Why are seniors turning to CBD? We hear it from the experts in this podcast episode.

Podcast: Why are Seniors Turning to CBD? with Kerrigan Behrens

Listen to Episode 08 Hi Friend, Many seniors and older adults are turning toward natural alternatives to help with sleep, pain and stiffness. In this episode, we talk to Kerrigan Behrens, the Co-Founder of Sagely Naturals, a company focused on bring CBD products to the marketplace for older adults. CBD products are new to the […]

Are Reverse Mortgages safe? Podcast with Jordan Goodman

Podcast: Are Reverse Mortgages safe? With Guest Jordan Goodman

Listen to Episode 07  Hi Friend, In today's advertising world, seniors and their loved ones are constantly being marketed to on different types of mortgages.  Here at The Senior, we strive to give you the BEST information from experts, not the companies who are doing the advertising. In this episode, Heather interviews Jordan […]

Elder Law, do you need it? with Meredith Williamson

Podcast: What is an Elder Law Attorney and When do You Need One?

 Hi Friends, As we get older and as we are taking care of loved ones, there are many legal issues that come up. In this episode, we are interviewing an Elder Law expert, to help answer many questions and discuss general situations that come up and how to prepare. What is an elder law […]

Real Talk: With a Financial Strategist Coach with Beau Henderson

Podcast: Real Talk with Financial Strategist Coach Beau Henderson

 Hi Friends, Have you ever been in financial advisor overwhelm? As a caregiver, or an aging parent, getting ready for retirement or passing along your wealth, the advising world can be very confusing. We have searched for a person that is an independent financial advisor that is focused on truly helping seniors and their […]

Finding the RIGHT, SAFE, and BEST Retirement Home or Living Care for Your Aging Loved Ones

Finding the RIGHT, SAFE, and BEST Senior Housing for a Loved One with Jennifer Cook-Buman

Listen to Episode 04 Hi Everyone, In today’s world of many choices, options and advertisements – when the time comes to face the issue of having to find a senior housing community for your parent or loved one, it can be VERY stressful. Join us in our conversation with Jennifer Cook-Buman, owner of Portland Senior […]

Mobile Help - Is CHANGING how to stay safe for Everyone in a mobile World - Rob Flippo

Podcast: Medical Alert Systems are changing how we stay safe with Rob Flippo

Listen to Episode 03 Hi Everyone, We cover medical alert systems extensively on The Senior List® and today we are delighted to talk with Rob Flippo, CEO of MobileHelp. Rob gives us the background of medical alerts, talks about innovation in the market and what the future holds for the industry. Plus, hear some of […]

Podcast: Caregiving at Home and In-Home Care Tips: Sorting Out the Confusion and What is Best for Your Loved Ones with Scott Witt

Podcast: Caregiving at Home and In-Home Care Tips with Scott Witt

  Listen to Episode 02 Hi Everyone, Do you know the difference between home care, home health and in-home care? Today our guest, Scott Witt, will break it all down for us. It can be difficult to know when the right time for care at home is, especially if a loved one is resistant to receiving […]

The Senior List Podcast Episode #1 with Guest Susan Bratton

Podcast: Dating and finding love over the age of 55 with Susan Bratton

Listen to Episode 01 Hi Everyone, Dating and finding love again, during The Best Years of Your Life, can seem scaring and overwhelming. We understand. So in this interview, we bring in a DYNAMIC woman, who focuses on helping couples, men and women on how to connect as couples later in life, and how to […]

The Senior List Podcast - Guest Amie Clark

Podcast: Your Best Years DO Begin Here: Why Amie Clark Started a Family Business Helping Others

Listen to Episode 00 Hi Everyone, We kick off our inaugural podcast with Amie Clark, Co-founder of The Senior List. Amie talks about the history of the site and her motivation for starting the resource. Initially created as a senior housing resource for her local clients, The Senior List has turned into a nationwide platform […]