Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

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Amie Clark

Amie has been writing about senior care products and services for the last decade. She is particularly passionate about new technologies that help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. Seeing her parents and grandparents age made Amie ask herself, “Would this be good enough for my loved ones?” In her spare time, Amie enjoys outdoor adventures and spontaneous road trips. Learn more about Amie here


  1. We have Verizon Prepaid service on two Verizon Moto Z3 phones that we bought on ebay. We pay $71.50 month total for 2 phones with unlimited voice/texts and 15GB of data a month. Includes Hotspot feature on the phones for allowing a tablet to use the plan via wifi as well. Coverage can’t be beat. Includes 4G and 5G (no-ultra-wide) coverage too. Google Verizon Prepaid.
  2. its hard to figure out what to do. i have had verizon for a long time. we are using flip phones and my bill for two phones was around or between 82 to 86 bucks a month. we have unlimited talk and text and some data. we never use any data. i want to change and get a smart phone. from what i read on here its hard to decide. i love how t-mobil sounds but it doesnt have the coverage that verizon does. tmobil has the fees included in the price. i like that. i also use spectrum cable and computer, but from what i read im not sure about going with them for my smart phone when i buy one. i would have unlimited everything which would be 45per person monthly…so 90bucks a month a bit over what i pay now for the flip phones. when going online and clicking where it says how many lines for verison…its rediculous …its like 60bucks per phone and that is its lowest service…im still as confused as i was. i need to do this soon. make the change. i have an echo that my daughter bought me and it wont work unless you have a smart phone. im discovering that several things dont work unless you have a smart phone. i bought this watch that tells your heart rate, blood pressure etc…but wont work unless we have a smart phone. what is it with this have to have a smart phone. its driving me nuts. i dont want to pay much either.i want a phone that takes good pictures and in case i need it to use the GPS on it. husband and i are in our 70’s…
    1. If you don’t use hardly any data..try tracfone. You pay around $60/ year for a phone, 1200 minutes, 1200 texts, and a small amount of data. You find them offered at the home shopping web site. It uses the verizon cell towers so the signal is fine. I’ve used it for years. The phone you get is just OK..but the price is great. At the end of each year, I pick a new phone, pay another $60..and start all over again. Jerry
    2. If you use T-Mobile and your phone breaks and you decide to cancel, make sure you are aware that T-M will not stop billing you unless they can send you a PIN number – which they normally do to the phone (which just broke) so, make sure if this happens you inform them you know that they can send a PIN number to the email associated with your account. Otherwise they will keep billing you, send your information to a collection agency, and you will have to let the BBB know that you are not paying the bill with full documentation included your message. Just a word to the wise.
  3. I have the most basic of cell phones — its data capabilities are negligible. I’d like to upgrade to a phone that can double as an unlimited data hotspot for my (Android) tablet when I travel, or would a separate hotspot plan be the smarter route to take?
    1. Separate mobile (hotspot) data plan would be recommended if you would like to have unlimited data usage for your tablet. However, if your monthly data usage could be limited to several GB, especially if you could log on to the free WiFi networks in many places. (library, coffee shop, airport, hotel etc). T-Mobile 55+ voice line price plan makes good sense. For example: magenta 55+ 2 lines for $70–includes 5GB LTE mobile hotspot data usage. Another alternative is that you can buy a large screen smart phone, now typically 6″+ and pick the plan to have unlimited data…. (This would mean avoid using your tablet in most of the cases, unless you want to read books in 10″+ screens.)
    2. We’re using T-Mobile’s 55+ unlimited plan for 2 phones. We pay $60 per month ($55 w/auto pay) and both phones can offer unlimited data hot spot service. I like that the bill is all in at $60 – taxes, fees, everything. Never any surprises with them and we even get coverage in Mexico and Canada. T-Mobile coverage is good for us in most of the country. I’m currently reviewing “best cell plans for Seniors” and it seems that T-Mobile still offers some of the best options for unlimited and 5G.
