Eargo Hearing Aid Review

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Hearing loss is a common experience as we get older. That doesn’t mean we simply have to live with it. After all, hearing loss can be so frustrating. It gets harder to hear people talking or enjoy television or music. As for following the threads of a conversation in a busy restaurant, well, that becomes nearly impossible.

Yet getting a hearing aid can be daunting for older adults, too. As well as the cost investment, there’s always the worry of how the hearing aid will look. Seniors worry about the stigma of wearing a hearing aid, especially the old fashioned behind the ear models.

Eargo tackles this worry by building tiny discreet hearing aids that you simply wear in your ear canal. They’re so small that no one else will even notice them. Let’s take a closer look at Eargo.

Who Is Eargo?

Eargo is based out of California and was established in 2010. One of Eargo’s founders, Florent Michel, is an ear, nose and throat surgeon. He founded the company alongside his sons Raphael, who is the CEO, and Daniel, the Chief Science and Clinical Officer. Their first hearing devices came to market in 2015, while the EargoMax came to market in 2018. The Eargo Neo was introduced in 2019 and the Eargo Neo HiFi was released in 2020.

How Does Eargo Work?

Eargo hearing aids look just like small earplugs with little shuttlecocks attached to them! They’re designed to fit easily and discreetly in the ear canal, where they amplify and clarify sound.

Eargo hearing aids are one size fits all (this could be an issue for some clients, as they won’t be comfortable for everyone.) To decide if you want to try Eargo for yourself, simply use their hearing test online, or put in a call to their customer service center so they can talk it over with you. You can also request a pair of non-functioning units for free so you can test for fit.

After you place an order, you have a 45 day evaluation period to decide if Eargo is for you. Eargo also offers a free pair of non-functioning aids so you can try out the feel and fit first before making a financial commitment.

How Much Do Eargo Hearing Aids Cost?

Eargo offers multiple models:

  • EargoMax at $1,850
  • EargoNeo at $2,350
  • EargoNeo HiFi at $2,950

More on each model in a moment.

Benefits Of Eargo Hearing Aids

Some benefits of Eargo hearing aids include:

  • Fast and fuss free service. You’ll receive your new hearing aids in 2 – 5 days.
  • 45 day evaluation period to make sure the product is right for you.
  • Small, discreet design that’s comfortable to wear.
  • Easily rechargeable via the handy little carry case.
  • A welcome call to help you get set up.
  • Up to two year’s warranty, depending on the model.
  • Finance may be available to help spread the cost (talk to Eargo to find out if you’re eligible.)
  • Four different sound profiles – simply tap your ear to change profile so you can focus on what matters to you.
  • Made of soft medical grade silicone for the most comfortable fit possible.
  • Lifetime licensed support.

What Types of Hearing Aids Does Eargo Offer?

Eargo offers a few hearing aids. All share the same great features listed above. The main difference is in the sound quality.

  • EargoMax (good) offers enhanced sound amplification and noise reduction for an even better experience, especially suited to a more active lifestyle, and is priced at $1,850.
  • EargoNeo (better) offers Eargo’s a more enhanced sound, plus it’s app-enabled for full audio personalization and control and is priced at $2,350.
  • EargoNeo HiFi (best) offers Eargo’s most enhanced sound, plus it’s practically invisible and is priced at $2,950.

Eargo Reviews

We took a look online to find out what consumers are staying about Eargo.

What people loved: We found a lot of great reviews out there for Eargo. Lots of customers love how light and comfortable they are to wear, and have noticed a wonderful difference in the quality of their hearing as a result. We also noted that their customer service gets a lot of praise, too.

What people weren’t so keen on: It seems some customers have issues with their Eargo aids not lasting much beyond the first couple of years, and there were also a handful of problems with the chargers breaking. It’s worth noting though that the positive reviews outnumber the negative by a large margin.

The verdict: Eargo is a great solution for seniors who need a little hearing support, but don’t want to wear obvious hearing aids. They are a little pricey, but definitely in line with other products of the same caliber (and cheaper than some hearing aids.) The lack of personalized fitting service could be an issue for those who need more support getting started, though the 45-day evaluation period and free non-functioning units to test for fit do help with this. Readers, please note Eargo is suitable for mild to moderately-severe high frequency hearing loss.

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