Updated Review: The Verizon Sure Response Medical Alert System

SureResponse with Lanyard photoLatest Product Review: Sure Response Needs More Product Support

The Verizon Sure Response medical alert system is one of the newer medical alert systems on the market today. This entry has great features in this space, HOWEVER Verizon’s execution of the Sure Response Medical Alert System so far has been far from satisfactory. The SureResponse is mobile/cellular driven, offers GPS tracking, and can connect your loved ones to caregivers (or family members) if necessary.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an updated product review based on feedback from users in our community. Click here to read the original SureResponse review and note the community comments.   You’ll note in this original that we stated that we’d “be looking forward to monitoring their success with this mobile medical alert system” and (with your feedback), many now have a new outlook on this device.  We do expect Verizon to improve their support of this product in the future.


Product Info: Sure Response Medical Alert

  • Name: Verizon SureResponse
  • Website Info: Verizon Wireless – SureResponse
  • Auto Fall Detection? : NoSure Response docking station photo
  • Equipment Cost: $229.99 (retail) OR 19.99 with a 2 year plan (note: early termination fees will apply)
  • Monthly Cost: $30 per device (also requires a $35 activation fee)
  • Features: Lanyard, Wrist Strap and Belt Clip Accessories Included, Water Resistant Panic Buttons, Untethered 24/7 Monitoring on a Cellular Network (Verizon Wireless), GPS Tracking (must be enabled and shared/volunteered), Convenience Calling, and an Online Portal to help manage lists of caregivers etc. (called SureResponse Online)

Review: SureResponse Medical Alert System from Verizon

Verizon SureResponse photoAs we noted above, Verizon’s SureResponse mobile emergency response system looks great, and has the financial backing of a leading mobile provider.  It stands to reason that this device should be at the top of our list when it comes to mobile medical alert systems but thus far, the support for the product hasn’t been there.  We like the form factor but it looks bulky on the wrist (uncomfortable) and we doubt many people would want to wear it there unless it gets much smaller. It’s bigger than traditional pendant alert systems, but it does more than they do.  If a pendant option is chosen, it may look like your loved one is wearing a small cell phone around their neck. We’re guessing this will be worn on the belt clip or kept in a pocket, although from an accessibility standpoint we do like a pendant option. This device lacks fall detection, but then again so do the others in this space (at this time). We probably wouldn’t trust this device in the shower. Until Verizon discloses a little more about just how water resistant the SureResponse is, we’d keep it out of the water.

OK now for the good stuff… From a product standpoint, we think this looks like a great option.  If (or when) the company gets their act together (and gives it the support it requires), it could be a great product.  The ability to be UNTETHERED is something that many folks are looking for (especially at comparable price points to tethered solutions). It’s backed by a reputable company with relatively transparent terms and conditions.  Also the (optional) GPS tracking is a nice feature on these cellular based medical alert systems.  If the Verizon tracking feature is not activated, it is only used in the case of an emergency (so emergency personnel can locate the person in need). Here’s another item worth mentioning- if your loved one needs to go into a nursing facility (under the existing terms and conditions) they ARE eligible to opt out of their 2 year agreement. There are specific details associated with this “second right to cancel” so read the T’s & C’s carefully.

The Bottom Line:

We want to see more from Verizon in terms of product support.  The Senior List even reached out to Verizon (back in March) in hopes that they’d respond to customer issues/inquiries but we’ve heard nothing.  Given this is new to the market and new to Verizon, we’re going to take a wait and see approach.  If we’re talking about the same support issues a year from now, we might as well scratch this one off the list.  We still think the SureResponse by Verizon is worth looking into. If Verizon supports the product like they should, it will be near the top of our list of mobile options.  For now, we’ll put them on our watch list.

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Verizon Wireless SureResponse

Verizon Wireless medical alert

Click here to read the original SureResponse Review and note user comments

If you’ve used the SureResponse Medical Alert System or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below and provide a star rating!


