Mobile Help Now Acquires Halo Monitoring

Mobile Help Now logoplus signMobile Help Now acquires my Halo Halo Monitoring

Mobile Help Now Acquires Halo Monitoring

If you weren’t aware, Mobile Help (Boca Raton, Florida) has acquired a company we’ve had our eye on for quite some time, Halo Monitoring (Halo’s website now redirects to MobileHelp).  The consolidation could be good or it could be bad for the PERS-Medical Alarm market depending on how you see it AND depending on what Mobile Help does with the Halo technology.  IF they invest, improve and expand the my Halo platform it’s probably a great thing for the fall detection market.   IF they bury Halo Monitoring, it’s one less choice for consumers and a waste of a once promising technology.The myHalo Fall Detection Device


Here are some excerpts from the MobileHelp press release entitled MobileHelp acquires Halo Monitoring to build out PERS offering.

“The acquisition of Halo Monitoring is an important step on our journey to expand our solution portfolio of Home Healthcare and Monitoring solutions that further improve the well-being of seniors who rely on our products,” Rob Flippo, CEO of MobileHelp said in a statement. “We are excited to add additional capabilities to our best-in-class mPERS offerings, in addition to bringing on board talent to further expand our technology capabilities.” – Brian Dolan, MobiHealthNews

Medical Alert SystemsMobile Help Now hand held unit

The Senior List has written extensively about Personal Emergency Response Systems including Fall Detection Devices.  Click through for a short list of medical alert systems available today.  From there, you’ll be able to read our reviews of medical alert systems and become familiar with the different types of medical alert choices for aging adults.

Mobile Help Now | The myHalo chest strap Fall Detection DeviceHalo Monitoring was one of the first companies to include automatic fall detection in its wearable PERS devices, which send an alert to caregivers and/or a call center when the person wearing the pendant falls — it does not require the wearer to push any buttons to trigger the alert. – Brian Dolan, MobiHealthNews

 mobile help now acquires my halo monitoring

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