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Safety in the Home: What Is A Stairlift?

Stair Lifts for Seniors

Safety in the Home: What Is A Stairlift?
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Written By
Amie Clark

Amie has been writing about senior care products and services for the last decade. She is particularly passionate about new technologies that help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. Seeing her parents and grandparents age made Amie ask herself, “Would this be good enough for my loved ones?” In her spare time, Amie enjoys outdoor adventures and spontaneous road trips. Learn more about Amie here


  1. My brother plans to build a house that he can live in, but since he’s physically disabled, he has to have a way to lift himself between floors while he’s in a wheelchair. Thanks for saying that there are platform chairlifts that he can have installed in his future house so he won’t need assistance in case he’s alone at home. I think I’ll help him find a company that sells these since this will help him a lot in many situations.
  2. My father is disabled so he might need an in-home stair lift to help him up the stairs. Since the staircase is curved, I might install a curved stairlift for him to use. I might purchase some lifts between $2000 to $10000 as you mentioned since it depends on the length of the staircase how much I need to spend, but I’ll see what I can find.
    1. Hi John, When the lift is not in use, the arms, seat, and footrest will fold up so that others can still use the staircase by foot. There is a folding rail option (manual or power) that will prevent the rail from sticking out at the bottom of the stairs.
  3. Thank you for this article. I am planing to install a stairlift sometime in the future as my mobility has declined in the last few years and I can see the handwritting on the wall. I do not want to leave my home so will be handicap accessorizing in the future.
  4. I was wondering whenever I saw stair lifts in action they appear to go very slowly. Now I understand for safety reasons they must do that but is there a standard that is used on what speed they can go up to?
    1. The speed depends on the manufacturer and model of the stair lift. On average, a stair lift travels at a speed of 23 ft./min.
  5. Thank you for sharing some unbiased and truthful information about stairlifts. It should be noted that there is a company or two that have some really powerful marketing programs. They are very heavily advertised on television and in many print advertising publications. These two well known companies have call centers located in Orlando, Florida; Colordao, and the other in Raleigh, North Carolina. They do not have offices and locations throughout the country. Consumers that are seeking to purchase a stairlift should first consult with a local dealer. A local dealer will be a person that has a local phone number, a local address, and a local community resident that comes out to complete a free in home assessment. Many times they will even have a local store where a consumer can go try a stairlift, although that isn’t necessarily a solid indicator. A local dealer can provide the service after the sale that so many struggle to find when they have purchased a stairlift from a television ad or a national print publication. We provide a free home estimate, free installation, and impeccable service after the sale and warranty support on all the stairlifts that we sell. I appreciate your well written article and your passion for sharing truth with seniors about products that are intended for them. I will be adding a link to your site on mine.
  6. Thanks for this great information. I really happy to read your post. My child is an autism spectrum disorder. So I want to install this stair lift for my house. Have a good day.
  7. I really appreciate you helping me learn more about a stairlift. I believe my mom needs to read this article since my dad has an injury and cannot walk properly. This will help them with their mobility issues at home.

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