Adult Day Centers

Adult Day Centers:  What are they?

Adult Day Centers (also known as; Adult Day Services, Adult Day Care, and Adult Day Care Centers) can be a welcome respite for families and spouses caring for a loved one.  These facilities may provide meals, activities, transportation, and hands-on care for those needing assistance with activities of daily living.  Some Adult Day Centers specialize in dementia care or mental illness.  Costs can vary greatly depending on location and amenities offered.  Generally the cost as a calculated by an hourly or daily rate.  Medicare does not cover Adult Day Care, but may cover certain services that are offered in-house, like therapy services.  In some states, Medicaid may cover Adult Day Center services, generally these are provided for Medicaid clients who are living in a home setting.   PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) models also offer Adult Day Care as part of their all inclusive programs.  There are around 4,000 Adult Day Centers in the US today and they’ve been providing services since the sixty’s.

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Transportation Options

Yes, MetLife reports that 80% of ADS centers offer transportation services with fees that range from $0 to around $20.  Here is a graphic from MetLife’s 2010 National Study on Adult Day Services depicting transportation costs for Adult Day Service centers:


Transportation costs for adult day services


It really varies.  Some have a business background and some come from nursing and/or social work.  MetLife reports that “almost 60% came from practice disciplines including nursing, social work, and activities/recreation therapy”.  Here is a graphic from MetLife’s 2010 National Study on Adult Day Services depicting the primary disciplines for Adult Day Service directors:

Adult Day Service directors

Are Adult Day Service Centers For Profit or Not For Profit?

The answer is that they can be either for profit, or not for profit.  MetLife reports that most 56% of Adult Day Service facilities are private/non-profit, while 27% of Adult Day Services are private/for-profit.

Adult Day Service Profit Status