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***UPDATE: We are aware of a recall on the updated GreatCall Lively, which means it is currently out of stock- this information will be updated when it becomes available again. Looking for another medical alert option? Check out the list of top medical alerts here.

GreatCall’s Lively Mobile medical alert device comes with Fall Detection technology built in and is designed for at-home or on-the-go use. The unit is lightweight and small, weighing in at fewer than 1.5 ounces. Its IPX7 waterproof rating enables the device to remain immersed in 3.3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, and it can be safely worn in the shower.

The Lively Mobile device is a stand-alone unit that requires no base station or smartphone to work. A speakerphone allows for two-way communication with both 9-1-1 and 5Star urgent response operators. The unit works anywhere in the U.S. where cell-phone service is available and runs on a lithium-ion battery. GreatCall recommends charging the battery daily.

An accessory clip, magnetic lanyard and charger come with the device. GPS is built in and enables the response agent to easily confirm your location when you’re out of the house. The device can be worn around your neck, clipped on to a belt or worn on your wrist with a specially designed accessory wristband.

The Basics

When you press the button on the Lively Mobile device, you’ll speak to a 5Star agent who will evaluate your situation, confirm your location and stay on the line with you until any needed help arrives. The 5Star service also assists in non-medical situations where you feel there may be potential danger or if you’re in an anxious situation:

  • Hearing strange noises outside your home at night
  • Concerned there may be someone lurking in your home
  • Experiencing a vehicle breakdown, accident or flat tire
  • Walking alone and being followed
  • Finding a strange car parked in your driveway
  • Being locked out of your house
  • Witnessing an accident or emergency involving another person


Not much is required to get a Lively Mobile device up and running. You simply press the power button, place the device in its charger and wait to hear “Welcome to 5Star.” The service indicator located behind the call button also begins flashing white. You’ll then receive a test call. Press and release the call button to answer when the call comes in.

A red flashing light warns that there is no cellular coverage available; you’ll need to try again at another location. A red flashing light indicates the battery needs to be charged. The light turns a solid green when charging is complete.


Like many other popular medical alert services, GreatCall offers upgrade services that can be added to the basic service plan or are included in the upgraded package plans. Accessories that can be purchased for the Lively Mobile device include a protective carrying case, wristband, and extra lanyards and belt clips.

Urgent Care

The Urgent Care option is available as an add-on to the Basic service plan, or you can include it in the Preferred and Ultimate plans. It enables you to speak with a board-certified doctor or live nurse without an appointment on a 24/7 basis. Subscribers can also obtain a prescription for most common medications over the phone. No health insurance is required to use the Urgent Care add-on service.

GreatCall Link

This smartphone app notifies friends, family or an authorized caregiver anytime the 5Star service is contacted. The GreatCall Link app is iOS and Android compatible, and it can also send smartphone alerts if the Lively Mobile medical alert device is left at home, turned off or the battery is low.

If you monitor a loved one’s activities, the GreatCall Link lets you see his or her location on your smartphone. When you turn on the Lively Mobile device’s GPS locator, you can determine where the subscriber is on a map display. This enables you to get there quickly if needed.

Fall Detection

This option automatically detects the sudden movement of a fall when the Lively Mobile medical alert device is worn with the specially designed neck lanyard. A 5Star agent is automatically contacted, even if you cannot press the alert button. The agent contacts you, confirms the location and evaluates the situation to determine if help is needed. Because falls typically occur on wet surfaces, the waterproof device detects a fall even if you’re caught in the rain.

Lively Wearable

Designed for more active lifestyles, this device is worn on your wrist or around your neck and tracks your steps and activities. It shares features with GreatCall’s Lively Mobile medical alert device and has built-in Fall Detection. The device provides an easy push-button 24/7 access to 5Star agents in an emergency situation. A 5Star agent is contacted automatically if a fall is detected.

Monthly service pricing for the Lively Wearable is currently $14.99 a month, and the device can be purchased for between $25 and $50, depending on where you buy it. The device works with a smartphone and automatically syncs through Bluetooth. It does not require charging, and it comes with a replaceable battery.

GreatCall Plans and Package Costs

GreatCall’s basic protection service plan’s regular price is $24.99 per month, but discounted rates are frequently offered. The Mobile Lively device is obtainable for between $35 to $50, depending on the discount offered and the time and place of purchase.

Basic Plan

$19.99 per month

(current discount price)

Preferred Plan

$24.99 per month

(current discount price)

Ultimate Plan

$34.99 per month

(current discount price)

5Star Urgent Response Yes Yes Yes
Urgent Care Yes Yes
GreatCall Link

iOS / Android App

Yes Yes
Fall Detection Yes
Product Replacement Yes


GreatCall’s Lively Mobile medical alert features and the 24/7 5Star award-winning response team combine to make the system an attractive package. The GreatCall Link app provides peace of mind when you can see where your loved one is on your smartphone. You’ll also be able to tell if the 5Star team has been contacted by the subscriber, or if a call was activated automatically. Because the Lively Mobile device works through a wireless system, you never have to worry about the wearer being out of range from an in-home base station. Competitive pricing plans, the first 30 days free and no contracts or cancellation fees helps make the system worth serious consideration. Read our full GreatCall review here.

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