  4. I have two phones with unlimited talk text and 20 gigs and pay 170.00 mt with Verizon, We are on a fixed income and do not want to pay 170.00 a month, We are looking to change can I get any advice,
    1. Consumer Cellular is a Great go to for the Best phone Plan. $40 a month Unlimited or Higher if you want more Data. I have been with them a year now and i”m pleased with them since i retired and cutting back on a lot of things, cable to firestick, changing to energy saver LED light bulbs, electricity, surge protector thru out the house cutting and unplugging what i’m not using at the time. If you have a home phone with AT&T change over to Ooma and you can still use your home number and that’s only about $6.00 a month, yes that is correct your bill will be under $10.00 a month. Just do your research, a lot of ways to say as we get older, i want to travel more and enjoy family and friends, also just enjoy life and still live comfortable. Be Blessed and take care and be safe.
      1. I have AT&T landline and AT&T DSL internet which uses my land line I believe. Can I switch to Ooma for the landline and that will also allow my AT&T DSL to work?
      2. We have 2 Consumer Cellular lines, one on a flip phone and the other on a smart phone. The flip phone was a Doro 626 which ran on 2g. Consumer Cellular uses AT&T towers, which are dropping their 2g, so Consumer Cellular has to offer a different flip. Now it’s the Link II, which can go 4g. When we transferred the SIM we discovered that the Link II contact list program makes finding a contact very complicated. On the Doro getting to the list was a punch on the right button. Then either scroll or enter the first letter. Very easy to find the contact. On the Link II getting to the contact list is complicated. The left button says “contacts” but it only brings up a list of “favorites” that takes many punches to create from the actual contacts list that is a labyrinth to locate. This phone is a down right nuisance. So we tried finding another AT&T serviceable flip phone as simple as the Doro was, but there isn’t any. We considered buying a Jitterbug, but it can’t be set up on the Consumer Cellular system. Our Link II has been thrown across the room at least twice but there isn’t anything else to take its place. It’s so bad we are considering leaving Consumer Cellular so we can get a phone that makes sense.
    2. TMobile $60 for 2 lines unlimited everything is perfect for 55+ crowd. Just make sure T Mobile is available in your area and also get a 5G phone. $30/line for 200mb download speeds is insanely worth it, especially if you can luck into a plan with taxes included. Price guaranteed 4 life!
  5. I am fond of Red Pocket. Their yearly plans are very affordable and come in a number of different configurations. You can get all the service providers (Verizon, AT&T and T-mobile). I have two $60/yr plans: one for my wife who doesn’t use her cell phone often and another one as a backup AT&T line for my phone. Yes, $60 for 100 minutes and texts and 500 mbs of data a month, which work out just fine for us.
    1. I agree. I just signed up with Red Pocket using Verizon towers and it has worked perfectly. I already had a low phone bill at $36, but now it will be $15 or less when I buy a yearly plan from Red Pocket. Their chat staff is wonderful if you need any help setting it up.
  6. I have read everyone’s comments and suggestions on best cell phone plans for seniors and I’m still undecided…help?!? Ugh! I was on son’s plan but service deactivated since purse was stolen from shopping cart while loading groceries in car;;;my nightmare senior moment,,”i thought i put purse in car..NOT” Well, I’m needing two lines with unlimited texts and calls plus internet. A friend strongly recommends Metro. My last service on son’s plan was Verizon. it’s two weeks no phone and haven’t spoken with grandkids. To Metro or not to Metro?..i look forward to anyone’s recommendations…Thank you very much:)
    1. 4/12/2021: I did my analysis of the information in the article and the article needs to be updated. I went to Consumer Cellular and bought an iphone, after much research. They have the best plans and plan prices. I was a former customer of Consumer Cellular ten years ago, bought flip phones and never had a problem with their plans and prices. Customer Service is the best. If you go over your plan minutes, they move you into the next plan level and do not charge you the extra prices for exceeding your plan limits like other places. No Contracts. Just order what you will need. Now for the Apple iphones, that is another issue I have with Apple. If you are new to the iphone and not aware that Apple has decided not to include a wall charger with its iphones (since Jan 2020) and never had an iphone before, you need to sit down and get an education about greedy Apple.
  7. My wife and I switched from Verizon to T Mobile 55+ plan two years ago and our cell phone bill dropped in half. Overall. we are happy with T Mobile, but we wish the coverage was better. We RV quite a bit and there have been plenty of times where we’ve had no phone or data service. This is exceptionally bad for my wife as she teaches online adult education for the local community college, and we have to scramble to find her decent WIFI or a drive around until we manage to find a T Mobile signal. If we visit my daughter, who lives 15 minutes from us – again, no signal. We were hoping that the merger with Sprint would help the issue, but so far it hasn’t improved. Right now we have to decide whether or not to keep a really good company and live with spotty coverage, or to go back to paying ridiculous fees with Verizon or AT&T but have better coverage.
