Apple Announces The New Taller Lighter Faster iPhone 5

iPhone 5 photoWe write a lot about how technology can help boomers and seniors as they age.  Staying connected is important to everyone, and the smartphone market for aging adults is rapidly expanding.  That said, today Apple unveiled it’s much anticipated line-up of devices, and by all accounts they didn’t disappoint.  The star of the show was the new iPhone 5 (yes if you voted “iPhone 5″ as opposed to “iPhone 6″ or “The New iPhone” you won) a taller, lighter and faster version of it’s predecessors.  The iPhone 5 is made of aluminum and glass (ya we knew that) and is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S.  It’s also lighter… 20% lighter than previous models.  When you combine the fact that Apple set-out to build a better phone with a taller display, that is LIGHTER than before, it’s really quite an accomplishment.

The new iPhone 5 will support LTE and together Sprint, Verizon and AT&T will support the faster network (here in the USA).  This phone does have the A6 processor will will allow graphics etc. to load much faster that the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.  As for the battery, Apple reports that the battery in the iPhone 5 will exceed what is capable with the iPhone 4S.  8 hours of talk time or browsing, and 10 hours on WiFi.  The camera sounds like it’s been upgraded a bit as well.  There is better image stabilization and a front-facing 720p camera.

Siri on Apple iOS

“Siri- What’s the best smartphone on the market today?”

The new Apple headphonesGoogle maps may have a competitor now, as iOS maps will have 3D satellite generated imagery.  It will be interesting to see if iOS maps are ready for the big time, as there’s been some speculation as to the market readiness of the application. Lot’s of folks will be watching this eagerly… Siri (as if I have to introduce her) is naturally on the iPhone 5, but no word on how refreshed she is on iOS 6.  Apple says Siri will continue to get better and better with more languages coming aboard, and even better speech recognition down the road.

iPhone 5 comes in white or black (surprise, surprise) and is the same price as the existing 4S ($199 for 16 GB, $299 for 32 GB, $399 for 64 GB) subsidized by your local carrier.  Expect to see these new iPhones fly off the shelves like never before!  Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 start Friday the 14th with shipping commencing on September 21 (in the US and Canada).  Click through to read about our Top iPhone Apps for Seniors (and add your favorites to the list)!

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  1. idebenone says:

    The bottom line is, we said last year that the two big missing parts of the iPhone were 4G LTE and a larger screen. The iPhone 5 has them, plus a new processor, plus a new design, plus iOS 6, plus a lot more. It’s the best iPhone that’s been made.

    • We love the iPhone as well “idebenone”. Although we recently took a look at the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is a great looking little BIG Android phone!

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