the following features of T-Mobile’s ONE plan.

T-Mobile One Unlimited Plan is a good deal for older adults

Requirements and features of the T-Mobile ONE senior plan:

  • Must be 55 or older to qualify; proof of age required
  • No contract
  • Unlimited calling, texting, and data. (This includes Gogo Inflight with unlimited texting and one hour of free smartphone Wi-Fi on all Gogo equipped domestic flights.)
  • Applies to any phone type
  • 4G LTE Network
  • T-Mobile phone coverage equal to that of AT&T and Verizon; use your device in Mexico and Canada without additional fees
  • 30 MGb
  • One phone line costs $50 per month (this amount includes all fees and taxes). NB: In contrast, T-Mobile non-seniors pay anywhere from $40 to $60 more per month for the same plan.
  • A second line can be added for only $10 per month (also including all fees and taxes)
  • Use Autopay and receive a $5 monthly credit (final bill for two lines: $60; without Autopay: $65)
  • T-Mobile will pay all costs of switching from your current carrier to T-Mobile up to $650 per line
  • access to T-Mobile Tuesdays discounts
  • T-Mobile number can be used on compatible phones, tablets and PCs
  • Mobile Hotspot: Tethering is unlimited at 3G speeds
  • Current users must go to a T-Mobile store to switch to this plan. New customers can do so at a store or online.

When reading the previews of this new deal, back in September, there was nary a negative note sounded. The closest came in the faint caveats via’s preview.

  • Unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data (Data speeds, however, may slow temporarily once you have reached 32 gigabytes during high network congestion times)
  • Video streaming is at standard definition (460 p)
  • We’re waiting to see if a third line can be added, and for how much

Since then, the praise for T-Mobile’s senior phone plan has only grown., in its November 20th review, declared that, after studying the four top competitors –Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile – T-Mobile ranks first, especially for heavy data users. A comment was made about T-Mobile’s having spent the prior two years “beefing” up their geographic coverage, thus making a switch to T-Mobile even more reasonable., in the same December 1 article referenced above, also lauds this choice as the best for heavy-users among seniors, stating that other providers have already begun to step up their efforts to offer better deals themselves.

Bottom Line for Senior Cell Phone Users

The good news is T-Mobile’s ramping up the game will further force the competition to get creative. AT&T, e.g., might choose to update their “Senior Nation” plan, which has drawn harsh criticism from many sources for being the only carrier to offer a plan that is built on limited minutes. The key components of this plan are 200 anytime minutes, 500 night and weekend minutes, and no data.

If you’re one of the many seniors who object to phone providers treating you as though you don’t know the meaning of, let alone use, streaming, data, and social media, while those same providers charge empty-nesters (not to mention childless seniors) more for using their phones than when they may have qualified for a family plan, the T-Mobile 55+ plan manages to look even more appealing.