    1. Thank you Bruce, my wife and I pay $150 with Verizon for unlimited everything. We were considering switching to t mobile and save $60 but my concern is coverage. We RV all over the country in many rural spots. So coverage for that lifestyle is important. I think I’ll pony up and stick with Verizon.
        1. Hi Judy, great advice. I checked it out and Visible appears to be exactly what I was looking for, and it piggybacks on Verizon which is perfect. Thanks for your recommendation!
    2. Ensure it isnt a phone problem. Ensure your phone is a newer model with all the channels TMobile uses. I travel too, and used an AT&T hot spot with unlimited data for back up. Very few locations where neither worked (like MT and some areas of WY) but generally good for one of them anywhere else. On the road? Probably going to need a backup plan. Suggest Starlink when the mobile plan goes live later this year.
  8. I had I-Wireless and loved it. Then they stopped making it. I don’t know if Kroeger took it over or what. I got Consumer Cellular and then after a couple of years, it wouldn’t charge. I went to get a new battery and they don’t make my model anymore. I don’t use my phone much, so it isn’t worth spending a lot of money on. I just need a phone for emergencies. Any ideas?
    1. The Straight talk phones sold a Walmart are a very good option. Especially if you get the Verizon network variant. For good overall coverage.
    2. Hi Barb. I’ve had Verizon for years and never had a problem. When I retired and became a senior, like you, all I needed a phone for was emergencies and only paid $25+tax a month. Check it out, you might like it. I’m trying GreatCall for seniors and have no clue what I’m doing. Today you need an iphone for everything, so I’m going to try and learn. If I hate, I’ll go back to Verizon. Gail
  9. we have had consumer cellular for over 1 year. we have 2 lines 10 gigs data. i have to call the voice mail number directly even though they say just press and hold the 1 key. this does not work. as soon as the call rings, is disconnects. therefore i have to dial a 513 area code number. once there i have to input a 7 digit passcode. when the Tennessee explosion took out our service we can not use our phones. today is Dec 27th. I called consumer cellular saturday and was told service would be restored when the tower was fixed. i asked if we would get a credit on our bill since we have no service. the guy bluntly said NO. It is not their fault that the service is interrupted. I stated it is certainly not my fault either so why would i be held responsible for paying for a service i can not use. long story short, today is the 27th and still no service. I would bet they are not paying their fees while the service is out. FYI , I have been on my computer for 2 hours this morning searching for a senior plan with 2 lines, 10 gigs. consumer cell will be in my rearview mirror very soon.
  10. I wonder why the article doesn’t mention TING. My 86-year-old dad makes one call a week. The fee is $6.00 for the phone. He never uses enough minutes to go over $6.00 a month. My minutes add about 15.00 a month plus my $6.00 fee; as does my brother. We are all seniors. Are three person bill is 48.00 a month. I wonder why TING is not considered for anyone who doesn’t live on his/her phone?
  11. Looking to see more affordable cell plans now than I am over 50 years of age. Will I need to purchase another cell phone if having one already?
  12. I have had wonderful service with Sprint. Verizon was a nightmare for us on several occasions do we swiched backto Sprint. They have been great, never a billing problem and with Verizon I was in there almost every month for charges that were not mine trying desperately to get the off my bill. I couldn’t wait until my contract was up with them.
    1. I’ve been a Sprint customer for 22 years and worked for Sprint for 25 years. I am amazed that you are complimenting for being great. My experience has been terrible, and when the merger went through, I wanted to switch to the TMobile plan, but of course they would not allow it. I was told I have a Sprint account, I cannot switch to a TMobile account. Since I have a Sprint family plan but now its just me, I wanted to change my plan to the Sprint 55 Plus plan, but I did not qualify because it is only for new customers. I guess it doesn’t pay to be a loyal customer.
