New Philips Lifeline GoSafe Launch Delayed

Philips GoSafe PhotoA Philips Lifeline employee has confirmed to The Senior List that their much anticipated launch into the mobile (cellular based) medical alert system market has been delayed for unknown reasons.  The “limited launch” of the Philips GoSafe mPERS (mobile personal emergency response system) occurred this past January at CES 2013, but the official consumer-launch has yet to take place.  It should be interesting to see who comes to market first between Philips and MobileHelp.  MobileHelp has been trying to get their new incarnation of the myHalo alert system to market as well, and both companies are playing the “coming soon” game online.

The new Philips GoSafe product is the latest in a line of newer mobile medical alert systems which uses the same cellular signal as your cell phone.  Instead of being tethered to a home phone-line, the consumer can take these new devices with them wherever they go (out to work in the yard, to the mall, or to a doctors appointment).  This new mobility feature is what separates the new mobile devices from their traditional (tethered) cousins.


IF Philips is able to bring this device to market soon, they could have a big advantage over their competition.   Healthcare strategist and Senior List co-founder Chris Clark commented on a likely (Philips) go-to-market strategy; “Philips should be able to take advantage of their huge installed-base, and segment that market into home-based vs. mobile candidates.  The perfect plan would be to execute an upgrade strategy for the mPERS candidates in their existing customer pool in-conjunction with going after new customers.”

Philips now anticipates putting the new GoSafe device in consumers hands this fall.  It will be fun to see these new mobile players duke it out for market share in the lucrative mPERS space.  If only they could get to market!

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