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  1. I am not on the Senior Plan but will do so shortly. I changed to Tmobile from att about 5 years ago. I am 72, travel a lot, use my phone “normally”, hotspot a lot. This company has been the best I have ever dealt with. When you pay off your phone, your bill drops. No fees and tax surprises. Included. I cannot say enough about their transparency. You pay what you expect to pay. I have traveled in Europe, Mexico and South America, used my phone and never came home to a surprise bill. I have no experience with anyone except ATT, Verizon and these guys but this company is the best of the lot.
  2. I am in British Columbia Canada 6 months a year and Wisconsin the other 6 months of the year. will i be able to use my phone with no problems in both countries?
  3. I would give the T-Mobile over 55 plan 6 stars on a 5 star scale. I use my phone a lot and my wife uses the internet a lot on her phone. We have no complaints on service. Unlimited talk text and data for $60 is a far cry from $130 I was paying. The greatest thing is that it’s $60 every month. It’s not $61.20 one month, it’s not $67 in the next month, it’s always a flat $60. We’ve had the plan for over a year now and it’s always $60. I wish more companies would do it that way
      1. I have the plan and have used 20GB or more per month with no throttling. My speed in my home area is consistently above 60 Mbps. I give it 5 stars.
      2. I’ve used the plan for over a year now and, after the auto pay discount, I am still at 45 dollars a month (55+ essential plan). I used 1083 call minutes and 3G of data last month with no throttling or problems (rarely) with coverage. People having problems with throttling need to upgrade to a plan that will handle higher video, wi-fi and hotspot usage. You may want to research other T Mobile plans or other providers’ plans and buy the gigs you need to handle heavier data usage. Based on areas of coverage I would give T Mobile 4 of 5 stars.
  4. First time shopping @ T-Mobile very picky with service also my brother is looking into service & were both seniors hopefully this will be the last stop.
  5. I am a 70 year old veteran female. I have had great service in the over two years I’ve had with t mobile with the exception of only one call. I had Verizon previously and still have, as of this writing, 2 iPhones I used with their service..locked and in a drawer at home. My ability to pay my bills with Verizon was taken away because I was hospitalized for a month and a half and too sick to keep up with the payments or able to use the phones. I was moved to an assistant living place where the closest cell phone was t mobile and was able to get their service before Verizon locked me down. I wrote Verizon with my story asking for compassion. They responded with their bill for over $2000. This is how they treat veterans who are disabled. Btw, I’m still trying to get service connection and live on limited funds. I am sticking with t mobile. What I see many times in my life? Obstacles deliver the better opportunities. T mobile being one.
    1. I hope you can Connect with CBN Home front. They have compassion for veterans and may indeed pay off that $2000 bill off for you. God bless you and thank you for serving our country.
  6. Got T-Mobile 2 months ago . Said they didn’t need to run credit check ,but did anyway ,then before 30 days hit me with a bill , on 23 instead of 1st when I get my disability check . then my wife signed on with me . the bill was 165 $ I called got fixed then 6 x calling got same problem price changing and wrong auto date . the worst cell company ever ,trying to rip off the senior American citizens , where is T-Mobile execs that we can’t let them know directly , instead of dealing with a bunch of assholes that just lie to us and say oh it’s takin care of now . 6 times in 60 days I called 1hr each time for the same thing each time it’s fixed . I wish we could go in and talk to them ,so I could straighten my autopay out. How hard is it to understand . do not try autopay on the 23 Rd my check comes on the 1st and they are messing up my credit and penalty fees at my bank . they say OK it’s taken care of autopay will be 3the5the10th each time I call it’s different but still try 23rd . then changing the price each time trying to charge me past due , I said I only had T-Mobile for 1 and half month and payed one month where the hell did I get a past due my 2nd month isn’t even due yet . you thieves . so thank you guy who came up with the senior plan . why don’t you hire honest people and watch them . if your so concerned about the elderly. Chump ,,, publicity that’s all you had in mind .
  7. Holly crap I guess you can’t please everyone. In the last 3 months I went from cricket to TMobile. After trying t moble for the maybe 7th time sense they were voice stream they actually did not suck. Still I switched to Sprint ,( there cheep). Absolutely horrible. Slow Believing in Santa Claus I switched to Verizon. Every know there the best… Right. That lasted 10 days. I was throttled. I left 20 days I paid for and switched back to t moble. I’m 57 Simi retired but I need the best fast carrier money can buy. I have ultra 4 k security systems that occasionally monitor. Don’t work at all on Sprint or cricket. To slow. I have 8 full time rentals as well as vacation rental on Airbnb. My phone working every where I go all the time is Paramount. I have houses in bend Oregon lake Havasu City Arizona Las Vegas ensenada Mexico. my phone bill was $200 a month I’d pay it I can’t be with out it because it makes me money. My tenants have to be able to contact me even if I’m sitting in a beach in punta cabras driving over the border in tecate or driving down the mountain in Austin Nevada headed for Battle mountain Nevada. This is very rural areas. Until somebody steps up and build a better Network right now it’s T-Mobile. They’ve got the speed they’ve got the coverage . There are a lot of choices for substandard dogshit carriers that don’t work. If all you care about is saving $0.50 go get one.
  8. Is it possible to add a third line to a senior plan? I’m currently paying $60 for two lines but would like to add one more line. How much would that be?? Thanks in advance