      1. I completely agree! we switched to sprint after 15 years with Verizon and sprint was the worst cell provider we could imagine. on every level
  13. I have had AT&T for many years . Over the past 3 years I have taken over my dads phone number that he used for over 60 years before his passing . I have a smart phone and hubby who is 81 has a flip phone. HE has no interest in any a newer model . IN past few days were told by AT&T that his phone will not jive with the new up grade they will be doing . He does not do anything but call out or incoming calls . IN past two weeks we have had our service dropped while I was texting or no service at all. The bill is a bit more than we would like and going up seems every year . Would like to go to a much cheaper service and still be able to keep both our number . WE are rural america and sort in a valley. Until lately no issues with phone except low bar reading but still able to do what we need . So what a good choice for us?
    1. We use Republic Wireless. Have used them since they went public. Best decision we ever made! If I need more data, I can purchase it right on my phone. My hubby doesn’t use much so RW works well for us.
    1. Consumer cellular tends to change their policies without notice and now that they only have 2 minute plans to choose from, when a customer enjoys the auto plan change, they charge more for the second line…..forever period. Tongue in cheek customer service representatives….hustle you off without satisfying a complaint. A nightmare.
      1. Trish, I had Consumer Cellular. Whenever I exceeded my plan, then yes, they kicked up me up $5 or $10 to the next plan for billing that month. All I had to do at the end of that billing period was go online into my account and change my plan back down where I wanted it for the current month. It takes less than 5 minutes once you’ve been through it one time and know how easy it is. I never had the bad phone service from them that you describe. I switched from T-Mobile to Consumer Cellular to save money, which I did, plus I had American telephone support, not overseas reps at night. I switched from Consumer Cellular to Google Fi when they offered me unlimited talk and text for $20 a month and data is billed at $10 a Gb, by the minute. I have enjoyed saving money on Google but have become unhappy with Google overall, for their lack of phone support on their products. I just went through a nightmare scenario with them, being told “I’ve solved your problem with us, now you have to contact this other Google Dept./Product Support and resolve that part of your problem with them”. This went on for days. All by chat and email, no telephone support available, so very time consuming when it could have been resolved in 1 phone call with maybe some follow-up. I still don’t know if my problem is resolved. I told them how disgusted I am with Google and moving to Apple. Apple is the Gold Standard of Support, from my experiences. I could call Apple Support on the phone right now, no matter how old the product, and be treated like I had just bought it brand new. I’m ditching my Motorola for an iPhone SE and abandoning Google because they have abandoned all of us when it comes to Support. FYI, Google Fi doesn’t have phone service for Apple devices, as of August 2020 and they don’t know when, or if, they’ll offer it.
    2. For anyone who has a disability, you may want to check into the LifeLine program. My daughter has Downs Syndrome and she has a reasonable nice smart phone free of charge. She has Assurance Wireless. The program is called Federal Lifeline Assistance.
  14. You have mistakenly referred o Verizon contracts. Verizon no longer offers contracts. You might want to correct your error.
    1. I had Consumer Cellular for many years.I purchased a hotspot fromthem that never arrived. They took absolutely no responsibility in the shipping and tried to say it was all my responsiblity and the costs , even though I never received it. The supervisors no one would help. They said their company policy was that once the item leaves their shop its your responsibility. I cancelled everything through my credit card and won the dispute. About a month later it did arrive, it was apparently mis delivered or stolen in the postal system. I received nothing from consumer cellulatr no apology nothing… BUYER BEWARE
    2. T-mobile is great love them, Sprint now that is another story. I wish T-mobile would convert all of sprint to them having control and separate themselves from sprint by removing their legal name being associated with them. Can anyone find someone who says anything good to say about Sprint. I believe that would be difficult, unless the person was paid to say something positive. T-Mobile is big with having great customer care, they appreciate you as a human being a part of making them successful and it reflects in their customer service.
  15. I use tello mobile(on sprint Network). I spend $9.18(all taxes and fees included) a month for unlimited talk and text and 500m data. No contract. Free calls to canada, Mexico and China.
  16. I have had tracfone for years at $21 for 3 months on the triple plan. Recently i had to buy more airtime due to the expiration date and just by accident, I found that they do not have that plan anymore…though, when i first got it, they said it was a lifetime offer…They have the worse support system, mostly outsource help and you know what you get with that, the “lost in translation” problem. they are now offering for that same price only for monthly charges, not quarterly.
