Best Auto and Home Insurance Bundles for Seniors in 2023

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Finding a reputable home and auto insurance provider can be difficult, but bundling policies with one insurance provider often comes with greater simplicity in claims processing, benefits, and customer service. Many insurers will also offer steep discounts for getting both home and auto insurance––some as much as 25 percent!

If you plan to bundle your home and auto insurance, then choosing the right provider is twice as important. We created this guide to help you work through the best home and auto insurance bundles so you can pick the right one for your needs.

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The Best Home and Auto Insurance for Seniors

How We Chose the Best Car Insurance for Seniors

To find the best home and auto insurance providers for seniors, we looked for the following:

Providers Compared

Provider Discount for bundling* Monthly auto premium* Monthly home premium*
Progressive 5% $112 $111
Allstate 25% $105 $109
Liberty Mutual 28% $120 $102
AARP/The Hartford 25% $111 $144
Geico 3% $96 $113

*Premiums and discounts represent an estimate. Actual quotes will vary.

1. Progressive - Shared Deductibles

Progressive Car Insurance Logo
4.3 / 5
Call for best price:
(855) 933-2095
What We Like Most:
  • Established contractor network
  • Robust discounts available
  • One deductible for both policies
  • Numerous bundling options


Progressive is one of the nation’s most well-established providers of home and auto insurance. It has an established network of qualified contractors who can quote repairs for your home directly through your policy. It also offers motorcycle, boat, and RV insurance, creating more opportunities for bundling and saving.

For home and auto insurance policies, Progressive offers an average discount of 5 percent, which comes off your auto policy premium. Other potential deals include discounts for buying a new home, getting a quote in advance, and having safety features in your home, such as home security systems.

In addition to its competitive rates, Progressive lets you combine deductibles for your home and auto policies, potentially increasing your savings more in the event of a claim.

  • Extensive contractor network
  • Single deductible policy
  • Multiple policy types
  • Numerous discounts available
  • Claims must be filed through the underwriter, not Progressive
  • Expensive for non-bundled plans

2. Allstate - Available Nationwide

Allstate Logo
4.8 / 5
Call for best price:
(855) 933-2095
What We Like Most:
  • Competitive rates
  • Good customer reviews
  • Local agents in all 50 states
  • Unique HostAdvantage discount


In terms of financial security, Allstate plans are a reliable investment. It is the second-largest provider in the country, and has been selling insurance since 1931. Allstate doesn’t list a specific discount for a bundled policy, but its website states that you could be eligible for up to 25 percent savings on your monthly premiums if you buy both auto and home insurance.

Allstate offers numerous add-ons to its homeowner’s policies, some of which offer unique coverage for identity-theft restoration, reimbursements for green upgrades, electronic data recovery, and HostAdvantage, a discount for people who rent their home as an Airbnb.

  • Unique discounts
  • Competitive premiums
  • Up to 25 percent bundling discount
  • Diverse coverage options
  • No extended replacement coverage
  • Expensive for Florida residents

3. Liberty Mutual - Great Bundling Discounts

Liberty Mutual logo
4.3 / 5
What We Like Most:
  • Numerous home policy discounts
  • Great online services
  • Diverse policy options
  • Identity-theft coverage


Liberty Mutual offers numerous add-ons when you get a homeowner’s insurance plan, including dwelling, other structures, property, personal liability, medical, and loss-of-use coverage. The company also offers unique discounts, such as identity-theft coverage, inflation protection, replacement-cost coverage, ordinance coverage, and even a blanket jewelry coverage plan that pays for stolen jewelry with no deductible or appraisal.

For bundling a Liberty Mutual auto and home policy, the company offers the biggest discount we surveyed — up to 28 percent. As with other providers, however, that is only a maximum estimate. Real discounts will be calculated based on your unique situation.

  • Comprehensive coverage options
  • Unique discounts
  • Easy-to-use online services
  • Identity-theft coverage
  • High customer complaints for auto coverage claims
  • Few life insurance options

4. The Hartford/AARP - Discounts for AARP Members

What We Like Most:
  • Personalized services tailored to seniors
  • Up to 25 percent in bundling discounts
  • Numerous other discounts available
  • User-friendly website tools


A home and auto insurance bundle through AARP and The Hartford can give you up to 25 percent off your monthly bill. The discount is separated between policies: up to 5 percent off the auto insurance plan and up to 20 percent off the home insurance.

The Hartford offers other ways to save on your coverage, including discounts for hybrid and electric vehicles, full yearly payments in advance, home safety features, and completing a defensive driving class.

You must be an AARP member to reap the benefits of a policy through The Hartford. If you are, you can take advantage of the company’s personalized agent services to get a quote and learn about your eligibility for discounts.

FYI: To learn more about this provider, read our AARP auto insurance review.

  • Great coverage options
  • Numerous discounts
  • Personalized services
  • Great website
  • Higher premiums
  • High customer complaints for claims processing

5. Geico - Lowest Premiums

Geico Logo
4.4 / 5
Call for best price:
(855) 933-2095
What We Like Most:
  • Cheap premiums
  • Great online services
  • Numerous discounts
  • Coverage in all 50 states


Geico offers the most affordable premiums of the companies we reviewed, with many users reporting policy estimates of less than $100 per month. The company offers its insurance through dozens of approved underwriters, making discounts difficult to estimate since they will be different for different offers. For bundling Geico and home insurance plans, however, Geico offers a flat discount of 3 percent with opportunities for a bigger discount depending on your situation.

The company also has a great online quoting tool that makes it easy to receive a free estimate. Compared to other providers, however, Geico doesn’t have as many local agents. That can make it trickier to deal with your plan’s underwriter for specific plans.

  • Affordable plans
  • Huge provider network
  • Great online quoting tools
  • Robust discount options
  • Limited in-person agents
  • Separate underwriters for different policies

Bottom Line

Bundling home and auto insurance makes it easier to process claims since everything is handled by one provider. Most providers offer a discount to buyers who bundle their policies, incentivizing them to keep everything under one roof.

We looked at many providers before choosing the five best bundles for seniors in 2023. The above companies have unique pros and cons, but they represent the best plans for seniors looking to consolidate their insurance premiums and reap the benefits.

Remember to ask each provider’s agents about your eligibility for other discounts in addition to the bundling discount. That will impact your decision for which provider is the best for your auto and home insurance needs in the coming year.

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