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Product Review: GrandCARE Systems

GrandCare Systems - Connecting Seniors to Family and CareI get really excited about new technologies, systems, and emerging companies.  Especially if they’re built with the goal of making peoples lives more livable.   GrandCARE Systems is one of those companies that’s easy to get behind!  GrandCARE Systems is a communication tool, care management asset and activity-sensor-hub all wrapped up in an easy-to-use touchscreen device.

Connectivity Tools For Seniors

The grandCARE System offers connectivity for seniors.  It keeps them connected to family members, caregivers, and healthcare providers alike.  Family members are able to share photos, videos, and messages through the care portal (which can be accessed through any device with an internet connection).  Caregivers can set up activity reminders and medication prompts.  Medication reminders take on a whole new look with photos of pills and dosing information.

Healthcare providers are able to set up sensors around the home that can detect motion, establish sleep patterns and even send an alert if the refrigerator door has not been opened in the morning.  The system also supports telehealth devices such as blood pressure monitors, scales, pulse oximeters, glucometers, and thermometers.   All of this can be done while monitoring and engaging even the most technology-averse seniors.GrandCare Systems offers connectivity to seniors

GrandCARE allows every person involved with the senior to contribute in their own way.  It allows people to feel more integrated into their loved ones lives. — Daphne Karpan, Home Care RN

Thegrandcare systems communication tool grandCARE touch screen interface is very easy for the front end-user, presumably an older adult that may not be familiar with computers or modern tech.  It’s also easy for family, caregivers and providers who are connected on the back-end.  Monitoring seniors at home can make a great deal of sense.  GrandCARE just makes it easier!  Personally, I can also see this system being a welcome addition to any long distance family member situation.  Family members can easily send photos, videos and personal notes to share.

We reviewed a competitor of grandCARE in the past called Video Care.  Even though Video Care isn’t around anymore, their users have been incorporated into the grandCARE system.

 VideoCare used different hardware than grandCARE but we invested in testing our software to the point we can simply send VideoCare customers a USB drive that installs GrandCare on their current VideoCare touch PC.   It has made a number of people happy and we are proud to almost seamlessly migrate clients and their caregivers from VideoCare to grandCARE with almost no interruption in service. — Jerry Furness, COO of grandCARE

GrandCare Systems MonitorGrandCARE Systems (grandCARE) recently released MediKall, which is a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant video chat for providers to talk to clients and patients about medical conditions.  HIPPA compliance means your medical and personal information is protected/safe. GrandCARE can be used with a wired or wi-fi internet connection, so it’s a very flexible solution.


Buying a grandCARE System

Cost is $899 upfront for the system and requires a $99 monthly subscription.  There are no additional charges for use of health devices, sensors, or alerts.  Some users are able to access this system through their home care, home health, hospice, or senior care living facility at a reduced cost.  Ask your provider if they have grandCARE connected into their network.  If you’re interested in the grandCARE System for a family member or a friend, by being a member of The Senior List community, you can receive 10% off of the purchase price.  Tell them you read about it here!

Written By
Amie Clark

Amie has been writing about senior care products and services for the last decade. She is particularly passionate about new technologies that help improve the quality of life for seniors and their families. Seeing her parents and grandparents age made Amie ask herself, “Would this be good enough for my loved ones?” In her spare time, Amie enjoys outdoor adventures and spontaneous road trips. Learn more about Amie here


  1. I saw the article in Sunday’s NYT (business section) and goggled this site to see more details. I am interested in using it as a helping device to give me more information on my mother’s situation, now with mild dementia. This article was most helpful. Can it also be used as a monitoring device to see the person’s activities during the day and night, looking into various rooms in the house? I am assuming it can be used from a smart phone from anywhere in the world? Are there video monitors in every room or just selected devices in a few rooms? Does the upfront cost include all the setup and camera/monitors required and training for my mother on its use? Does the $99 per month include monitoring like Life Alert services and notification to 911 if needed? Appears to be a great product/service which should grow significantly over the years with 10,000 a day turning 65 between now and 2030.
  2. If you are aware of any video promotional material, I’d be interested in using it for course material in a class I teach in AiP. Thanks, Scott
  3. Can you comment as to why you noted the system as “Difficult for those with dementia”? We are interested in this system only for the video conference and photo functions. It seems this will be simple enough but I would like to better understand your comment.
    1. Great question Al- My comment about the system being difficult for those with dementia is derived from the reality that this could be a potentially confusing tool for people who are not able to follow directions or remember new information from day to day. GrandCARE works best when the user (presumable the senior) interacts and responds to the touch screen and the information it provides. That being said, it would also depend on the person, stage of dementia, and ability of other people to assist the user if needed. I think that what you are envisioning it for would work. I would recommend talking to the folks at GrandCARE to get their opinion as well. Drop us a line if it works out (or not) for you! Best- A.

      1. Thanks Amie. I did speak to the director of product development at GrandCare today to determine if my grandmother’s dementia would prevent her from using this. The interface is completely customizable so that we are able to remove all but video conference button. If she is still unable to understand how to use the unit, it can be controlled remotely so that we can launch the video conference and also control sound remotely and my grandmother would not need to do anything.
        1. Great info Al – Thanks for following up with GrandCare Systems! I’m sure this will provide peace-of-mind for others who are also dealing with this important issue. All the best – A

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