Safety Tips For Your Cruise

safety tips for your cruiseBeau Prichard (from USA published a list of safety tips for beginners that are preparing for an upcoming cruise.  In the wake of the overturned Costa Concordia, and the crap-covered Carnival Triumph it’s important to pay closer attention to emergency measures AND general safety precautions when getting ready for your “vacation aboard”.  Remember these safety tips for your cruise and have smoother sailing on your next vacation!

Here are Beau’s 7 safety steps for cruising:

  1. Pay close attention to your safety briefing” – We’ve reached a point when you can’t take anything for granted anymore.  You are responsible for you (and your family)… Pay close attention!
  2. Take care of your health” – Beau warns against using public restrooms, but if you wash your hands and practice good hygiene protocols this shouldn’t be a problem.  We recommend that you try to get some exercise in during your cruise.  At least an hour per day should keep you feeling more alert, help with your sleep, and allow you guilt-free indulging.
  3. Wear appropriate shoes” – This one is obvious, but worth noting.  Ladies don’t need to haul around 4 pairs of high-heals.  Get comfortable, and find yourself a quality pair of sandals, and be sure to bring some tennis shoes (or some quality walking/running shoes).
  4. Leave valuables at home” – Love this one… and frankly, it’s a good rule-of-thumb for any travel (abroad or otherwise).  Unless you feel the need to show off (and it’s OK if you do) leave the jewels at home in the safe.  Thieves and schemers love to prey on the naive and on the wealthy.  When they spot both (in one person) they know they’ve hit the mother-load!  IF you can afford to lose it, no big deal… but if you can’t, better safe than sorry.  Just leave it at home.
  5. Keep your money out of sight” – See above (same applies).
  6. Do not travel alone” – There is safety in numbers.  Enough said.
  7. Drink in moderation” – This is a tough one, because some folks want to cut loose when on a cruise.  Once you’ve reached the point where you can’t drink responsibly you’re at your limit, and it’s best to back off.

There are so many more to mention that we’ll be doing more of these lists in the future.  (Here’s a preview… “Make sure you use that sunscreen!”)  If you have tips you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.


Happy cruising-


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    Sensible stuff. We went on our first cruise immediately after the Concordia disaster, and were very impressed by the safety on board. We couldn’t leave port before the evacuation drill was done – and, with Concordia fresh in everyone’s mind, no one complained. Lots of hand sanitiser everywhere too. Result: a healthy, safe, enjoyable cruise.

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