MobileHelp Medical Alert System Review

MobileHelp provides a wide array of medical alert systems that are suitable for a variety of medical needs and purposes. With four distinct medical alert systems of varying prices, features, and intended uses.

MobileHelp is an FDA-compliant service that has no long-term contracts and no hidden fees. The alert systems are compatible with the MobileHelp Fall Button that automatically detects falls.

MobileHelp offers standard in-home units, cellular speakerphone units, GPS location services, fall detection, and a smartwatch option.

MobileHelp covers the entire U.S. and is based in Florida.

MobileHelp PricingMonthlyQuarterlySemi-AnnualAnnual
MobileHelp Smart$24.95/mo$24.95/mo$24.95/mo$24.95/mo
Fall Detect Pendant+$10/mo+$10/mo+$10/mo+$10/mo
Visit MobileHelp or call 800-915-8738 to learn about promotional pricing for new customers. Promotion Alert! A free lockbox, $29.95 retail value, is available on all orders.

The Stuff We Liked: MobileHelp has no long term contracts, offers transparent terms and conditions, and you can cancel anytime for a prorated refund (once the equipment is returned). Flexible pricing plans, water-resistant pendant or wrist button and the first-of-its-kind smartwatch with a medical alert built right in.

MobileHelp is one of the very few companies offering two systems for the price of one- The MobileHelp Duo is a home and mobile (cellular) option packaged together, making it the perfect alert system for spouses. Most of the other medical alert companies we have reviewed only offer one-or-the-other (in-home OR mobile) options.

Fall detection can be added to any system and mobile units have GPS built in to pinpoint the location. Medication reminders and activity tracking are available. High-quality equipment used by several other medical alert companies, two pendants included with every system (the only company we know of that does this).

The Stuff We Didn't: Fall button and cellular are two separate devices.

The Bottom Line: Online tools combined with telehealth and in-home + cellular medical alert devices make MobileHelp one of the most comprehensive alert systems to date!

Visit MobileHelp or call 800-915-8738 to learn about promotional pricing for new customers. Promotion Alert! A free lockbox, $29.95 retail value, is available on all orders.

Cellular Medical Alert Systems from MobileHelp

We tested the MobileHelp Duo in our home test environment (see more details about the Duo system below). We were impressed with the quality of the equipment from MobileHelp.

Even the carrying pouch that accompanies the mobile unit felt high quality, we have seen similar pouches with other alert companies that were chintzy and ready to fall apart.

As a testament to the quality of the equipment, several other medical alert companies use MobileHelp devices with their own personalized branding.

MobileHelp has several medical alert options.

MobileHelp Classic

The cellular in-home system provides customers with a traditional in-home medical alert system that does not require a landline. The Classic system provides in-home alert monitoring and is compatible with the MobileHelp Fall Button which detects falls in the home up to 600 ft from the base station.

The fall button is an optional purchase for an additional $10/mo and is water resistant. The Classic comes with a choice of a water-resistant pendant or wrist version (black or white) and you can select up to two. The alert buttons have an in-home radius of up to 600 ft in the home, depending on the size and construction of your home.

No landline is required, cellular service is provided through AT&T. The base station has a lit display that reports the cellular signal strength, ambient temperature, time and date. Medication reminders can be set up with the Classic system.

MobileHelp Classic cellular medical alert system.
MobileHelp Classic cellular in-home medical alert system.

MobileHelp Duo

The MobileHelp Duo allows you to summon emergency assistance whether you're on the go or at home. The Duo combines the cellular in-home unit (Classic) and the mobile device that can be used anywhere outside the home with cell coverage.

The mobile device, easy-to-use charger, and carrying pouch are included. The Duo is compatible with the MobileHelp Fall Button. This system is perfect for people who seek to maintain their active lifestyle. Like the Classic unit, you have the choice of selecting up to two water-resistant pendants or wrist versions.

Since both a mobile device and two pendants are included, this is a perfect system for couples as it can be used by two people at the same time (mobile unit plus pendants). Medication reminders can be set up with the Duo system.

MobileHelp Duo medical alert system.
MobileHelp Duo (in-home + cellular) medical alert system.

MobileHelp Solo

MobileHelp Solo is the cellular medical alert option offering the same features as Duo but without the in-home base unit.

As with the previous two systems (Classic and Duo), you have the choice of choosing between water resistant wrist buttons or neck pendants that are compatible with the mobile device.

