Hero Medication Dispenser Review

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Keeping track of multiple medications can be a challenge at any age. But as we get older, we often find ourselves needing to take more pills. For seniors, it can be a challenge trying to remember which medications to take, how many, and at what times. Seniors who have memory issues or who are confused may struggle to keep medications straight.

Missing or overdosing on medication can have serious consequences, especially for the most vital medications. Estimates are that as many as one in ten hospital visits are due to taking the wrong medications.

An automatic pill dispenser takes a lot of the worry out of being prompted to take medications on time and at the correct dose. Caregivers can preload and program an automated medication dispenser with the right medications at the correct times. These systems don’t just store the medications – they also issue alarms to remind users to take them.

About Hero

The inspiration for Hero came from founder Kal Vepuri’s personal experience of helping his mom manage her medications after she suddenly became ill. He found that even his mom, who was a highly trained physician herself, was struggling to keep track of all the different pills and doses she needed daily.

Vepuri tried out a few different pill boxes, dispensers, and sorting services, and found none of them were adequate for his needs. He asked around and found that many families were facing similar struggles and in search of a good solution. That’s when he decided to put his engineering knowledge to good use, and the Hero medication dispenser was born.

Hero is proud to be American owned and manufactured.

Editor’s Review

I’m the primary caregiver for my 90-year old grandmother. She’s whip-smart, but struggles with limited vision and occasional memory lapses. For the last few years, I have been setting up her pills in traditional a pill box.  That worked well until it didn’t- once she began dropping her pills, forgetting to take them, taking them at incorrect times, and taking am pills instead of pm pills I knew something had to change.

The Hero medication dispenser is the perfect solution for someone like my grandmother. Once everything is set up (by me – more on that below), she doesn’t have to do anything except press the large, circular button to dispense her pills once the timed alert on the device chimes and lights up. The pills drop into the cup, she takes them, returns the cup and goes about her day.

Setting up Hero doesn’t require much effort (only a bit of tech savvy required to set-up the pills). Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and connect to Wi-Fi. The set-up directions are easy to follow and thorough. Entering her medication regime was the most labor-intensive piece of set-up, as it should be.

Through the app, I identified each of her medications and set the times they need to be dispensed. Once all of that information was entered and synced with the machine, nothing else needed to be done.

Hero also has an excellent customer service team to walk users through any part of the setup process or help with questions once Hero has been in use.

My grandmother has become very attached to her Hero, has shown it to all her friends and proudly announced to her doctor that she doesn’t need to worry about her pills anymore. Needless to say, the peace of mind I have knowing she is taking the right medications at the correct time (and I’m notified if she doesn’t) is truly priceless.


How does Hero work?

How it works: Hero stores preloaded medications and then alerts users with both a blinking light and an audible sound when it’s time to take the medications. A user simply presses the button and the system sorts and dispenses the pills into the cup one by one.
How many pills does it hold: 90+ days supply (depending on the size of the pill, it could be more) of up to ten different medications.
Restrictions: We love that Hero can take any size or shape of medication. However, please be aware that it can’t hold liquids, powders, broken or crushed tablets, or soft tablets such as chewable vitamin gummies. You can still use the Hero app to track and remind you about meds outside of the ones held in the dispenser, however.
Reminders: A flashing light and audible sound alerts users to press the large, easy-to-see button to have medications dispensed, ready to take.
Caregiver features: The Hero smartphone app is ideal for both users and caregivers. The app tracks medication adherence, notifications when a user takes their pills, and notifications for skipped or missed doses. The Hero app lets users add unlimited caregivers.
Other features: Hero can be passcode protected to make sure only the designated person is able to dispense meds. Hero also offers a free delivery prescription refill service that can be integrated with the dispenser to make ordering medications hassle-free.
Cost: $29.99 per month (plus $99 initiation fee). Orders come with free shipping and a 30-day, risk-free trial.


  • Free shipping
  • Flexible payment options
  • 30-day risk-free trial period
  • Holds a 90-day supply of up to 10 different meds
  • Optional refill and delivery service with free shipping
  • Smartphone app notifies caregivers of late and missed doses
  • Reminders can be set for medications not stored in Hero
  • Passcode can be added to protect medication from children


  • User must press button to dispense meds
  • Certain meds can't be stored in Hero like liquids, broken pills or powders
  • Can't restrict users from dispensing meds - not appropriate for those who may be abusing medications or need meds restricted

Bottom Line

Hero might seem a little pricey at first, but for seniors who are struggling to keep up with their meds, it will pay for itself with peace of mind. We especially like how easy it was to set up and load medications. Refilling medications is also a snap for caregivers.

The app notifications when medications aren’t dispensed are incredibly helpful and could alert a caregiver to a bigger problem (like a fall or medical event).  The limit of ten medications might be too little for some seniors who take more pills each day.

Hero may not be a good solution for a user who abuses or misuses their medications as there is nothing that prevents a user from dispensing them through the Hero menu. However, for those who need reminders and automatic medication dispensing, Hero is a great solution.

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