Philips Lifeline Reviews

Philips Lifeline Reviews

The Philips Lifeline with Auto Alert is a very popular medical alert system that utilizes a pendant style medical alert button.  The backing of a highly established (well branded) company behind the product makes it a “comfortable choice” for families that want to know who’s behind the product. Philips Lifeline Reviews to follow.

Product Info: Philips Lifeline w/ Auto Alert

  • Name:  Philips LifeLine With Auto Alert
  • Website Info:
  • Auto Fall Detection? :  Yes
  • Equipment Cost:  $0
  • Monthly Cost:  $40-$53
  • Features:  Wireless Pendant, Wireless Bracelet, Water Proof Panic Buttons, 24/7 Monitoring, Auto Fall Detection, Cordless Phone Base Unit, CarePartner Communicator Base Unit

Product Review: Philips Lifeline with Auto Alert

Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert utilizes the pendant form factor, and alerts a call center (with integrated fall detection technology) if the user cannot.  They now offer a number of integrated medical alert system product accessories for seniors including:


  • The traditional Lifeline device/pendant
  • The traditional Lifeline alert device/wristband
  • A Lifeline pendant with AutoAlert (Fall Detection)
  • A base station that integrates with the above mobile devices
  • An cordless phone that integrates with their medical alert services

The Bottom Line: Philips Lifeline w/ Auto Alert

The integrated options (noted above) make them one of the leaders in the medical alert/PERS arena.  Their website says that monthly service fees start at a “little more than a dollar a day”.  Actual cost is $40 per month for standard medical  alert (pendant and intercom), and $53 per month for the fall detection device.  We spoke with their customer service personnel and they were quite professional.

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If you’ve used the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System or know someone who has, please give us your opinion in the comment section below!

written by Tim average rating 2.8/5 - 333 user ratings

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  1. Virginia Brown says

    After reading some of your other posts, I’d like to add some more to my previous comment.
    MobileHelp has the customary Base Station that the other systems offer, with a choice of Pendant or wrist button. They changed a couple of years ago and now their Base Station DOES NOT require a phone connection.
    This company is unique in that they also offer a Mobile Device, You take this with you wherever you want to go. Signals are carried by ATT cellular service, and it has GPS so that the responder knows where you are.
    You can get either or both. I have both (their Duo System). At home, the Mobile Device acts like a second Base Station. I’m hard of hearing, so this has been a real boon for me.
    MobileHelp has great Customer Service. I highly recommend them.

  2. Virginia Brown says

    I used Phillips Lifeline for several years and got their fall detector button when it was first introduced. THAT was a disaster! I have had paramedics appear in my bedroom while I was getting dressed to go out, I have been waked up in the middle of the night by paramedics. They said they had received a call and when I did not respond, they answered the call.
    After countless numbers of these false alarms, I not only got rid of the fall detector, but I quit Phillps Lifeline and went to MobileHelp’s Duo System. It has MUCH more to offer and is MUCH cheaper! I’m well pleased with it.

  3. Dennis says

    My mom had Phillips LIfeline for five years with mixed results. She never needed to push her button except to test the system so I can’t evaluate the effectiveness of the emergency response. There was always someone who answered in less than a minute when the system was tested. We had a few false positives with the fall detection system, but only a couple in the five years she had the system. Our largest problems occurred when the pendent or base station failed. It generally took close to a week to have someone come out and take a look when there were problems – meaning she was without protection during that time. The red flashing light on the base station suggested there was a problem with the device, but when we reported it we were told it was normal. This turned out to be incorrect. Interestingly, the only time we got a quick reply was when we cancelled the service. They had a person come out within a couple of hours to pick up the hardware. We expected more at $57/month.

    I would suggest looking elsewhere for a medical alert system.

    • says

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us Dennis, your feedback is invaluable to our readers who are looking for a medical alert system. Best, -Amie

  4. Jeff M says

    I am looking for a system for my dearest friend (she has no close family). Although she’s thrifty, getting the right system is far more important here than finding the cheapest deal.

    Vivian is 95 and lives alone. I live about 100 yards away and so am sumable by phone, but don’t hear what happens at her house.

    I would like a system that has at least a 500′ range to cover all the areas she might go to around her house. I don’t think the cellular systems make sense though, due to managing/charging/carrying the cellular units.

    We also don’t want false alarms (that’s a big fear for Vivian), so I think fall detectors are out. But we do want a service that will try to call me first before emergency services (I MIGHT) be able to solve it in 3 minutes.

    Vivian would also like the most innoucuous and beautiful pendant/alarm button possible. That’s important to her and she will pay well for it. Recommendations? Please? Really appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Jeff,

      My top 2 choices at the moment are the Philips Lifeline and the Costco MediPendant Medical Alert System. My grandmother wore the Philips pendant, and although it’s not the cheapest – it was very reliable. Also the call centers seemed very well trained (and patient with an overly cautious button pusher). The Costco MediPendant looks like quite a deal, and we love that Costco backs this system up.

      Please stay with us, and let our community know what you chose and how it worked out!!! I’d encourage you to do some additional research out there too. There additional providers that have excellent services. IF you haven’t yet read our article on what to look for before you buy a medical alert system, you may want to do so.

