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McDonald's Senior Discounts

McDonald’s Senior Discounts

As many of you know, The Senior List publishes the biggest list of senior discounts on the web.  We receive a lot of local feedback regarding McDonald's restaurants and thought we'd inquire as to a national … [Continue Reading

impact of exercise on Alzheimer's Disease

ALZ.ORG: 10 Ways To Love Your Brain

There was a great deal of positive news reported at The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) last week.  Among many topics discussed, 3 studies demonstrated the positive impact that exercise … [Continue Reading

caregiving for aging parents

Caring For Aging Parents

"The Most Beautiful Home" In a video that's sure to require a Kleenex, The Housing and Development Board produced a tear jerking video about a son's promise to his father.  The promise... "When I grow up, I'll … [Continue Reading

Saying goodbye to your parents

Saying Goodbye To Your Parents

If you've been following Judy Fox's blog over at When The Table Turns, you've been treated to one of the great journeys that children of aging parents must endure.  Judy assumed the role of caregiver a number … [Continue Reading