A List Of Mobile (Cellular) Based Medical Alert System Providers

Mobile (Cellular) Based Medical Alert Systems – A Review Of Providers & Prices

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The new mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) are not tethered to a land-line like traditional in-home devices.  They operate on the same cellular signal that mobile phones do, offering mobility anywhere there is a cell signal.  Here are a list of popular models available today.  Note that monthly plans were selected based on the least expensive month-to-month price plan and NOT based on quarterly or annual contracted rates (which many providers may promote).  These prices and plans change regularly, so be sure to check the websites thoroughly before purchasing.  The Senior List recommends that you READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS before purchasing (just as we have done).  This can be a painful process, but doing so can save you a lot of headaches down the road.  If you have questions, be sure to call the provider’s customer service line to get answers.  If you are promised something (like no-questions-asked-return at anytime) by the customer service operator, GET IT IN WRITING before committing.

Model (Manufacturer)
Activ Fee
Serv Fee
Min. Monthly $
Cancel Fee?
5Star (GreatCall)$49.99$35$14.99$14.99 minNoNoYesGreatCall
SureResponse (Verizon)$229.99$35$0$30NoYesNot at this timeSureResponse
LifeTrac (SecuraTrac)$197.78$0$0$34NoNoNot at this timeLifeTrac
Solo (MobileHelp)$0$99$0$41.95NoNoYesMobileHelp
eCare+Voice (Secureus)$99$30$0$39.95Yes$100Not at this timeeCare+Voice

A few notes about the table (above) and its contents.  Depending on the type of plan(s) you select, you may be able to reduce the cost of the equipment and/or your monthly costs.  However this is likely to place you in a long-term contract.  For example, Verizon Wireless will allow you to purchase the SureResponse device for $19 IF you are willing to enter into a 2 year agreement.  Similarly, a number of providers will offer a 1 or 2 year agreement (with payment up-front naturally) and reduce your overall monthly costs during the term of the agreement.  We don’t like long-term agreements (for a lot of reasons) but it may be suitable for your individual situation.  Just like anything, you have to make the best choice for you or your loved one.  We’re just trying to make the process a little easier.

We’ve also taken the liberty to make some recommendations based on customer feedback (click here to see reviews of medical alert SureResponse with Lanyard photosystem providers as well as consumer comments that follow each article).  We also looked closely at the following criteria; Transparency of acquisition costs, ease of use (of website), knowledge of customer service personnel, fees, excessive charges, long-term agreements, return policies, and more.  Our recommendations are also likely to change as some of these players get their acts together.  (For example one of the providers listed below had a link to Terms & Conditions that was inaccessible.)  Also, The Senior List staff does reach out to providers occasionally to ask questions, and advocate on your (the consumer’s) behalf.  We DO take into account a providers willingness to provide exceptional customer service, and we’ll continue to work with them to get better.

At this time, The Senior List has NO affiliate or re-sale relationships with any medical alert system providers (mobile or traditional PERS).

GreatCall's 5Star Urgent Response ReviewSure Response docking station photoMobilHelp hand held unitThe LifeTrack handset photoeCare+Voice medical alert system


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  1. These alert systems are very helpful to seniors. In many houses, seniors have to stay alone and such devices proved beneficial to them. It will send an alert message when the need arises. I purchased a big button mobile device for my mother as it served two main purposes- 1. Used as communication purpose. 2. Serves the purpose of her safety. She can send an alert to me when she urgently needs me and this made me tension free. I purchased it from homecaretechnologies mobile collection.

  2. christine says:

    I have found most medical devices route calls through call centers. I found this company called ambulanceid.com that directs 911 calls directly to your emergency dispatch rescue center. They offer all of the same systems and basically have only a 10.00 monthly charge for updating medical conditions and medications. It was awesome service with no contract. I switched from LifeAlert and am very happy and saving ALOT of money. Has anyone heard of this…if not check it out. Christine

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I’m pretty new to researching all the different med alert options — so I just want to confirm : none of the cell-based medical alert pendants have auto-fall detection yet, right?

    • Hi Elizabeth, We’re not aware of any mobile products that have fall detection systems in good working order. There are 2 coming on the market this fall (one from mobilehelp and one from philips) but we haven’t seen anything that we’d trust as yet. There are some claims out there in the marketplace, but not sure we’d fully trust the technology on the players that claim to have it. We’re pretty skeptical, but also optimistic that competition will make this space better and better!

      If you’re looking for a mobile option see our (above) list of mobile medical alert providers and recommendations.

      Best! A

      • elizabeth says:

        Thanks, Amie!
        I appreciate the clarification. We just ordered the philips product with auto fall detection – seemed like the best option for our family member’s particular situation. Can’t wait for the new products with both mobile service and auto fall detection!

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