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Medical Alert Reviews - Better Alerts

Product Review: Better Alerts

Better Alerts is a newer addition to the Mobile Personal Emergency Response System (MPERS) market, a market that's seen some very exciting companies enter the fray.  These new medical alert system providers are … [Continue Reading

Living with Dementia

Living With Dementia

Dementia is defined as "a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning."  For anyone who's … [Continue Reading

types of walk-in bathtubs

Types Of Walk-In Bathtubs

Did you know that (more than) one in three seniors over age 65 fall each year?  The National Institute on Aging (NIA) reports that 80% of these falls are in the bathroom.  To prevent such occurrences, many … [Continue Reading

Real Estate Scams

Scam Alert: Real Estate Scams

Home buyers and sellers beware! We're always on the lookout for current scams so we can keep you informed of the latest bad guys out there. Turns out there’s a new scam circulating around the country these … [Continue Reading

Old Dutch Cleanser Can

Our Favorite Old Signs

Bob Dylan was right... The times they are a changin. It's all around us of course - In the cars we drive today, in the way we communicate, and in the way brands express themselves. Gone are the days when a sign … [Continue Reading

Gardening tips for seniors

Gardening Tips for Seniors

Gardening can be tiresome, with countless hours spent outside getting mucky and dirty, yet oh so rewarding! Despite this, many of us still take pride in having a beautiful garden. As we get older … [Continue Reading

The Dust Bowl

Remembering The Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl The Dust Bowl was an incredible phenomenon during the 1930's in which the early settlers dug up the deep rooted native grasses of the Great Plains to plant wheat and other non-native commodity … [Continue Reading

walk-in bathtub

What Are Walk-In Bathtubs?

With 80% of falls happening in the bathroom, it's imperative for anyone at a risk for falls to examine the hazards in the home and the bathtub is one of them.  An alternative to traditional bathtubs are walk-in … [Continue Reading

What is Memorial Day

What Is Memorial Day?

What Is Memorial Day? Memorial Day is a federal holiday which honors those members of our armed forces who died while serving.  It had been traditionally observed on May 30th, but is now recognized on the last … [Continue Reading

Save Money on Food While Traveling

Save Money On Food While Traveling

I found a great article on DailyFinance.com entitled 14 Proven Ways to Cut Food Costs While Traveling.  There are a good many strategies to save money on food while traveling.  You CAN eat like a king (or … [Continue Reading