Voice Activated Medical Alert Systems

Amie Clark

There are many medical alert systems on the market, and while the basic features are the same across the board, there are some variations, too. Today we’re looking specifically at voice-activated medical alerts, and why they’re a good idea.

What Is A Voice-Activated Medical Alert?

A voice-activated medical alert is one that responds to a voice command; they also have the standard help button mechanism. Some of these systems, like those from Bay Alarm Medical and Medical Guardian, use wall-mounted help buttons that listen for your voice. Others, such as though from Aloe Care Health, have an extensive array of voice commands built into their base unit.

Voice commands are a simple way to contact help in the event of an emergency. Rather than pressing a physical button, all you need to do is say, Emergency. Do note, however, that the specific words to place a call will vary based on the medical alert system.

Who Needs A Voice-Activated Medical Alert?

Voice commands give an extra level of protection in case someone falls without wearing their help button. The best place for voice-activated buttons is where a fall is more likely such as bathrooms or stairwells.

Voice-activated buttons are especially helpful for seniors who might struggle to use their medical alert button. For example, if someone has arthritis or dexterity problems, calling for help verbally might be quicker or easier than pressing a button.

What Else Should I Look For In A Medical Alert System?

Voice-activated buttons are great, but you want to be sure they come as part of an excellent all-around package. Here are some things we recommend looking for in any medical alert:

  • No long term contracts. Make sure that if you want to cancel, you can, with no fuss.
  • Easy to understand pricing. It should be clear exactly how much you’ll pay each month and what this price covers.
  • Water-resistant devices. The bathroom is one of the most common places for slips, so it’s important to get a medical alert that’s robust enough to be worn while showering or bathing.
  • Big enough range. For mobile alerts, this isn’t a problem, but for in-home alerts, you want to be sure they cover the house.
  • Backup battery. If a power outage occurs, you’ll want to be sure your in-home system can keep protecting your loved one.

How We Chose The Medical Alerts On This List

We only recommend providers that have passed through our thorough tests. In addition, each provider must have:

  • Equipment that works as it says it does
  • No long term contracts and easy to cancel if needed
  • Clear pricing with no hidden fees
  • A dedicated customer service team
  • 24/7 U.S-Based Monitoring Centers

Here are three of the best medical alerts offering voice-activated options.

Top Voice Activated Medical Alert Systems

Aloe Care Health

Aloe Care Health is unusual in that it doesn’t fit the standard in-home base unit plus wearable model. Instead, the system is built on a series of wall buttons and a central console, to cover the entire home. Check out the in-depth review of Aloe Care Health.

Systems with voice-activated wall button add-on: Aloe Care Health breaks their systems down by home size. The Starter is suitable for 0 – 1 bedroom homes and includes the base unit, one standard wall button, and one voice-activated wall button. The Standard is suitable for 2 – 3 bedroom homes and includes the base unit, three standard wall buttons, and two voice-activated wall buttons. Select is suitable for 4 – 5 bedroom homes and includes the base unit, five standard wall buttons, three voice-activated wall buttons, and a lockbox.

You can also buy wearable buttons if you’d like to keep the added peace of mind of a wearable. The system is an in-home system that runs on the cellular network, although if you’re looking for mobile coverage Aloe Care Health has recently introduced a mobile option.

Aloe Care Equipment
Aloe Care Equipment
  • Help Button Type: Wrist or pendant
  • Water-Resistant: Yes.
  • Fall Detection: Yes, included with Essentials Plus and Total Care packages.
  • Extras and Accessories: Rather than offering lots of extras, Aloe Care Health offers customized packages, a helpful caregiver app, and a Mobile Companion, which functions as an on-the-go medical alert system.
  • Range: 200 feet with the in-home systems.
  • Monthly Cost: $29.99 for the Essentials package; $39.99 for Essentials Plus; $49.99 for Total Care
  • Equipment Cost: $149.99 for the Essentials package; $249.99 for Essentials Plus; $299.99 for Total Care
  • Cost of the Voice-Activated Button: All Aloe Care systems include a base station with voice command capabilities.
  • Long term contracts: No.

Aloe Care Health offers some innovative medical alert systems, all of which feature voice command capabilities. If your loved one is either forgetful or uninterested in wearing a help button, then Aloe Care would be a great way to keep them safe in their home.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is a well known medical alert company that offers a wide range of medical alerts to suit every need and lifestyle.

While Medical Guardian systems don’t have the same range of voice commands as Aloe Care, all of their in-home systems can be paired with additional wall buttons. These wall buttons can contact the emergency response center when the user says, Call Medical Guardian.

Medical Guardian base station with alert buttons, mobile alert and medical alert smartwatch.
Medical Guardian System
  • Wearable Button Type: Wrist or pendant.
  • Water-Resistant Buttons: Yes.
  • Fall detection: Yes, $10 monthly.
  • Extras and Accessories: Every order includes a free lockbox and a free second wearable button. You can also purchase standard wall buttons and a protection plan in case the system gets damaged or stolen.
  • Range: Up to 1300 ft.
  • Battery: 32-hour backup battery.
  • Cost: Classic Guardian starts at $29.95 monthly and Family Guardian starts at $79.95 monthly.
  • Cost of the voice-activated button: You can add up to four buttons free on Family Guardian, or for $2.99 each on Classic Guardian. There’s also a $5 monthly fee for each button.
  • Long term contracts: No.

Medical Guardian offers high-quality equipment, stellar customer service, and the peace of mind that your loved ones are kept safe.

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical is a popular medical alert company known for its good quality equipment and dedicated customer service. Similar to Medical Guardian, Bay Alarm Medical offers voice-activated wall buttons.

Bay Alarm Medical Full medical alert lineup
Bay Alarm Medical’s Full medical alert lineup
  • Wearable Button Type: Wrist or button.
  • Water-resistant: Yes, in fact, the buttons are completely waterproof.
  • Fall detection: Yes, $10 monthly.
  • Extras and accessories: You can add monitoring and an extra button for your spouse for just $2 monthly. You can also purchase a lockbox, spare buttons, and a protection plan. Free vial of life on most plans.
  • Range: Up to 1,000 ft.
  • Battery: 32-hour backup battery.
  • Cost: Starts at $19.95 monthly.
  • Cost of the Voice-Activated Button: $3 monthly, or $10 monthly a four-pack of buttons.
  • Long term contracts: No.
  • Equipment / set up fee: No.

Overall, Bay Alarm Medical offers excellent in-home systems that allow for both voice and tactical signaling to emergency services.

In Closing

Voice-activated buttons provide extra peace of mind around the home. If you’re concerned about a loved one slipping while not wearing an alert button, opt for a system with voice-activated wall buttons for extra reassurance.

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