  17. I’ve been looking into this plan but my daughter tells me I use 17 gigs a month and apparently mint doesn’t offer that much data? I’d really be intrested in mint if they had a plan with more data?
  18. I have a jitterbug flip phone and love it. BUT I have 2 people texting on my phone and I do not know them. I’m 85 and do not text. How can I block my text ? One person is from Colorado texting to another person. I get both texes. Will I be charged for these?
  19. I am an AT&T Retiree. Before AT&T offered Mobile Service in our Area, I used Verizon as Bellsouth instructed their Managers. After retiring, I (We) switched to AT&T as they then provided Service in my Area and Beyond. About 4 Years ago, We switched to Consumer Cellular for less money (Even with my Employee Discount), Excellent Service, and Customer Support provided in the USA – by People who can understand Me and vice versa. Started out at $55.00 + Government Fees for Unlimited Voice, Text and 2 G Data. Year later, they increased us to 3 G with no Price Increase. Last Year, they increased our Data to 5G with still no increase in Price. Their Customer Support is Excellent! Only had to call about 3 Times with my Phone Issues – NOT their Service. I’m an Older, Southern, Conservative White Male. If they’re Libs, I don’t care. I’m looking for Good Service and Value – Not a Politician!
    1. I fan looking into consumer cellular as well. My daughter tells me that I need at least 20 gigs of data. Does consumer cellular offer that much data?
    2. Also lookong into Consumer Cellular. And I too would prefer a non-liberal company (partners with -barf- union AARP), but they have excellent refs for customer support and all others just dont.
  20. I just signed up with Spectrum Mobile, $19.50 a month for 24 months, then goes to $14.00 mo as long as you have Spectrum Internet. unlimited talk, text and 1 gig of data. If you go over the 1 gig its $14/gig. Don’t know yet how I will like it. The $19.50 includes a LGK40 phone ($5.50 of the $19.50 is for the phone). I have a TMobile prepaid for $20/mo but its only text and talk on auto pay.
    1. I also have Spectrum Mobile. It’s a reasonable price and customer service has been fine so far, Just be very careful not to go over the 1 Gb as it will double your bill. I keep data saver on in my settings and use my home wi-fi for most everything else. Once I toggled the data saver on by mistake and it zapped a lot of data by just updating apps, etc. just beware, it adds up fast!
  21. It sounds a great plan for a senior which I am and a bit of a tease because I live in New Zealand and it is not available here.
  22. Has anyone tried Tello? I understand they have great plans that include a plan if you have a flip phone and don’t want to be charged for data usage.
  23. Try cricket , which uses att. Towers and is owned by att. I have been happy with them . Talk and text, unlimited, enough data for me use when I am out and about, set up auto pay at 35. a month ?
  24. My mom is 89, has a prepaid smartphone and buys the $30/month prepaid card. She gets unlimited talk and text for that price. She doesn’t use the internet so this is a good option for her. It is better than what AT&T is offering for their Senior Plan, above.
  25. I have Tmobile 55+ plan. It is a really good plan. Unlimited calling, data etc. $70 for 2 lines. If you use autopay they deduct $5 off each line. Plus you pay the monthly fee for you phone if you don’t pay for it in full up front. The customer service representatives are awesome. They will even talk through messenger via Twitter for support. Tmobile is awesome! I wish you the best!!
    1. I got Boost with my daughter as a 4 line family plan but she quit right away and i stayed with it because with Sprint they only got 2 lines. Boost charges whatever they want and have rules of what i can do with my phone. STAY AWAY FROM BOOST
  26. I have had Consumer Cellular for a couple of years now and I have never had a dropped call, an incorrect Bill or any other problem. They are very inexpensive compared with other major providers. There are great prices for shared lines. I don’t use much data because I have WiFi at home, so I can’t honestly say much about that. But I would surely recommend you check them out.
    1. Has anyone switched to Consumer Cellular ATT towers from TMobile? I am thinking of switching because my block is a bad zone for Tmobile. I know ATT is great here (had them before switching to TMobile 4 months ago).
