everything you need to know about medical alert systems

Medical Alert Systems: Everything You Need To Know

We're asked all the time to make recommendations on medical alert systems, and to provide best practices on what to look out for when shopping for one of these little devices. The best advice is not to rush into this purchase decision without doing a little due diligence. There are some nafarious providers out there, hoping you'll sign a long-term contract that you can't get out of... We've even heard from consumers that have been stuck in a bad … [Continue Reading.]


Senior Care Ratings and Reviews

Our Eldercare Directory is consumer driven, and contains thousands of senior care ratings and reviews.  Since 2006, The Senior List has grown organically, and built a reputation as a trusted resource in the search for quality local senior care providers.  The Senior List helps consumers connect with the best local senior care providers as rated by experienced consumers! The Senior List allows families to browse our database, and … [Continue Reading.]

Medical Alert System Buyers Guide

The Senior List

The Senior List® is a ratings and review portal for everything senior related.  Visit our Nationwide Senior Care Directory for ratings & reviews on senior services.   If you're looking for Product Reviews (on medical alert systems, or senior-friendly cell phones) you'll find them here.  Our blog contains wonderful information on caregiving, health matters, technology, and more. Your participation is requested... Your comments, ratings … [Continue Reading.]


About Us

The Senior List® is a community-driven portal focused on linking families to quality products and senior services online. The Senior List was founded by a team that believes that transparency is the key to finding quality senior services in local communities. The problem is that most people just don't know where to start. They usually thumb through the yellow pages, spend unproductive hours searching online, or make phone calls to friends or … [Continue Reading.]


gifts for caregivers

Gifts for Caregivers

With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been asked by clients and family members alike what the best gifts for caregivers are this season. … [Read More...]

Caregiving News – and more

gifts for caregivers

Gifts for Caregivers

With the holidays quickly approaching, I have been asked by clients and family members alike what the best gifts for caregivers are this season.  After some reflection about all the things caregivers do for the … [Continue Reading

Tiny Prints Christmas Card

Last Minute Christmas Card Deals

Christmas Card Deals From Tiny Prints Calling all last minute shoppers who haven't ordered your holiday cards yet! Tiny Prints has your back. First, their sitewide sale of up to 30% off ends Tuesday, 12/16 … [Continue Reading

Glen Campbell's Last Song

Glen Campbell’s Last Song

Legendary country singer Glen Campbell is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.  Diagnosed back in 2011, Glen Campbell set out with Kenny Rogers to plan one final international "Good Bye" tour which was stopped … [Continue Reading

Act your shoe size not your age

Act Your Shoe Size Not Your Age

So we've all heard the analogy "act your age... not your shoe size" right?  Well this trio stands that analogy on it's head with their rendition of Billy Jean by Michael Jackson.  Who says you can't have fun … [Continue Reading

Assisted Living Documentary - Richard Weinman

Assisted Living Documentary

Ever wondered what it's like living in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF)?  Dick Weinman, professor Emeritus at Oregon State University pulls back the curtain in a new assisted living documentary entitled "The … [Continue Reading

choosing the right hospice

Choosing the Right Hospice

The decision to start hospice and trying to choose the right hospice is not an easy task. For many, there is an an overwhelming sense of sadness when this decision is made. However, most people soon realize … [Continue Reading

drink water daily

How Much Water To Drink Daily?

Ran across an interesting tidbit while pursuing Facebook this morning.  A little piece on the importance of water to your heart health seemed important enough to pass along, and we encourage you to share with … [Continue Reading

Independent Film Land Ho!

Movie Review: Land Ho!

I’m jaded when it comes to movies.  Throughout an entire show, I’m waiting for something to go wrong, or a twist in the plot I never saw coming.  A movie can be rolling right along with a feel-good story line, … [Continue Reading

3 boomers on a beach

Top 5 Books On Healthy Aging

Since the snake-oil days of  the wild wild west, self-proclaimed health experts have been hawking advice and "products" on an unsuspecting and somewhat gullible public.  The difference between then and now … [Continue Reading

best cities to retire for less

Best Places To Retire For Less

Best places to retire for less If you've been following our posts recently you know we published a list of best beach towns to retire in America.  This list is admittedly biased to towns out west (hey we spend … [Continue Reading

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