Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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Consumer Cellular Phone Plans
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When it comes to affordable cellular providers for seniors, there’s hardly a better option than Consumer Cellular. While many cellular plans that cater to seniors offer only simple devices, Consumer Cellular sells a whole range of devices, from simple flip phones to the most advanced smartphones and iPhones.

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Consumer Cellular’s already low prices will get even lower for select devices.

FYI: Due to their reliable service and low prices, Consumer Cellular always ranks among our best phone plans for seniors.

Consumer Cellular Black Friday Deals

While Consumer Cellular has yet to announce Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for 2024, in years past, the cellular provider has offered steep discounts on phones. These include free or heavily discounted iPhones, smartphones, and basic flip phones when you purchase a cellular plan from them.

However, these discounts rarely extend to the actual service of the phone, meaning your talk, text, and data costs will likely be the same. To learn more about these costs, read our guide about Consumer Cellular phone pricing.

Cyber Monday Deals

In 2021, Consumer Cellular ran a Cyber Monday promotion that gave customers $100 for each new line activated before the new year. However, if you had read the fine print of this offer, you would have seen that this $100 would be applied as individual $5 credits over the course of 20 billing cycles.

While one $100 Visa gift card (or something similar) would have been nice, this discount was still pretty good, especially considering Consumer Cellular lines can be purchased for as low as $15 per month.

How To Find Consumer Cellular Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

To find Black Friday and Cyber Monday Consumer Cellular deals, you should check out their website as the dates approach. In past years, they’ve announced their deals as early as two weeks before the arrival of Black Friday.

Consumer Cellular Deals In-Store

In addition to purchasing a Consumer Cellular plan online, you also have the option of doing so in-store at a variety of Target locations. In this setup, you can purchase a Consumer Cellular SIM card for $9.99, activate it online with the plan of your choice, and use it in your current phone.

How to Gift Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular service can make a great gift for your loved one particularly if they already have a phone that they wish to keep. To purchase a line for someone else, you can simply buy a Consumer Cellular SIM card. Once purchased, this SIM card can be paired with any of their service plans, from talk-only plans to unlimited talk, text, and data.

If your loved one currently has an unlocked phone, then they can begin using it with Consumer Cellular by placing the SIM card inside their device. Alternatively, Consumer Cellular offers a range of phones that you can purchase with your plan.