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Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, MobileHelp is one of the first medical alert companies to offer mobile systems that require no home telephone landline. The company provides both in-home and ­­home-and-away systems, and most MobileHelp devices can be integrated with GPS location and fall protection. The company also provides an app for caregivers and family members that provides online tracking and event notification.

MobileHelp is an FDA-registered company and its products are manufactured in compliance with FDA Medical Device Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. The company also has a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. The vast majority of user reviews found online are positive, and they appear to focus on friendly customer service and affordable service subscription plans. The variety of pricing plans can, however, appear somewhat confusing at first.

Available Systems — The Basics

MobileHelp offers three medical alert system types.

The MobileHelp Classic system is the basic in-home medical alert system and can be obtained for a monthly subscription currently set at $19.95. There is no cost for the equipment, but it needs to be returned if the service subscription is cancelled. A one-time service activation fee of $49.95 is waived if you sign up for the annual subscription rate of $359.40.

The MobileHelp Solo system is for both in-home and away use. The current monthly rate is $37.95 and there is no cost for the equipment during the service subscription.

The company’s most comprehensive package is its MobileHelp Duo system, which combines an in-home base station and a mobile unit. The current monthly service rate is $41.95 with no purchase cost for the equipment during the subscription.

An additional available system is the Mobile Duo package, which is designed for in-home and away use for two people sharing the same address. Supplied without an in-home base station, it’s essentially the MobileHelp Solo package, but with two mobile devices instead of only one. The current monthly plan is $44.95.

All of the above MobileHelp systems include a free lockbox valued at $29.95. This is a useful in-home safety feature that lets emergency responders enter a home quickly and without a need to break down a door. The lockbox is accessible from the outside of the home and contains a key to open an entrance door. The unique lockbox combination is provided to the emergency responders when an alert is activated.

Special Options and Products

The MobileHelp Connect app enables family members and authorized caregivers to play a more active role in the subscriber’s daily affairs. The app features a range of online tools accessible through a smartphone or internet connection and provides notifications of emergencies, system status, activity tracking, event history and user-location tracking. Caregivers and family members can choose the events they would like to receive notifications for. Subscribers can use the app to schedule medication reminders that display on the in-home base station, and caregivers or family members can receive the medication reminder along with a notification indicating whether it was acted on or ignored. The feature is only available with those systems that include the in-home base station.

The MobileHelp Smart package features a Samsung smart watch that combines popular lifestyle features with a medical alert device. It enables the wearer to send a medical alert and also speak with emergency 24/7 operators. GPS location provides the emergency response team with the subscriber’s exact location. The current purchase price for the smart watch is $349.95 and the MobileHelp Smart monitoring service subscription is $24.95 monthly.

The Fine Print

AT&T network wireless coverage is required for the MobileHelp systems to work. The company’s website states that the AT&T network is “not available everywhere and at all times,” and a link to an AT&T coverage map is provided. A current review of the AT&T network coverage map displays service across all 50 U.S. states, but there are some no-coverage areas in the western states and northern Maine. A large portion of Canada also displays no-coverage areas.

The MobileHelp website notes that the Automatic Fall Detection Button option “does not detect 100% of falls.” Subscribers are advised to be sure to push the help button if they fall and require assistance. The company warns that its Fall Button service is not meant to replace caregivers if subscribers have serious health issues.

MobileHelp Cost & Pricing Comparison

The service subscription plans offer flexibility: You can choose from annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly plans. No long-term service contracts are required. The prices and options below represent the most current fees and system offerings found on the MobileHelp website.

MobileHelp Classic

(Home Base Station)

MobileHelp Solo

(Mobile Unit)

MobileHelp Duo

(Base Station + Mobile Unit)

Mobile Duo

(Two Mobile Units)

Annual Plan

Semi-Annual Plan

Quarterly Plan

Monthly Plan

















Activation or Subscription Start-Up Fee$49.95 (waived with the Annual Plan)No activation or subscription start-up feesNo activation or subscription start-up feesNo activation or subscription start-up fees
Landline Required?NoNoNoNo
In-Home, Away or Both?In-home onlyBothBothBoth
GPS LocationNoYesYesYes
Fall ProtectionYes (+ $10 monthly)Yes (+ $10 monthly)Yes (+ $10 monthly)Yes (+ $10 monthly)
MobileHelp Connect Caregiver App Availability


Yes. Standard features at no extra charge; premium features for an additional feeYes. Standard features at no extra charge; premium features for an additional feeYes. Standard features at no extra charge; premium features for an additional feeYes. Standard features at no extra charge; premium features for an additional fee
LockboxNo charge for new subscribersFree with every orderFree with every orderFree with every order
Number of Help ButtonsOneOneOneTwo
Equipment PurchaseNot required; provided at no cost during service subscriptionNot required; provided at no cost during service subscriptionNot required; provided at no cost during service subscriptionNot required; provided at no cost during service subscription
Free 30-Day Trial PeriodYesYesYesYes


With its choice of subscriber billing options, a variety of features and a no-risk 30-day free trial period, a MobileHelp medical alert system is worth looking into. If the options and pricing plans appear somewhat confusing at first, the friendly customer service described in user reviews should make up for it.


  1. For Mobile Duo, do you need to have two subscriptions… MobileHelpDuo that includes the base station and then Mobile Duo for the second person’s connectivity? Or does Mobile Duo not need a base station? And do you need to take the base station away from home when you go out?
    1. Hi David- The Duo is two mobile units (great for couples)- there is no base station needed since this is a cellular unit- the photo shows a charging station. This is a great system for couples who are active and not home-bound. Hope that helps! Amie

  2. Does the MobileHelp watch come with most of the features of the Samsung watch without mobile alert? (And I wish you had included it in your table.)
  3. Does this system work if the person wearing it leaves their house and goes grocery shopping, or to visit family in a different town ? I need to know that my mother is 100 percent protected.
    1. Yes, if the button is pressed, or a fall is detected, but there is no response from the user, the call center would initiate emergency contact procedures established at the time of purchase.

  4. Due to fairly high expense, would my wife also be able to also use the alert system if I don’t use it all the time & not have to pay for two complete systems? Please list which systems that would allow it? Thank you for a great web site.
    1. Hi Shaun, Yes, I don’t see any reason why not! Just make sure that all the emergency contacts you list when you purchase would be the same for her as well. 🙂

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