  27. Just bought an iphone 11, my 1st smartphone. Can’t do some things without a smartphone like videos/picture storage, etc. Haven’t activated the phone & purchased it unlocked. I currently have T-Mobile pre-paid & have had T-Mobile for almost 16 yrs. with very few issues. Checking out plans, boy you get soaked if you only have one line. My son has Metro & considering going with him. If I go with T-Mobile if I leave pre-paid I can’t go back to it. Checking out Consumer Cellular. My one & only phone a Nokia from 2004 (not even a flip phone) works perfectly except for the occasional no service spot. Wish I could use it forever!
  28. Just turned 65 yesterday and have been an AT&T customer for years. Called about a senior Plan today. The customer rep said they offer 25% off my current plan but that I must visit a local AT&T store to activate. Has anyone else done this with success?
    1. Just got out from under AT&T, what a long strange trip it was. about $170+ per month for my sis and me. I got us back on T-Mobile 55+ “Magenta” plan and I’m paying exactly $80 for both of our lines, with unlimited everything. If I would actually start to use auto-pay, it would cut me down to $70 a month. And yes, this INCLUDES all taxes and fees so you don’t have to spend hours reading the bill like the old days. Great American based English speaking service agents who are pretty cheerful for the most part too.
  29. I have an Alcatel Tetra with a pay as you go plan. No monthly fees. Paid $100 for 1000 minutes to be used within a year. It does texting but I rarely use it. Husband has the same phone. It serves our purpose – Ability to make phone calls away from home and texting when necessary. I don’t know if it has a GPS. I have had a similar plan for all the years I have used cell phones. Simply won’t get tangled into a month plan. I’m 70 so all the other gizmos are of no interest to me.
  30. I signed up as senior with T-Mobile. I added second line for disabled friend. For the past three months bill has escalated between 6 and 8 hundred bucks. I paid at least 300 each month. Phone shut off when mistake made with pay date. I called 5x before service was turned back on.
    1. That is definitely a mistake on some new agents’ part. Especially under the 55+ plan. You can either check the bill yourself, or have someone help you check it online. It will give you a complete overview of all of your charges, for each line. So yes, I’m on a “Magenta 55+” plan with T-Mobile with my twin sis, and I’m paying a monthly total of exactly $80.00 INCLUDING all of the taxes and fees for our 2 lines! I know exactly who’s used what during the entire billing cycle. But with our T-Mobile 55+, it comes with unlimited data, text, and voice calling, so I don’t really need to check anyway. I’m a mobility manager so I live on my phone. And we’re not flying now, obviously, but the perks for us aging travelers is really just amazing. I’m not a salesman, just an experienced mobile phone user (since the first “suitcase” phones were put out).
    2. That’s way too much money – get out !! Seniors can get discounted plans through other carriers!! Do some research- you’re being ripped off!!!
    1. Check with her case manager if she receives disability benefits; sometimes state Medicaid plans provide free phone/phone service and they can recommend. Of join the local advocacy group. My sister has Williams Syndrome and I couldn’t live without the “WSA” and their Facebook pages. Also check your local Arc chapter; they are usually excellent advocates and know “the best” from which medical providers are good for sp needs folks to what type of cell phones work.
  31. My wife and I use Google Fi. It runs on Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular (USC has the best coverage in our area.) Plan is $20/mo and $15 for each extra phone. Data is shared at $10 a GB. Data is prorated to what you use. If you use a lot of data, it’s free once you hit a certain amount. 6GB and more is $60 for two lines. The top limit changes based on the number of lines that are on the plan. It uses WiFi when it can, so we have never broken 1 GB until we used the mapping on a recent trip. To use all their features you may have to buy their phone. My wife had issues with her phone and they worked diligently with her to get it corrected.
  32. Tracfone – 3 yrs. First phone was unlocked GSM, recent phone last Christmas season through online shopping network, phone, case & 1 year plan, good price. Chat during weekdays. There are now Unlimited plans $20, $25, $35 per month. I am on autorill plan, considering mentioned plans since there has been increase of pics received. It took time to figure how to contact Tracfone, contact weekday, not weekends. Probs have occurred but less then other providers. Plans reasonably priced.
  33. I’m preparing to purchase my first smartphone and despite lots of reading I need some suggestions. I primarily want to use the phone for the navigation feature. I send few text messages and would only need it to make emergency calls because I still have a landline phone at home. No need for the other bells and whistles. What do you think is the cheapest way to go?