The Solo is also compatible with the MobileHelp Fall Button. As always, you do not need a landline or a cellular contract.

MobileHelp Smart

MobileHelp Smart is the latest in medical alert system technology from MobileHelp and Samsung. The marriage of the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and MobileHelp medical alert system technology make the Smart the first of it's kind.

Not only does the Smart look great, it's a functional smartwatch that no one will know is also an incredible life-saving device. Read our in-depth review of the MobileHelp Smart here.

MobileHelp Smart: Stylish smartwatch and medical alert in one 1
MobileHelp Smart

MobileHelp Connect and MobileHelp Connect Premium

Pulling it all together, MobileHelp Connect is a comprehensive combination of online tools that are designed to improve the user's experience. The user and other authorized caregivers can actively participate in the wellness process.

The features available will be dependent on the type of system you have purchased. MobileHelp Connect comes free of cost.

MobileHelp Connect online tools let you track your loved one, receive alerts and set up medication reminders.
MobileHelp Connect- online tools.

MobileHelp Premium services cost $5 a month and you receive a slew of added benefits. You can shield yourself from expensive replacements of damaged, stolen or lost equipment.

Premium can save customers up to the $300 replacement cost for lost, stolen or damaged equipment and provides a 25% discount on the fall button, all accessories and 50% discount on medication reminders and activity tracking.

Lastly, Premium subscribers receive 30 extra pings per month on location detection ($60 annual value) and a lifetime base price guarantee.

MobileHelp has it all

MobileHelp is one of the most comprehensive medical alert systems we have reviewed to date. We highly recommend this medical alert company based on the quality of equipment, options for any living situation, competitive pricing, customer service, no long term contracts, and transparent refund policy.

Visit MobileHelp or call 800-915-8738 to learn about promotional pricing for new customers. Promotion Alert! A free lockbox, $29.95 retail value, is available on all orders.

If you or a loved one has used MobileHelp, let us know about your experience in the comments below.


  1. If you opt for the fall detection pendant, do you need to also wear the traditional pendant, ( both devices at the same time)? Or, will the fall technology supersede the basic. Also how large is the fall pendant?

    1. Hi Leslie- Only one pendant needed if you opt for the fall detection. It’s still quite small, I have asked the MobileHelp folks to chime in on the size.

    2. Hi Leslie,

      Our fall pendant is about the size of a sugar packet. You can also use a small car key fob as a reference as well.


  2. I am looking into this for someone. She will be using the MobileHelp Fall Button. She is wanting the option to have caregivers and family notified before EMS. It would be best if she can have that done in order of about three or four people before EMS is called. Caregivers and/or family would then come to her instead of EMS (and they would call EMS if they found that EMS needed to be contacted). Is that an option?

    1. Hi Matt, Yes, once she is a user, her calling tree will be set up based on her preferences. Give MobileHelp a call (800-908-4952) to find out the exact process for this. Hope that helps! Amie

  3. Do the wrist unit and pendant have two-way communication with provider? I understand that mobile units can be used for road or safety emergencies also.

    1. Hi Karen, the wrist and pendant buttons do not have a two-way speaker in them, the mobile units do if that is what you are looking for. And yes, the mobile units work anywhere there is cell coverage and any type of emergency the user is experiencing. Hope that helps, Amie

  4. I am looking into this for a friend.
    He is located in a very rural area of Oklahoma where ceel phone service is very unreliable.
    Question is, can a system be provided into is land line?

      1. Hello, I”m looking at one of these services for my mom and she would like something that works at home and on the go. She is older and is proactively asking me to help her find something for her. The companies that are cellular-based are the issue, I think, as most of the services use AT&T and my mom has terrible AT&T celullar coverage in her home. Do the services that work with landlines work on a VOIP line like Ooma? I can’t seem to find a clear answer. And the service would have to provide cellular service for on the go coverage. Thanks for your help. Frank

        1. Hi Frank, Does she have Verizon service in her area/home? If so, I would recommend GreatCall which runs on the Verizon network. I’m unsure about the VOIP question, I’ll do some asking and get back to you.

  5. I’m bed ridden and living alone, therefore, I would love to get this alert system. My budget is at its limits – do you know if Medicare would reimburse me (with a doctor’s prescription) for the monthly fee?
    Thank you.

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