  9. MintMobile offers one year of service for $180 pre-paid. Unlimited talk and text, 3 gigs of data a month. Comes out to $15 a month, but you must pay the the entire year in advance. It is on the T-Mobile network. Good deal, if you have an unlocked phone and don’t mind paying for a year upfront
  10. I noticed that no one has mentioned MintMobile. It is a prepaid carrier running of the T-Mobile network. If your phone is unlocked, you can switch to them. Service for one year (unlimited talk, text and 3 gigs of data a month) is $180. That breaks down to $15 a month. Negatives for some people: you pay for the whole year to get that price. If you later decide to switch carriers, you don’t get a refund. You bought a years worth of service.
  11. My friend in Florida says she pays $35 per line including all text and data for her and her husband. Where is that deal.? My husband and I are seniors and I am interested!
  12. My son has a contract with T-Mobile and he’s 48 years old I’m on his plan as a 55 and paying only $58 after all these years they informed me that I’ll have to pay more now only because my son is 48 years old and the contract is under his name very unfair to your customers why did you put me on the 55 plan on his contract if you were not going to honor it are you really here for your customers or are you just here to screw your customers shame on you after all these years I’m paying you and you do this to the elderly to the seniors which I am now 65 and on Social Security
    1. Dude, clearly states the primary must be 55+. You had it backward, sorry. Just go swap it. It also says secondaries don’t have to be age 55+. Easy.
      1. Not easy. They didn’t let us just swap it. They are throwing people off the plans, killing off this pricing which they’re calling “grandfathered” that no longer exist, and forcing them to open a new account with the 55+ as the primary – new pricing at $80 for 2 lines which you can knock down to $70 by enrolling in autopay. In the case I’m dealing with right now, the “old” plan (early 2018) was $60. So these notifications are just a price jack.
    2. Change the account name… life’s too short to quibble over some details in an otherwise optimal plan.
  13. So what I’m reading from your customers is that the 55 t Plus plan, is not what it is, that they advertise. I was thinking about signing up for this plan and now after reading about your other customers comments. I thinking about changing my mind. That is very sad that T-Mobile advertising this plan and it’s not what it says it is. I’m deeply sad that T-Mobile doesn’t live up to there advertisements. Disappointed customer
    1. I signed up for the 55+ plan in 2017 when it was first introduced – on my birthday. I’m paying $60 for two lines (mine and my son’s) – out the door – no additional taxes or fees. I understand that the price has increased by $10 since then, so I’m lucky I signed up when I did – saves me $120/year. But still a good deal if you’re 55 and have two lines.
    2. On April 27, 2019,I was able to convert my prepaid account to the 55+ T Mobile One. It includes the taxes and fees. With Autopay, it’s $50. It’s cheaper than the Prepaid version. You do not get free Netflix. You do only have 3G hotspot. It does exist. A lot depends on the store. Not all TMobile CSRs know what they are talking about. It you’re a senior on a stricter budget, they also have a special deal: you get a phone for $100, plus a thousand minutes. They are supposed to be good for a year. My older friend got in on this deal about six weeks ago.
      1. You’re very correct on the point that not all T-mobile CSRs know what they are talking about. I was VoiceStream customer before they eventually became T-mobile and I started experiencing dropped calls, in addition to paying twice and getting less services than other people I knew who switched to them. After suffering rude T-mobile CSRs nonsense of course I took my business to T-mobile’s competitors. Today, June 22, I thought I would try T-mobile again and talked to people who have their 55+ plan. I’ll put that thought on hold until T-mobile has better service and better connectivity. If you look at price over quantity, then you want T-mobile. I would use some T-mobile MVNOs before I would use T-mobile. Take Mint Mobile, I’ve used them for 6 months but canceled service because of the network connectivity. Mint Mobile price is excellent, but if they fold their business like some MVNOs did overnight, you’re out the prepaid money. But if Mint Mobile is a subsidiary of MetroPCS and MetroPCS is a subsidiary of T-Mobile, only if that’s true, there should be no fear that Mint customers would be left high and dry unable to recover their prepaid and unused account balance. If you want better service, go with AT&T prepaid. I gave my parents a T-mobile and an AT&T prepaid phone, both got their account balance wiped. AT&T line expired and I refilled it immediately and got back the wiped balance. On the other hand, T-mobile’s supervisor said that they had a “sweep” (whatever that is must be highly complicated that they can’t explain it) and that’s it. Even my line was not expired, they had a “sweep” is good enough reason to wipe out customer’s balance! I was tired from a long haul flight with parents and tried to use that phone, and T-mobile gave me that crap? Finally I got back less than a third of the balance, probably a quarter. Thieves? Someone said that about T-mobile in his post, but why? The “sweep” thing was many years ago, though within 10 years, and the wrong charges happened to the other poster recently. What’s the common thread? Can you trust a company who decidedly likes to get ill-earned money – that is taken from you?
    3. I just moved from Verizon to TMobile. The senior plan is $50 a month for 1 phone and $70 a month for 2 lines. That is on auto pay. Unlimited talk, text and data. Verizon was $56 a month with 3 gb of data. That is also + taxes and fees. Fees are nothing more than screwing their customers.
  14. 3G hotspot is awful and pretty much useless in today’s world. I wouldn’t have done it if t I knew that was part of the package. Ridiculous. I will change back to my old plan if I can.
      1. We had a VERY prompt reply from T-Mobile. If you can’t access Twitter, here is their reply:

        “Hi! You can definitely join over the phone. We know not everyone is able to visit one of our local stores and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. You can even visit our website to sign up! T Mobile *AshantiL”

  15. T-Mobile has many faces and poor math skills. I was told my monthly costs would be $50 for two lines and auto pay. Ordinarily I balk at auto play because there are too many crooks/scammers eager to get into one’s bank account. After a couple of months, T-Mobile decided my monthly costs would be $80 and denied that they had told me $50/mo. even though that was what they had been charging. (See comment regarding scammers/crooks.) Now, above T-Mobile says one line is $50/mo. and a second line could be added for $10/mo., including all fees and taxes; but, with auto pay you get a $5/mo. credit, meaning your “final” bill would be “$60 but without auto pay $65.” Hello, $50 + $10 = $60 and a $5 credit would mean your FINAL bill would be $55, not $65.
    1. Yes, if this is true, then the advetisement needs to be rewritten. It does read one for $50 + $10 for the additional senior = $60 (all tax inclusive). So if you get $5 off for auto pay, then I agree it should be $55/month all inclusive. BTW, my wife works for the airlines and I am a 100% disabled veteran. Do we get additional discounts? How much is the cost for calls tio Korea and Japan?
    2. Dixie sounds like they ripped you off too. I was told $60 a month it has never dropped below $79. The cases I got to protect my phones fell apart in less than a year still paying for the junk. Got charged for calls to some country that tmobiles could only see. Will I ever recommend tmobiles to anymore family or friends? Not ever!
    3. Same thing just happened to me! I went with Tmobile 55 unlimited and signed up for auto pay for first time! I am new to cell phones (just stubborn). Inwas told it would be $50 a month with autopay and I clarified more than once. Today I got a call from the Retention Department telling me that there is an error on my bill and I owe $89 a month. Apparently the very nice guy at the store gave me all the wrong information and there is no 55 unlimited plan. Shavala at Tmobile might be the rudest customer service person I have encountered. I explained the 55 unlimited plan as it was explained to me and she said it does not exist. She further explained she is from Retention department which is higher up than store or customer or credit service and what she says is the correct info. I am currently aggravated!!!! Beware of Tmobile false advertising!!!!! Hoping I can switch to sprint this weekend!
    4. Its quoted with autopay figured in.extra 5 if you don’t do autopay .its 20 for a second line.. Plan is 80 minus 10 for autopay 70.
    1. Yes ultra mobile is a T-mobile MVNO that launched in October 2012, and the company added support for T-mobile’s LTE network in June.
  16. I pay an average of $11 month for my smartphone Tracfone for data, texts and calls. This does not include the $60 year I budget for purchasing a new phone every 2 years which brings it up to $16 month. I have shopping and transportation apps on my phone. I can switch to WiFi to save data. I also use an iPod Touch which is the same as an iPhone without the phone and uses WiFi exclusively. My cell is not my exclusive phone. I have a landline that I pay $25 month for. 8 years ago, my landline was $17 month. The fees have greatly increased over the last 8 years. When I move, I may be getting rid of it & use a cell exclusively altho I’m not that crazy about using a cell exclusively.
    1. How much talk text data do you use? Are you in a good signal area and how did you get a land line for $25? I am impressed do share
  17. Well, I can’t afford their huge savings. I use Virgin Mobile,.. locked into the $35 plus taxes, unlimited call, text, data slows after x amt. I can’t recall, I use the data a lot, You can buy more data time. Too bad you don’t know the lower cost providers. T-mobile is not impressive. Just a sales gimmick. Cos, I am on the t-mobile discussion site and I told them they charge way too much. They know and aren’t going to do anything except go Trumpie and tell you all how wonderful they are.
    1. I pay 50.00 for my mom’s and mine at consumers cellular and only get half a gig of data and it doesn’t work in my house and sometimes not outside and I live half mile from town and a tower.
    2. Define “unlimited lines”. These days unlimited mobile phone lines mean unlimited call, text and data. Sorry, I doubt $45 (a month) would pay for 2 unlimited lines at Consumer Cellular. That price is not bad if you get unlimited talk and text, if signals are good and zero virtuals.
  18. As a senior and a Boomer, I am insulted by the language, the repetitive expletives, as if those are necessary to explain the benefits of T-Mobile. Even in the sub commercials, there is language that is insulting to my intelligence. Clean up this advertisement, and I might just listen to the whole thing. Otherwise, I could not continue to listen to something that had to use language that insults my intelligence.
    1. I haven’t seen the comments you are mentioned but being called. Seinor is something you have to suck up when disabled been called senior on health plans, discount plans and phone plans But I get the pleasure of knowing we invented developed and made the Internet…

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