      1. Sure would love to know the type of plan you are subscribed to. I only need one line, so I’ve been doing research for quite a while to cut my monthly costs. My son currently pays my cellphone bill (Total Wireless) but I’d like to take over this myself, but have to find company with best, but less expense price. I can’t afford $100 per month. I am senior living on fixed income.
        1. Sharon, The best plan for you depends on what services you use. For $30 per month plus tax, consumer cellular gives you 1 line, unlimited talk (phone calls), 3 giga bytes of data, and unlimited texts. If you don’t use data and you don’t text, you can get unlimited talk (phone calls) for only $20 per month plus tax. If you are a member of AARP they will also give you a 5% discount.
          1. How much are taxes and could one use own phone or must purchase new phone? Thanks in advance!
          2. I’ve had good to go almost 2yrs unlimited calling & texting & data 2gigs data for 15 a month w/ auto pay runs on at& t can’t beat it.
    1. Get a Garmin or TomTom GPS, constantly running navigation on a phone sucks the battery and the phone gets very hot. My GPS gets a little warm but not so much the unit will deteriorate from heat. Phones are much more sensitive to heat as well.
  34. I am looking for a plan for my 85 year old parent who only will use calling in US plus calls made to Europe. Suggestions?
    1. Diana did you get any answers? I have a similar situation. My mom will be traveling to Europe in the next few weeks. Just want to be able to communicate with her. She doesn’t need unlimited data or texts.
      1. I’ve heard the best travel advice, if one’s plan doesn’t cover service in other countries, is to have an unlocked phone. (Not tied to a specific carrier; you can “port” the phone to different services, AT&T, Verizon, etc.) Once “in country” you sign up for a local service. Oh, the phone, you remove the SIM card and get a SIM card in country. I haven’t traveled with a cell phone yet but when I do go beyond my borders, I’ve found the “Lonely Planet” folks the most practical for advice. Check your local library for their country specific books to see if that flavor suits you. If it does, then purchase the books that cover the locations you (or your mum) will visit. Lonely Planet also has websites, maybe Facebook page, etc. If your mum will be on a packaged tour, then the tour operator should have excellent advice on how to handle out of country phone service. Also check into phone charging; the rest of the world uses different voltage, outlet designs, etc.
    1. Go with Tracfone, they are pretty simple. They have a 30 day smart phone plan with unlimited calls/texts and 1 GB of data for 20.00 plus tax. Check them online. You may be able to use your current phone.
    2. Be careful of Consumer Cellular. We switched from T Mobile to CC 60 days ago for cheaper costs, but are very disappointed in the coverage. We live in the Chicago metro area so coverage shouldn’t be an issue, but we consistently have dropped calls or an inability to access CC network for internet.
  35. With these other carriers do you get WiFi for your smart phone or it that extra also? I mostly text very little phone calls but it’s needed for emergencies. I use the internet daily. I don’t have a computer just the phone.
    1. No one mentioned Tracfone. I have used them for years ….. first for my mom who is a senior then for my kids. You only buy what u need …. minutes roll over if u buy $100.00worth and u can have them for a year. Similar for the data and texting. Check them out.
  36. I have been researching all plans I have had Verizon forever what a rip I have discovered I am still paying extra 10 for hot spot that I’m not using and is paid for and oh by the way is outdated2017 will be 40 to upgrade? Then my rate is 5.00 late fee every month? Since I didn’t sign up for auto pay? They send me a text and I pay it? They have offered nothing for this confusion they do not care about customer retention so I am doing research to switch to new service all efforts to stay with verizon? Ha just increases .
    1. Consumer cellular tends to change their policies without notice and now that they only have only 2 minute plans to choose from, when a customer has to from 250 to unlimited plan, they then charge more for the second line…..forever, period. So the option to drop back down is a sales pitch since your monthly bill is higher with higher taxes Tongue in cheek customer service representatives….hustle you off while you scratch your head trying to make sense of what they say. Waste hours on hold.
  37. Spectrum have a cell phone plan for their internet customers. $14.99 for unlimited talk, text and 1G internet.
  38. Why do cell phone service providers make the hints so difficult for retirees & seniors? Most seniors just want unlimited talk and a far amount of texting/data service for the occasional email or text message. $100 for two (2) phones, unlimited talk time (and roll-over minutes), and a gigabyte or two for texting/emailing should be a standard.
