Snapfon vs Jitterbug

Our experts compared these two relatively basic phones designed for seniors. See which one gets our pick.

Side-by-side comparison:

Side-by-side comparison: Snapfon provides senior-friendly cell phones. GreatCall
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4.1 / 5 stars
Price Range$29.99/mo - $79.99/mo$14.99 - $49.99/mo
Overage FeeNo fee, but will need to buy more minutes.Yes - fee varies per type of overage.
Cancellation FeeN/AN/A
Contract RequiredNoNo
Contract LengthN/AN/A
Prepaid Plan OptionYesYes
Unlimited Data OptionYesYes
Family PlansNoNo
Nationwide CoverageYesYes
International CoverageYes - US Canada & Mexico onlyYes - US & Canada only
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Editors Recommendation

Generally, GreatCall is a better choice for older adults because they offer two phones designed specifically for seniors and monthly plans tend to cost less than Snapfon. However, if you are looking to bring your own unlocked phone and need coverage in Mexico, then Snapfon will be a better option.

Snapfon and Jitterbug are two phones that are dedicated to a senior audience. They don't come with a lot of extras, but are equipped with the necessities that most seniors need without an inflated price tag. Both the phones and the packages are affordable and offer seniors devices that are easy to use and extremely reliable. Both Snapfon and Jitterbug offer two phone options to choose from. This allows the user to choose the style of phone they are most comfortable using.

Snapfon vs Jitterbug Differences

When it comes to differences between Snapfon and Jitterbug, there are a couple of differences worth noting. First, Snapfon only offers one type of phone, the ezTWO. The other phone option is a smartphone for more advanced users or the option to bring in your own unlocked phone. Jitterbug offers two phones, the Flip and the Jitterbug 2. GreatCall (Jitterbug's service provider) uses Verizon's network, while Snapfon uses AT&T, T-Mobile or SnapMobile network.

Jitterbug vs Snapfon Similarities

Both Snapfon and Jitterbug phones and their features are designed for the unique needs of seniors. Snapfon has an SOS button, while Jitterbug's service provider, GreatCall, has created a unique medical alert system that keeps users connected to their caregivers. Both allow for advanced options for seniors who are accustomed to a higher level of technology and are willing to pay a little extra for the data usage plan that accompanies the smartphones.

Service Area

Snapfon uses the AT&T, T-Mobile, and SnapMobile network. Coverage is nationwide and includes voice coverage for both Canada and Mexico.

Jitterbug's carrier is GreatCall. GreatCall uses Verizon's network and offers nationwide coverage. Just like with most other networks, including AT&T, there are areas where service may be spotty but for the most part, the coverage is reliable throughout most of the service area.

Phone Options

The only true Snapfon is the exTwo which is a small, lightweight device with large, easy to see buttons. There is a large, red SOS button on the back that can be used for emergencies. If you prefer to use a smartphone plan, Snapfon offers the Vivo 8L or the Grand XL LTE that can be leased for a monthly fee in addition to their service package. You can also bring your own phone to the plan if it is unlocked and able to be used within their network.

The Lively Flip is the most basic of GreatCall's options. It is easy to use and does not support email or internet. The Jitterbug 2 is a smartphone that offers advanced options like internet, email, and other high-tech features. Both phones are easy to use and extremely reliable for the features they offer.

Costs & Contracts

Snapfon requires a $29.99 service activation. They offer a few different plans including 300 minutes/$15 per month, unlimited talk/text for as low as $30 per month, or you can choose a 60-minute plan for just less than $10 a month. The ezTwo ranges in price, starting at $29.99 (with activation) or $79.99 for an unlocked phone. The Vivo 8L costs $169.99 and the Grand XL LTE is available for $99.99.

GreatCall's plans are somewhat higher, but they offer several options. For $30 a month, you can get a basic emergency response service and 600 minutes. If you want to include the GreatCall Link, phone insurance and a live operator, you will be charged $45 a month. It's another $10 a month if you want to include unlimited talk/text. You can get the Lively Flip for $75 at Best Buy. The Jitterbug 2 can be found for $110 to $150 depending on where you purchase it.

Our Conclusion

Snapfon is a good choice for seniors who want options when it comes to the type of phone they choose or if they want to use their own, unlocked phone.

Jitterbug works best for seniors who want a bona fide medical alert system in addition to the convenience of a cellphone.

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