Dr. Kasey Craig, Au.D.

Dr. Kasey Craig, Au.D.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics
  • Clinical doctorate in Audiology
  • Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics
  • Clinical doctorate in Audiology

Kasey’s first experiences with hearing loss were in college while working as a Spanish to English translator for ENT physicians. After translating the words––We can’t do anything for this kind of hearing loss; you need an audiologist––she became very intrigued with audiology, hearing aids, and helping those with hearing loss.

After completing her bachelor’s in linguistics, she went on to earn her doctorate in audiology (AuD). Since graduating, she has worked in a VA hospital, a private ENT practice, and for a large multi-national hearing healthcare provider. She is currently managing a hearing clinic and strives to ensure everyone who walks in the door receives excellent, evidence-based care. She has also practiced clinical audiology in both the U.S and U.K. This variety of experience gives her insight into the products and hearing care available across all corners of the market.

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