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Updated Review: The Verizon Sure Response Medical Alert System written by TimOnTech average rating 2.5/5 - 42 user ratings

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  1. Carl says

    This device is not elder friendly and is a nightmare to setup. I guess Verizon wants to sell to the Hipsters and not the Seniors with clout. Viva Revolution Seniors. Don”t buy this device under any circumstances!! Your life may depend on it….. Carl

  2. Jim says

    We got the Sure Response for my mother about 2 years ago. She’s 80 and lives by herself. She hasn’t experienced any problems with the device. The few times that she accidentally pressed the call button, the response center was on within 10 seconds asking her if everything was okay. We did have the ADT emergency call button service for her before the Sure Response, but that only covered her when she was in the house and within range of the base unit. The Sure Response can go anywhere she can get a cell signal, which is anywhere she goes in central Pennsylvania.

    The device does need charging daily, but what do you expect? It is, after all, essentially a cell phone with the gps always turned on so they can locate you to within a few yards of your actual location, so it is going to draw battery power. My mother just plugs it into the base, which she keeps on her night side table, every night when she goes to bed so that she can just reach over and press the button in the middle of the night in case of an emergency.

    When she first received the product, she called Verizon Wireless and they very patiently talked her through the entire setup process. When she first connected to the response center, the operator there very nicely put all of her information into their computer. We have no complaints about the device or the service. In fact, we’ve been with Verizon Wireless since they were Bell Atlantic Mobile, and we’ve never had any reason or interest in going with any other carrier or service.

    • says

      Jim – Thank you for the feedback! There’s not a lot of love for this device out there yet… Maybe Verizon is turning a corner. So glad to hear your mother is having good experience with the Verizon Sure Response!

  3. James Rasmussen says

    I have had this device for over a year now. It is a great concept but falls short in three main areas.

    First and worst, it is NOT waterproof or even close to it. It cannot be worn in shower, bath or even moderate rain.

    Second, battery life. It needs to be charged at least once a day for several hours.

    Third, false alerts. It alerts at least once a month without any triggering event. This is annoying.

  4. Ralph Bierbaum says

    Bought this for my 86 y.o. mother. Too big, won’t fit her wrist. So many false alarms that it isn’t dependable. It will false sitting in the night stand. Verizon is unresponsive to the problem, although the SurResponse call center is quite good. There is no reporting structure for device failures. 10 false alarms in 6 months, three in the last week, should trigger a service response. They are putting my mother at risk and their only response is pay us $100 and we’ll cancel the contract.

    We don’t care, we don’t have to….We’re Verizon!

    • says

      So sorry to hear this Ralph! As you can see here (and elsewhere) many folks out there share your frustration. We gave up reaching out to Verizon… They were completely unresponsive at our offers of help/assistance to make this product a success. It’s sad because with a few design modifications and some quality assurance mixed in, this could be a very nifty product. Keep us updated on how you’re doing with them! Thx, A

  5. says

    These folk are hard selling seniors in my retirement community. Instead of listening to the residents if they need such a system, they are hard selling 2-3 times per week, (to the same residents, who by the way are sick and tired of the same person making the same pitch) trying to sell their product. It doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, but this hard selling is turning off my residents. (Trust me, the negative aspects of this goes through the community in a flash and then on to their friends in the larger community!)

  6. Dee says

    I bought a Sure Response phone for my 88 year old father. It seemed like the perfect solution – he likes to walk around his neighborhood, but I worry he might fall or get hit by a car. He has advanced glaucoma and advanced macular degeneration but still lives in his own home alone. They need to redesign this product. The screen is tiny and he cannot read it. It is hard for him to put it in the charger, and the charging lights are so small he can’t see them. It is totally unusable for him and is a waste of my money. One nice thing about it is when you do push the button and call the help center, they are extremely nice and helpful. But of course he can’t hear them very well! I hope someone designs a small cell phone device with seniors in mind (low vision and bad hearing).

    • cclark2013 says

      There are simple cell phones out there Dee. Check out the new Jitterbug line-up or the Just5 phone for seniors. Amie recently review an iPhone app that serves as a medical alert system with Fall Detection. Check out her latest review. I’m sorry this hasn’t worked out as well as you hoped! Best, Chris

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