Product Review: The MobileHelp Medical Alert System

MobileHelp Medical Alert System ReviewA mobile medical alert system offering onboard gps, and a connection anywhere there is a cellular signal (available on AT&T).  This type of cellular based system makes a lot of sense for someone that needs the security of a medical alert system inside and outside of the home.

Product Info: MobileHelp Medical Alert System

  • Name:  MobileHelp Medical Alert System
  • Website Info:
  • Auto Fall Detection? :  No
  • Equipment Cost:  $n/a
  • Monthly Cost:  $39.95
  • Features:  GPS enabled wireless handheld (connected to AT&T Wireless), pendant style alert button for in-home use, waterproof pendant, base station/charging unit

Review: MobileHelp Medical Alert

There are elements of the MobileHelp (Medical Alert System) that are definately the wave of the future.  This system works like other Medical Alert Systems, but with one major difference… This one has a GPS enabled Alert Button connected to AT&T’s wireless’ network.  It “untethers” the user for freedom away from home.  As you’ve noticed in our Medical-Alert-System-Roundup here on The Senior List, most of the traditional alert systems work within a 600 foot radius of the base unit.  This system, does have the traditional pendant for use in the home (like the other manufacturers) but they also provide a hand-held unit that connects to AT&T wireless. This allows someone to take this device with them to go shopping, to visit friends, or even to take on a vacation with familiy.MobileHelp Medical Alert System


This bundle does not include Fall Detection, but the GPS enabled handheld device is definately a bonus (and yes, it comes with a pouch for your belt).  The bundle will cost the user $39.95 per month, and that price does include the service plan with AT&T.

*If your phone system is using VOIP (voice over internet protocol) like many of the major broadband carriers, make sure that the device you choose is compatible with your phone telephone service provider.

The Bottom Line: MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems

We expect that we’ll see more and more of these cellular network based systems hitting the market over the next several years.  They allow the user all of the safety benefits of the traditional medical alert system without being tethered to a base unit (as in traditional in-home systems).  This appears to be a nice option for the boomer or senior who is on-the-go.

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If you’ve used the MobileHelp Medical Alert System or know someone who has, please let us know your opinion in the comments section below

Click this link for a list of Local Personal Emergency Response System Providers located at The Senior List Provider Directory

UPDATE: MobileHelp Acquires Halo Monitoring To Expand Fall Detection Product OfferingThe Senior List Reports

Product Review: The MobileHelp Medical Alert System written by Tim average rating 3.1/5 - 49 user ratings

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    • says

      Larry, it depends on the specific product you ordered. A number of the medical alert companies today do have a fall-detect option, but this is usually a separate pendant device (with that fall detection technology aboard). The vast majority of medical alert systems on the market today are the push button pendants without fall detection. It’s entirely optional depending on your family needs. – Hope that helps, Amie

  1. Marguerite says

    Horrible and avoid at all costs ! Response times for testing was greater than THREE MINUTES before they responded (for 10 to 11 tests over a 10 month period). Unit frequently lost the GPS connection. Also, the unit started sending a signal to them WITHOUT THE BUTTON BEING PRESSED. Tech support was unhelpful and argumentative.
    Lastly, the ONE time that help truly was needed and the button pressed — NO RESPONSE. (Yes, there was a connection).
    When you return the unit, SAVE your tracking receipt as they will try to deny receiving the unit.

  2. Carol says

    I’ve been a satisfied user of MobileAlert for a few years now, and have nothing but good to say of them. Go for it, if you’re considering a unit!

  3. Lorraine says

    I have recently obtained MobileHelp equipment. First, I found the salesman to be informative and helpful, without being pushy. The box of equipment arrived and I had arranged for a 30 day trial – that meant paying for a month, but if I decide not to continue I send back the equipment and receice a full refund. At first I was tentative in case the signal went through but something went wrong and I ended up with emergency vehicles racing down the road, but the Technical people walked me through the test process, answered my questions and made me feel quite comfortable.,
    Next was a test from the area where I walk the dogs. I didn’t think that the signal was getting through (reception in our area can be spotty) so I did the test with the help of technical support. At first the signal was not received, but after the tech had patiently had me do a few things, and also made an adjustment at his end, the signal was received and answered. I have been told that problem should not occur again.
    I also asked for the GPS to be checked and the tech was able to tell me that I was on a mountain with only dirt roads, and described the exact area where I was. Amazing!
    So far I have not found an employee who was not helpful, professional and patient. I expect to have a long association with this company.
    I have been told to test the system once a month and that is fine with me because it means I can do so when it suits me, rather than have someone call when I am in the middle of something.

  4. Marguerite Mosier says

    looking for medical alert systems: No help here, no recommendations, no clear picture of devices. Buying into a service and then having a problem with it, in this case, is not appropriate, life could depend on it. The reviews need to be much sharper, critical if need be.

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