  5. Linda Moss says

    I have had the auto alert system for my mom for 2 years. At about $50/mo., the cost is rather high for our budget, but since I have to work and my mom is home alone, the money is worth the peace of mind in knowing that there is a check on her safety. Unlike some other posts that I’ve read here, we’ve found the system to be very efficient. There have been 4 or 5 false alarms automatically called in when something about her movement sensed something was wrong. A helpful voice came on to ask if she was o.k., and when she was, nothing more occurred. Once, Mom was outside and lost her balance in the yard. She actually fell gently in the grass to where she was sitting down, unhurt, but unable to get up on her own. When she didn’t respond to the call through the system, I was phoned to say that a fall was detected and an ambulance was on the way. I had them check her just to be sure she was o.k. Another time, Mom was at my house (next door to hers) and a fall was detected, the call came to say a fall was detected and an ambulance was on the way. I assured them she was fine, and the ambulance call was cancelled. If anything, the system is a little too sensitive, but we don’t mind that knowing that there is help available if it is needed.

    • Linda Silva Stone says

      Thank you for your helpful comment which is necessary in determining if this alert system is the right one for my mom. :-)

  6. Lyn says

    My stepmom was bleeding for 45 min following a fall while wearing her Lifeline pendant. Its HUGE disadvantage is that a fall detect will be automatically reset & ignored if the wearer moves within 45 secs after they fall. She has dementia and didn’t remember to push her button as she tried to crawl to her door. Phillips Lifeline says this “feature” cannot be over ridden so unless you expect your loved one to be knocked out cold after they fall, don’t count on this system!

  7. julie says

    .lifeline didn’t detect my moms fall, she was on the floor 2hrs. before I found her on the floor. fall detection is just a gimick to make more money and if you are wondering she couldn’t reach her pendent, she was laying on it.

  8. Jamie says

    I haven’t had the service that long but have been happy with it so far. What I really like is there is no long term commitment. I am 47 and broke my femur a month and a half ago and since I live alone I a 2 story house my Occupational Therapist really recommended I get this device but I only need it for four months. I have an ADT security system and was told to add their lifeline function it would mean doing some sort of physical change to my system and I would have to keep the service for as long as I had my ADT service.

    I tried Life Line and they wanted all kinds of info before they would give me a quote and when they started asking for my doctors name I hung up. I got a call back on the cell the following day and was told it was a three year commitment.

    My discharge planner at the rehab hospital suggested Philips. I called and told them the date I was being discharged and they arranged the shipping arrival date to be the same as the date I returned home. There was no activation fee and the only fee I had was a FedEx fee. I really liked that there is no minimum commitment period since I only need the system for a few months. Very easy to hook up. The only thing I hate is that you have to have a land line. I only have a cell phone and had to have a land line hooked up – but luckily my cable company had a special of only $10 a month for a land line the first year and no installation charge. If my home security system can run without a land line, not sure why this system can’t.

    • says

      Sounds like you only need it short-term Jamie, so that’s good. We like the systems out there that don’t lock folks up into long-term commitments that may be unnecessary. Great feedback!

  9. Mary Graham says

    Hi, I would like to offer our experience with LifeLine. My mother-in-law, 96, and still in her own home in WA state has used it for several years now. They seem to be very diligent about checking monthly to make sure the service is working. We’ve been visiting over the years and have witnessed this happening. If she has forgotten to do the monthly check they have called. We also had them call us one time when she pushed the button, and the call center was up in MA. This was just a few months ago. I don’t know how long it took them to respond, but when she has done the test calls it has always been within a reasonable time frame.

  10. Gary says

    I had a visit with my 97 year old mother tonight. I ask her when was the last time she check out her Life Line and she said it had been awhile. She pushed the button a voice came on and said “someone will be with you shortly “. 23 minutes later she got a answer. Does anyone know a good system?. Life Line is history.

  11. Randy says

    My mom has the fall activated system. She is absoultely pleased with the service. She test the system every month and generally within 15 seconds she has a response asking if she needs help. I have been there 1/2 dozen times when she has done this and the respondent always appears to be from the U.S speaking very good english. I have never heard anyone who appears to be out of country. Recently she took her pendant off and dropped it on the ground accidently. Within 30 seconds Lifeline was on the phone making sure she had not fallen. She told them she was ok, but could not reach her pendant. They called her care facility for her and they came to her room and picked it up.
    In my opinion this appears to be a very worthwhile system and is worth the money

    • says

      Hi Randy- thanks for the feedback! You’re right, the call centers for Philips Lifeline is in Framingham Massachusetts (unless things have changed recently)…

  12. Michele says

    I was not impressed with their service. Several times when I pushed the button it took a very long time for them to answer my call. Also, once when I asked why it had taken so long the young man got very indignant and stated “We’re having a storm back here!”. It had been their service who had requested that I push my button at that time, it was not my choice. I went to cheaper and far friendlier service provider.

    • Marilou Roberts says

      Just curious to know who was the “other” service provider?? I am not pleased form what I am reading aobut this product

  13. Nancy says

    I ordered this service for my mom. Set-up was easy and went smoothly. But when my mom fell and pressed the button, someone incomprehensible in India called my brother–her first respondent. He thought it was a sales call so he deleted the message. While my mom was ultimately OK because Lifeline called 911, I have to wonder what it means when her phone service has been disconnected for 3 weeks and Lifeline has not noticed. My mom has gone into a nursing home and we turned off the phone permanently. Don’t you think it’s strange that they haven’t called someone on the list to inquire? Be very cautious. If you get this service, go ahead and press that button and see what happens.

    • suzanne says

      Their web site says calls are answered in the USA – Perhaps this has changed and they
      haven’t updated their site….this is definitely a negative!

      Did your mother have the auto alert system – that is a great feature that isn’t offered on many other

      • Mark says

        Just got off the phone with Lifeline cause I’m considering them. The guy said all their calls are answered from one of two centers, both in New England. Not sure if that helps, but I did find that out.

  14. anna dotin says

    I’m wondering if Lifeline is available in Wilsonville, Oregon 97070.
    Thank you for your time.
    Anna Dotin

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