    1. If T-Mobile is in your area, they are the best. Their customer service is there to help. The senior citizen deal is great.
    1. I’m 73 and looking for my first cell phone to replace my landline serviced by Spectrum. Want to keep my landline number to switch portals for a cell phone. Do you know a carrier that will do that?
    2. Consumer Cellular – $52 for 2 phones. Unlimited text and talk. Haven’t had any problems at all until the last couple of weeks, delayed texts. Trying to figure out what is going on with that. My husband’s phone isn’t doing that. Maybe my phone. Straightens up when I restart it after realizing I haven’t received texts. Again, service has been great.
    1. I have had consumer Cellular for 3 years or longer.Had no problems until. 2 months ago. Now drop calls also can not call in areas I once could. Called them twice and they are suppose to send up a new card. Been 5 weeks and no card . May have to drop them
    1. Hi there, I just called T-Mobile and asked for the 55plus plan and they switched me over the phone. No hassle at all. You have to call though, they don’t automatically switch you when you turn 55 🙂
  39. I am looking for a plan that is affordable. I am 70 years old and I want a cell phone with unlimited talk n text. It must take a good pic(camera)
  40. Why is AARP the “holy grail” for seniors? There are other, just as efficient organizations for seniors. AARP is the richest, most political of all the orgs out there. Can’t believe that a company like AT&T and others would fall for their tactics. Go with a straight plan and don’t fall for these so-called “Senior” plans. Just look at the “fine print,” which we shouldn’t have to do.
    1. I refuse to join AARP as well but I’m pretty new to trying to figure out what is the best senior cell phone plan. I’m looking for suggestions
  41. Cell phone plans for seniors, r just like politicians, they r all CROOKS, from the word GO.
  42. Totally BS…. YOU have done a poor job of plans for Seniors…… Even non-seniors whatever pay these prices… Aren’t we supposed to get a break ?… And please don’t mention consumer Cellular that is the worst plan… Few minutes and plenty of money
    1. I get wi-fi Republic Wireless for about $6 per month for unlimited text, phone and internet. My wife has a flip phone with GreatCall for $22 per month for 200 minutes of talk. I will be using Consumer Cellular for my mobile I-Phone and that will be another $28 dollars…Not too bad. Of course, I am a millionaire. T
      1. 200 minutes is nothing if you have several family members in other cities or states. Also data,since many do not have internet, can benefit elderly by getting pictures and information:
      2. The $28 sounds not bad, it is great, if it is all what you pay. Have you checked your bill taxes included, line by line…?. How about $58 + ? still not bad ?
      1. I have consumer cellular unlimited calling but can not have voicemail, that is why I am searching for a different plan.
    2. I have used Consumer Cellular for 2 years now, $52 for 2 phones, unlimited text and talk and 3GB of data. Can’t complain at all!
    1. Metro PCS just told me and my husband that it would be $80 before fees and taxes for us… seniors…and that is if we got the free flip phones. If you’ve been with them for years, consider yourself lucky. There’s no real savings for seniors, not even if you have AARP which gives a whopping 5% discount to members. It’s rough getting cellphones for two on a senior’s budget (and watch out for providers who claim they don’t know what the monthly fees and taxes are)!!
    2. I also have metro pcs $30/mo plan. Good price but limited data included. I can add 2gig for $5 if I need more. Great for me b-cuz I am usually in a wifi hotspot so data not that important but for travelers or users without ready access to wifi it might not work. They have an unlimited plan for $50/mo.
  43. It seems that when I tried to get the Verizon 55+ I was told that it is only given to certain accounts and apparently I wasn’t one of them.
    1. Watch out. Two of my co-workers are on the Verizon plan. But, I was told the same thing. Rep on chat line offered the plan this morning. Then this afternoon when I got back online to sign up after discussing it with my husband, I was told I was not eligible for the plan. When I got through to a human voice, she offered me a plan that increased my bill by $38/month. Beware!
      1. Metro pcs cost me $30 a month unlimited talk text n 2 gigs of data . Your data only slows down after 2 gigs. This includes tax. I dont see why verizon n other top carriers charge so much. Lotta times when u sign up ya get a free smartphone.If you have internet you can use data n save for when ya go away

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