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Best Apps for Seniors

5 Terrific Mobile Apps for Seniors

Many people think of technology as the territory of the young, and that's too bad. Technology can benefit older adults in countless and sometimes surprising ways. For example, Speaking Exchange pairs up … [Continue Reading

What is a medical alert system

What Is A Medical Alert System?

We do so many articles, posts, and reviews of the latest medical alert systems that we thought we'd take a step backwards and cover the basics.  Many people don't even understand what a medical alert system is, … [Continue Reading

Hospice Pet Therapy

Hospice Pet Therapy Provides Relief

You don't need to look to far to find unsung hero's in nursing homes, retirement communities and even personal residences today.  They're called caregivers and they come in all shapes and sizes.  They give of … [Continue Reading

89 year old cheerleader

89 Year Old Relives Cheerleader Days

89 year old Pauline Heafner was a cheerleader at Belmont High School (Belmont, NC) back in 1943.  They were some of the happiest days that she can recall given her dementia diagnosis of late. As  WBTV's Kristen … [Continue Reading

What is Dementia

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is defined as "a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning".  But how much do … [Continue Reading

key to living longer

The Key To Living Longer

If you came here for eternal life's "magic bullet", you'll soon be disappointed.  But if you came for real-life tips on living longer, we found a great list to share!  Web MD published a handy list entitled: … [Continue Reading

5 Rules for marriage after 50

5 Rules For Marriage After 50

Melissa King is a writer over at one of our favorite money-saving sites; ClarkHoward.com.  She recently published a nice list of tips for those that plan on marrying later in life.  Her list entitled "5 things … [Continue Reading

Lowering your prescription drug prices

Prescription Drug Prices On The Rise

If you noticed that your prescription drug prices have been going up, you're not alone. Consumer Reports just surveyed over 1,000 prescription drug consumers and their survey yielded some interesting results. … [Continue Reading

Costco sells Medical Alert Systems

Medical Alert Systems At Costco

You may or may not be aware that Costco carries medical alert systems.  Costco used to carry just one - The MediPendant, which is an adequate (traditional) medical alert system that offered good value (due to … [Continue Reading

father teaches son

A Father Teaches Son Valuable Lesson

You're allowed to cry while watching this video... There are many moments that provide teaching opportunities for parents, and this is certainly one of those moments.  In this beautiful short video directed by … [Continue Reading