About Us

About Us: The Senior ListThe Senior List® is a community-driven portal focused on linking families to quality products and senior services online.  The Senior List was founded by a team that believes that transparency is the key to finding quality products and services in local communities.  The problem is that most people just don’t know where to start. They usually thumb through the yellow pages, spend unproductive hours searching online, or make phone calls to friends or family.  The Senior List cuts through the clutter. This is a great place to start when looking for peer-to-peer feedback on eldercare products and services.  We invite you to join the conversation by commenting and/or providing ratings & reviews throughout our site.

Amie Clark- Co-founder of The Senior List
After starting The Senior Resource Network (A leading Portland Oregon adult placement service), Amie Clark, B.S.W. turned her attention to helping families nationwide.  Amie (and her team) created a website to link her clientele with the best local senior-service providers in the greater Portland Oregon area. With that, the idea for The Senior List was born.  She has been a champion for seniors since graduating from the University of Montana’s School of Social Work.  In 2006 she co-founded The Senior List, and the site has grown into one of the leading eldercare brands online today.  Amie loves everything outdoors but especially gardening, long hikes, running, camping, and family time spent on the Oregon Coast.
Chris Clark- Co-founder of The Senior List
Chris Clark, Co-founder of The Senior List® has spent the last 20 years working in healthcare and related fields.  He has held numerous executive positions in sales and marketing, and has worked with many of the top hospital/healthcare organizations across the USA.  He is passionate about consumer empowerment (especially by way of technology) and the leverage it provides to buyers AND sellers.  Chris graduated from the University of Montana with a B.S. in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing.  Chris loves spending time outdoors… He enjoys fishing, hiking, biking, and spending time on the boat with his boys.  If the Portland Trailblazers are playing, he’s probably watching.

We invite you to poke around The Senior List and come back often.  We’d love your participation by way of consumer reviews, and comments to our blog posts (and product review areas).  This site was built for user-participation.  As you can imagine, there are millions of people just like you who are eager to start a conversation, especially when it comes to products and services for loved ones.  Please take a moment to share your two-cents!