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MobileHelp Medical Alert Duo Package

MobileHelp Medical Alert Review

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MobileHelp Medical Alert Duo Package
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Ryan Molloy

Ryan has years of experience researching and testing products that help people successfully age in place. After years of working for various publications such as Boston Magazine and The Believer, he has found his home at The Senior List, writing about all things related to caregiving and senior healthcare.


  1. Hello, i would like to to the duo one for my mom , But I wonder how I can install it by myself at her home and this equipment can use abroad ?
  2. You answered a question about the mobile unit. You said it was necessary to carry the home mobile unit with you as all you needed was the pendant. When I spoke to an agent this afternoon, he told me the pendant only worked when in range of the mobile unit. So if you were going out, you needed to take both. That seems to be the opposite of your response. Which is correct?
  3. I am reviewing the purchasing experience which I just completed. I dealt with Frank in Boca. I had contacted 4 companies. 1 never got back to me. 2 were not particularly knowledgeable or helpful. Frank, on the other hand checked all the boxes, personable, knowledgeable, helpful and created the platform of confidence for me to make the purchase. I hope the experience of having Mobile Help as my medical alert provider is as good as the purchasing experience!
    1. Hi Robert, so glad to hear you had a stellar customer service experience with MobileHelp. Thanks for sharing your feedback! Best, Amie
  4. Jim, customer service rep, was extremely knowledgeable and presented all information in a clear, concise manner. Made sure to offer all options but was not pushy. Thank you for the great service.
    1. Hi Janet, Thanks for sharing your feedback about MobileHelp, we are glad to hear about your experience! Best, Amie
  5. Overall, this has been a good system. Twice, now, it has sent necessary help to my mother-in-law in a timely manner — which is, of course, priceless. The one thing I think could improve their service would be to include the name “mobilehelp” with the “800” phone number when they call a customer to confirm whether or not help is needed or when they call someone on the contact list to let them know that an alarm was activated and they are sending help. There have been several times when the fire dept. and police have been notified because the equipment was unintentionally activated and the subscriber and/or contact did not answer the “800” notification call because they don’t recognize the number and don’t want to get involved with a salesman or “cold call”. Seniors, especially, and often told not to answer the phone “unless you know who it is” in order to protect them from scams. All of us are pretty beaten up on a daily basis with those type of calls and many of us have decided that we just won’t answer calls from unknown sources. I called and made the suggestion to customer service and was told that we could give them our smart phone numbers and they would be able to leave text messages. Not everyone has a smart phone and in the case of the elderly, many of them don’t and also don’t text. I think if was clear that the call was coming from mobilehelp, people wouldn’t hesitate to answer the call (If they were able to answer). and is a commonsense solution when the customer base is primarily elderly.
  6. if im wearing the wrist fall detector do I need to carry the base unit if im out somewhere. also is the wrist fall waterproof.
    1. Hi Florence- the fall detection pendant is worn on a lanyard around the neck and no need to carry the base unit with you!

    1. Hi Mary- No, you do not need to carry the charger base with you, this stays at home as you will only need it to charge the cellular MobileDuo. Hope that helps, Amie

  7. I just ordered my medical alert system. Eric was the gentleman I spoke with. He was very informative, attentive,polite, sensitive and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and we had the most pleasant conversation and the experience was so easy and no pressure at all. I am looking forward to getting my system in the mail and I would recommend everyone to ask for him when you call. He is truly an expert and a gentleman. Bette
  8. Do I still have to buy their watch if I already have the samsung g3 frontier watch. Can the app be loaded somehow?
  9. Mobile Help system is super easy to set up. I find them to be reliable. They send a text and an email the second anything happens. They’re representatives are very nice. They were patient with my questions. They explain things clearly. I have been very happy with Mobile Help!
  10. If you opt for the fall detection pendant, do you need to also wear the traditional pendant, ( both devices at the same time)? Or, will the fall technology supersede the basic. Also how large is the fall pendant?
    1. Hi Leslie- Only one pendant needed if you opt for the fall detection. It’s still quite small, I have asked the MobileHelp folks to chime in on the size.

    2. Hi Leslie, Our fall pendant is about the size of a sugar packet. You can also use a small car key fob as a reference as well. Thanks! Angela
  11. I am looking into this for someone. She will be using the MobileHelp Fall Button. She is wanting the option to have caregivers and family notified before EMS. It would be best if she can have that done in order of about three or four people before EMS is called. Caregivers and/or family would then come to her instead of EMS (and they would call EMS if they found that EMS needed to be contacted). Is that an option?
    1. Hi Matt, Yes, once she is a user, her calling tree will be set up based on her preferences. Give MobileHelp a call (800-908-4952) to find out the exact process for this. Hope that helps! Amie

  12. Do the wrist unit and pendant have two-way communication with provider? I understand that mobile units can be used for road or safety emergencies also.
    1. Hi Karen, the wrist and pendant buttons do not have a two-way speaker in them, the mobile units do if that is what you are looking for. And yes, the mobile units work anywhere there is cell coverage and any type of emergency the user is experiencing. Hope that helps, Amie

      1. Amie When you say mobile units does that mean the device that sits on a table meaning none of your wrist devices have speakers?
        1. Hi Karen- The mobile units are a cellular device with a two-way speaker that can be taken outside the home. For MobileHelp, they are called the MobileHelp Solo and the MobileDuo. These are not meant to be worn on the wrist, but can be worn around the neck, carried in a purse or clipped to a belt. If you are looking for a wrist option, the MobileHelp Smart is a smartwatch medical alert system with a two-way speaker. Hope that helps clarify – Best, Amie

    1. Hi Carol, Yes, MobileHelp has a wrist bracelet as well. Give them a call to hear about all the options. Best, Amie

  13. I am looking into this for a friend. He is located in a very rural area of Oklahoma where ceel phone service is very unreliable. Question is, can a system be provided into is land line?
    1. Hi Kevin, If cell service is unreliable, I would recommend going with a company that provides a traditional landline medical alert system. You can see our top list here- Both Bay Alarm Medical and Medical Guardian provide a landline unit.

      1. Hello, I”m looking at one of these services for my mom and she would like something that works at home and on the go. She is older and is proactively asking me to help her find something for her. The companies that are cellular-based are the issue, I think, as most of the services use AT&T and my mom has terrible AT&T celullar coverage in her home. Do the services that work with landlines work on a VOIP line like Ooma? I can’t seem to find a clear answer. And the service would have to provide cellular service for on the go coverage. Thanks for your help. Frank
        1. Hi Frank, Does she have Verizon service in her area/home? If so, I would recommend GreatCall which runs on the Verizon network. I’m unsure about the VOIP question, I’ll do some asking and get back to you.

  14. I’m bed ridden and living alone, therefore, I would love to get this alert system. My budget is at its limits – do you know if Medicare would reimburse me (with a doctor’s prescription) for the monthly fee? Thank you.

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