Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone Review

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Staying connected with friends and family is important for seniors. That’s why finding the right cell phone is vital. Having a cell phone in hand means seniors can always get in touch with family and friends, wherever they are.

GreatCall is one cell phone provider designed specifically for seniors. Their phones were designed with older adults in mind and offer a range of features to make life easier for older adults, and keep them feeling safe and secure. Let’s take a closer look.

Who is GreatCall?

GreatCall was founded in 2006 in San Diego, California. From the very beginning, GreatCall has emphasized creating accessible technology solutions for seniors. Their flagship product was the Jitterbug phone, an updated version of which we’re talking about today. They incorporated live chat with doctors and nurses to their optional add-ons and added cellular medical alert systems to their lineup.

GreatCall’s products are senior-focused and senior friendly.

Jitterbug is Made With Seniors In Mind

The design of the Jitterbug Flip is simple and easy-to-use. It’s packed with features that make it stand out. How about:

  • Large buttons and a backlit display so it’s always easy to dial or text.
  • A brighter screen that’s easy on the eyes.
  • A simple, intuitive yes/no menu that’s straightforward to use.
  • A loud, powerful speaker for hands-free conversations and no straining to hear or be heard.
  • A magnifier and flashlight for those moments when you just need a little more light on the subject.
  • Bold, impossible to miss, 5Star button on the handset. One press connects seniors to the call center, where customer care agents can pinpoint their exact location and dispatch help as needed. Agents can contact friends or family, send emergency services, or get in touch with roadside assistance.

Customers can also turn their Jitterbug phone into a medical alert device, by signing up for a health and safety package. There are three health packages to choose from:

  1. Basic ($19.99 monthly) includes 5Star urgent response, health and wellness calls, brain games and medication reminders.
  2. Preferred ($24.99 monthly) includes everything in Basic. It also includes access to UrgentCare live calls with health professionals, and the GreatCall Link app that lets caregivers monitor 5Star presses from the Jitterbug handset.
  3. Ultimate ($34.99) includes everything in Preferred. It also includes device replacement if the Jitterbug is lost or stolen, and access to live personal operators who assist with finding phone numbers, looking up addresses, and connecting calls.

Jitterbug Flip Plans and Cost

Let’s take a look at the nuts and bolts of the Jitterbug Flip.

Where to buy: Purchase online direct from GreatCall, Amazon, Best Buy, Rite Aid, Sears, and Walmart Pharmacy. You can also purchase at some brick and mortar locations including Walmart, Best Buy, and Sears.
Handsets: The Jitterbug Flip is a specially designed handset is what makes this an ideal cell service for seniors. The handset costs $99.99, plus shipping and activation fees.
Plans: Customers can choose from two kinds of plan. Talk and text only for those who just want the basics or one of the health plans outlined above. Those who opt for a health plan save up to 50% on their calls and minutes.
Calls: Talk and text only customers get 200 minutes for $14.99 monthly, 600 minutes for $19.99, 1500 minutes for $29.99, or 3000 minutes for $39.99. Unlimited talk and text is $49.99 monthly. Customers who subscribe to one of the health and safety plans get 50 minutes monthly for $5, 600 minutes for $10, or 1000 minutes for $15. Unlimited talk and text is $30 monthly.
Texts: All customers get 300 texts for $3 monthly, 700 texts for $6, 1250 texts for $10, or 2500 texts for $15 (or they can subscribe to unlimited talk and text with their calling package.)
Data: Not applicable- this is a standard flip phone, not a smartphone. If you need data, check out the Jitterbug Smart2.
Extras: No annual contracts and no cancellation fees. You can even keep your own phone number. Customers also get a free car charger and wall charger.

Ideal for: Seniors who are looking for a little more than just a phone. The Jitterbug Flip is ideal for those who would benefit from the extra peace of mind of a medical alert, but don’t need to wear one 24/7. The Jitterbug Flip provides reassurance and security. It’s also super easy to see and use, making it a good choice for seniors with arthritic hands or problems with their eyesight.

Jitterbug Flip Reviews

We had a look around the web to find out what Jitterbug Flip customers have to say. Here’s what we found.

What people loved: People love how easy it is to use! We saw many people complimenting the simplicity of both the buttons and the menus. People love the large buttons and backlit display, too.
What people weren’t so keen on: Some people have had issues with the speaker sounding muffled. Some people also find the range of packages is too confusing.

Our Verdict: Jitterbug Flip is perfect for seniors who need a little extra backup. The range of health and caregiver options is fantastic, turning a simple cell phone into a fully functioning medical alert. As this isn’t a smartphone, it’s great for those who don’t want to use the web but want to call and text regularly. Plus there’s a plan for every type of usage, from occasional to texting all day!

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